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Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Feb 23, 2018 @ 08:14 AM | 1,710 Views
Having gotten my new quadcopter working, I wanted to fly it. Too bad in my cold inhospitable state it won’t be spring for a couple more months. So I decided to go to my little brothers basketball practice to see how this thing flies. I started in horizon mode and hated it. I switched over to angle mode and found it to be fun I noticed this small space. I switched to Acro to try to do a flip. One thing is I forgot you are supposed to let off the throttle. What happened is my quadcopter went upside down full throttle into the gym court. My friends 3D printed fpv camera mount exploded, and the rear 2 motors are stuck. I am going to see if any the tips I have seen online work. (pinching the sides, top, etc.) This is very sad and infuriating for me.
Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Feb 22, 2018 @ 08:26 AM | 1,367 Views
After destroying 4 boards, I figured, “5th times a charm!” I was now armed with a better, (but still sketch) soldering iron, and some lead solder. It started out ok. THT solder the plugs, and the reciever. Then came the hard part. Soldering the AIO fpv camera and buzzer. My old small buzzer broke, so I used a bigger one I found soldered to an ancient networking card. Turns out this buzzer doesn’t beep it clicks more. (Better then the high pitch screech from the buzzer that annoyed my family) I then tried to fly my quad. But one of the wires on the motor had come loose! So I resoldered it onto the stub of wire sticking out, and covered it with hot glue (along with the other motors) I was sure to use a neeedle to clear the 2 breather holes on each motor with a needle. My fpv camera mount was made by me, and 3D printed by a friend. My measurements were off though. So I just melted the sides off with my soldering iron, and secured the camera with a rubber band that doubles as a battery strap. I will post pictures later.
Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Oct 15, 2017 @ 01:20 PM | 1,712 Views
Here is my old Iron (After grinding rust and trying to make it finer) I figured from soldering some motor wires on my old quad how bad could it go? As you can see from the first board (second pic), not well. So I got another board and the quad flew great with my popsicle frame. Then a wire came loose and after soldering this happened (third pic). While I’m waiting on the new one, I am going to practice with the dead ones.
Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Oct 15, 2017 @ 01:11 PM | 1,614 Views
After having my old Syma x5c Clone burn up, I wanted to try diy. I had originally wanted to build a FT Gremlin and give my quad to one of my siblings but with the quad gone and a few 1s lipos, I decided (mostly because of my empty wallet) to build a brushed 1s quadcopter. I immediately went to Banggood and bought a Flysky I6 with micro reciever combo, Eachine F3 Evo brushed board, Race star red motors, and some Race star tri props. My first mistake was the props. They have a 1.5 mm shaft hole vs my 1mm props. They arrived and I figured they would be fine. Nope. Completely loose. So I jumped to the interwebs and found some tricks for tightening loose props. I got out a needle and some super glue. After gluing the props, they fit very well with good balance. I will continue in another post.