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Hey there fellas! My name is Shane and this is my RCG blog space where I share my amazing hotliner adventures--one day. Right now, she is still on the table.
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This is Tim's Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Flight With Mt. Baker Views.

Tim's Arrows RC Viper 50mm EDF Jet Flight With Mt. Baker Views (8 min 12 sec)

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Flywoo Cinerace20 HD

Name: 20211022_161740.jpg
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Size: 1.25 MB

I ordered this with the XM+ (from Makerfire because they were quite a bit cheaper than Flywoo?!?) on the 15th, Paid the extra 27 bucks, and got it today (the 22nd). The difference in price for the quad between the two sites basically made the DHL shipping free...

At this point, I only have 4 batteries through it (450mAh and 650mAh), so here are my very initial thoughts:

-It set up pretty quickly. I spent about as much time changing the switches in Betaflight to what I use as I did on anything else.
-Binding was simple (ACCST firmware).
-Having a Mobula6 and a Mobula7, I was very pleasantly surprised that it had the full range of any of my larger quads.
-Cruising around flight time was 6+ min with the 450 and 7-1/2+ min with the 650. Brand new batts, so not broken in and MAY or MAY NOT get better.
-Stock PIDS worked well for me.
-No beeper, so only motor beeps for lost signal and Aux beep.
-I watched reviews that said that the USB port for the FCB stuck out too far and so was something to look out for if you crash. I don't see it as a problem. I'm wondering if they've made the bottom pad a little thicker, or maybe I'm just not as concerned?
-They call it a 2 inch quad (that's props), but that may be misleading to some, it's a 90mm quad.
-DJI HD! That about finishes off the Mobulas for me. Someone downstream for me in the family is going to be happy to get them.

I am very happy with this quad (my Christmas present, so I only get a few more flights on it before I lose it for a couple of months). That's about it for now.
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Slight audio problems at the start, but this is a first look and install of the new Radiomaster AG01 Gimbals:
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I got real tired of paying $1.50 for a pair of duBro control I made 36 of them for less than $1.00
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Convair XC-99: Pretty much the opposite end of the spektrum from the Monsted-Vincent MV-1 Starflight, the XC-99 was an example of adapting bomber designs for cargo use. This time well after the war.

The XC-99 was developed in 1947 using the parts bin of the B-36 Peacemaker. The XC-99 was actually the largest piston landplane ever built. The 230ft long wing and tail feathers were directly borrowed from the B-36 and were bolted to an all new fuselage. It was designed to carry 100,000lbs of cargo or up to 400 troops on itís two decks.The 135,000lb (empty) airplane was powered by six 3,500hp Pratt & Whitney R-4360s in pusher configuration.

The XC-99 had one of the wildest landing gears of any airplane ever. Itís single main tires were almost 10 feet tall. They proved to be problematic and were eventually replaced with the same truck style system that the later B-36s had.

The one and only XC-99 was actually drawn up long before the B-36 even flew. With delays in the B-36 project the XC-99 got pushed back several years and didnít fly until the end of 1947. The military decided that they didnít have any use for such a big airplane but they continued to use the prototype for moving pieces of the B-36. It flew until 1957 mostly inside the US.

Amazingly, the XC-99 actually still exists. It was flown to Kelly AFB in 1957 and parked for display. It stayed there until the base was closed and in 2008 it was moved in pieces to the Air Force museum. Currently it is in...Continue Reading
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I'm building this: (Pic1)

Item No:CY8109
Wingspan:3200 mm (126 in)
Wingarea:128.4 dm2 (1990
Length:2165 mm(85.2 in)
Engine:20-30 cc gas engine (a pair)

To look like this ... (Pic2)

To fly like this with twin 50/60CC electrics

He's using twin DLE 55 gas motors

Ryan Evans Cessna 310 Flight (3 min 7 sec)

Full size on approach:

Cessna 310R PT-LQY landing at SBBH/PLU (3 min 44 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Hurricane 51466 MCK V2 by Gemfanhobby!
20% more durable, improved design and faster than ever!
After a long time of R&D and testing work with MinChan Kim, we present to you our new racing flagship; stronger, and higher speed on full throttle, science and technology for the best racing pilots!
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MODEL: NESP Kestrel 2M
DESIGNER: Tom Peghiny
DATE: 1990s (est)
WING SPAN (in): 78.75
WING AREA (in^2): 718
AIRFOIL: selig 3021, chord =9.5 inch
LENGTH (in): 49
AUW (oz): 38.6
W/L(oz/sf): 7.7
POWER: sailplane
NOTES: Rudder, Elevator only no spoilers. Built per plan with exception of carbon fiber reinforcement on spar and very-very slight wing tip mod. Added about 5oz of lead in the nose for proper CG.
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A blend of the assorted flying at this year's S.M.A.L.L. Fly-In at Sky Tiger Field, near Mayflower, Arkansas.

S M A L L Salad!!! (9 min 40 sec)

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Once a year the Swiss Air Force opens it Axalp mountain Firing range to the public for a firing display and air show.

It is to my mind a unique event since the F/A-18 Hornets open fire with thier 20mm M61A2 just over the spectators and one of the targets is less than 400m away. The mountain backdrop is also impressive . The valley allows to be highter that the aircraft which is excellent for getting breathtaking pictures.

Getting to the firing range is quite an adventure. It involes a bus, a skilift and hiking for around 2 hours (400m up).

