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Posted by A1phazu1u | Jan 31, 2019 @ 12:32 AM | 15,454 Views

Soft mounting motors is a legitimate and practical way of reducing vibrations from the only moving parts on your miniquad/multirotor. Even your top of the line motors will eventually start to wear and produce vibrations that can cause issues with your flight controller. So if you aren't sponsored or have money to burn on a new set of top of the line motors or even if you want to make your old chitty motors feel buttery smooth, you should try out these precision cut silicone motor soft mounts.

Why silicone mounts are better than rubber and 3D printed TPU soft mounts.
-silicone doesn't wear out the way rubber and TPU does.
-silicone doesn't compress over time
-silicone has a wider operating temperature meaning you can fly in freezing
temperatures or blistering heat and these mounts will perform exactly the same.
1 set = 6 mounts

~1mm thickness
Arctic Blue Color
Hot Pink
Sizes 22XX,18XX, 13XX, 11XX