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Posted by Spinks | Feb 02, 2019 @ 07:45 PM | 1,330 Views
I have been an admirer, collector and aficionado of all things Stick. The cult following of the design caught my interest early on in my flying career and continues to be a predominant model in my hanger.

My latest addition to the fleet is the Super Flying Models - Super Stick 120.

Wing Span: 1810mm
Wing Area: 63.8dm?
Length: 1490mm
Weight: 3.8 kgs
Radio: 5-6 Channel
20cc - 2 stroke
.90-1.20 - 4 stroke

Battery: Lipo 6 cell 4500mah or higher
Motor: 400kv brushless
Thrustpower 4kgs - up
ESC: 100a

I've wanted to setup an electric version of the Stick for quite some time, to compliment my gasser and nitro setups already flying. My aim was to have a lightweight, overpowered model that could handle the basic IMAC sequence. Allowing me to get practice in during the early morning hours before IC models can be fired up. I came across the SFM Super Stick during a garage sale, brand new in box for $200 AUD. Bargain.

My setup:
Eflite Power 90 brushless outrunner
SJ Hawk 100A ESC
2 x 4S 3000-3300mAh Lipo's in Series = 8S setup!
18 x 8 Falcon lightweight wood prop

The result is amazing. Power on tap with endless vertical. I installed a louvred vent (usually used on gasser cowls) to the underside of the fuse. This generates a low pressure to help draw the hot air from the ESC out. I have no cooling issues whatsoever with this setup. ESC, batteries and motor are barely warm after a hard flight. To say that I'm happy is an understatement. Whilst the aircraft isn't the best performer for knife edge flight, it can handle the basic IMAC sequence quite well with a comfortable 8min flying time, allowing plenty of time for a few practice runs. The kit itself was a fairly straight forward build, with a laser cut jig to assist in setting the ailerons at neutral. I haven't had to add any thrust angle changes, just roll inverted and it'll keep going.

Such a fun model to fly!