Its an epic and really a unique expirience

F/A-18 Hornet, F-5E Tiger, PC-24, PC-21, Pc-7 MK2, PC-6 Turbo Porter, Super Puma, Hunter

D850 Nikon 70-200
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I have advice for those looking to purchase this product. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Maybe there is someone better then me at getting this to work. The paper instructions, the vendor and FRSKY all say different things about how to install this receiver. Not only did it not work but somehow it caused my S8R to stop working . I updated my transmitter with the current ISRM MODULE UPDATE, flashed the receiver with the current firmware. Calibrated as instructed three different ways, IT FAILED TO WORK. I had to disable the stabilization in the setup just so I can fly my plane. I’m a software engineer 40 years of experience and could not get this to work. If someone else has been able to get this to work please let me know. My advise BUY SOMETHING ELSE

Made another attempt at this and I cannot even calibrate the receiver. It immediately goes from green to yellow and freezes. No support from Frsky.
I’m finally done messing with this POS. Going to buy a Hobby Eagle and see if that works. I was finally able to calibrate the receiver it flashed yellow and then green. According to the instructions it completed its process. Put the receiver back in the plane and the three prong switch fails. I have stabilization at all levels. There is no off mode. Once you go through this process who knows what else upgrading may fail. I will have to check all of my planes before flying not taking any chances.
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Hey, I am pretty new to making drones, but while soldering the header pins, I accidentally removed the SBUS and PPM resistors. Below is the attached diagram pointing to the resistor. Can anyone point me out any other pin where I can connect my FS-iA6B receiver?
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Here is a new video of Charles Ritchel's Flying Machine which he built in 1876.

You can download the model here.

Charles Ritchel's Flying Machine - 1876 (1 min 1 sec)

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More Fun on Super Sunday

Rocket Fun on Super Sunday (2 min 33 sec)

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Only bench tested in contemplation for building a tracker.
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Monsted-Vincent MV-1 Starflight: Speaking of strange looking light transport airplanes, nothing is a lighter transport than the Monsted-Vincent.

In 1948 two WWII Veterans, Robert Monsted and H. Farley Vincent, gave birth to a strange brain child named the Starflight. Built in New Orleans, the Monsted-Vincent was the only four-engined airplane to ever be built in Louisiana. It had four mighty 85hp Continental C-85s in pusher configuration and had seats for six whole people!

The Monsted-Vincent was a very peculiar little airplane. Itís construction could be described as almost barbaric, however it did have some strangely nice features. Firstly, it used 2 position Sensenich ďSkybladeĒ Propellers. It had a retractable gear, although they left gaping holes in the side of the fuselage when they were up. And it had 8 hours of range!!! And I suppose it needed it at 150mph.

The airplane shockingly didnít seem to attract a swarm of buyers even with the upgrade to Continental O-200s of 100hp. The one and only Monsted-Vincent did seem to fly a lot, but it never amounted to much of anything. The Vincent family owned the aircraft all the way until 1982 when they donated it to the Wedell-Williams museum in Patterson, Louisiana. Sadly, the airplane was badly damaged in two hurricanes in 1992 and 2005 and I donít know if the remains are still around but I sure hope they are....Continue Reading
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Saw this on cnc kitchen and decided to build it. I actually built it last year, but I needed to make some changes so I figured I would document the whole thing in case anyone wanted to build one.

Filament Dry Box || How to properly store and 3D print Nylon, PC, TPU, PVA... (6 min 46 sec)

First I started with a clear box made by a company called Sterilite that I found at Walmart. The boxes dimensions are 16”l 12”w and 11”h. This box came with a (somewhat) gasketed lid and is big enough for 4 rolls of filament.

I found the rod hanger brackets on thingiverse and the spool holders there also.

Zip file for spool holder attached at bottom of page.

...Continue Reading
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Note to self log :

- so far using the Dollar Tree foam board is working great. in the past built with FFF (blue) FanFoldFoam as it is known. used to get it shipped to me in Fort collins, CO from a Lowes in Kansas. The local stores didn't carry it. I've done some online looking and haven't found it available anymore in 2021. The lowes does carry some foam underlayment in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. These are floppy (not as rigid as the FFF) and I'm not using that stuff as of yet. Maybe someday...

Using the DT foamboard is still around and still $1 for 20x30 inch piece. The paper peels right off if needed - so easy So i'm enjoying working with it. now that i'm taking care of mom in her declining years I've moved back to Tucson. And it's mid-october so the flying weather is just getting perfect Brought most of my RC stuff from Colorado so i'm ready to build & fly in the wash behind mom's house here. Or the city park across the wash. so handy!

first build back into the hobby is a 120" span scratch build powered glider. Using a wing with 10" chord, easy to build and I'm using carbon arrow shafts for the main spar, again. I've used arrows for building frequently.

i've not built for 10 years now, having taken a break whilst spending my off time at my GF's house in Greeley. Lately, since before Covid, i've spent my pasttime in GTA 5 Online. but that's getting old and i'm up to 110 million dollars in my account so I'll do some R/Cing for a pasttime now. (plus some GTA of course).
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This week brought out some excellent slope soaring conditions for us here in S Florida, high pressure a bit up north and to the east brought in much lower dew points ie less humidity and a very steady flow of wind out of the NE/E at 10-20+ mph, perfect slope soaring conditions for our landfill Pompano Hill site. I should note I have nothing hi tech in either my slope or thermal inventory, I donít compete anymore in TD and Iím not interested in spending $1k plus on any rc glider. Pictured here are some of my retro slopers, one is the Pilot models Divine Wind built from a short kit, the Douglas models Silhouette, new fuselage and tail surfaces reproduced from plans, Scorpio models Falco, canopy area modified due to midair collision, and finally the Pierce Aero Ridge Rat, no mods, repairs or even total re covering, there are patches however since I built her in 1987.