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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 07:37 PM | 246 Views
I took the Elf out for some trim flights ( Chucks )
Initially when I got out there I was wondering about my elevator , so I gave it some up trim ( Just to be safe )
Better for the Elf to climb on being spear chucked rather than nosing into the ground ..

It did climb on launch .
So I halved the trim input .. Still climbed ..
So I went back to my initial setting ( Of the building board settings ) and it glided straight and true !

Off the Building board !

CG looks to be spot on , as are the control surfaces ...

Elevator is set to 50% Rates ( Half full travel capability ) as well as 50% Expo , and so far this seems to be just about perfect .
The rudder has full travel but was initially set to have 50% expo ...
After the elevator was returned to its starting point I reduced Expo in the rudder to 20% and then further reduced it to No Expo at all .
No expo seems to work just fine with the shortened servo control arms .

Glides ....

So my Elf came in at some 93 grams flying weight !
I guess thats good .
I did give the Elf a very gentle launch once as I did not want to walk 50 meters to retrieve it , which was a mistake .
As soon as I let go a breeze rolled in and started tossing the Elf about ..
I had little to no rudder authority but at least the elevator remained effective and I was able to avoid impacting terrafirma ( I managed a gentle landing )
Lesson learned , dont soft launch the Elf as it is so darned light . One must...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Feb 20, 2019 @ 04:46 PM | 756 Views

Wow ! 93 grams / 150 grams and 199 grams ... ( Flying weights )
The elf weighs less than half that of the Techone DLG 1000

From a weight perspective , I think I have things covered .
Posted by old4570 | Feb 20, 2019 @ 01:47 AM | 814 Views
So , I got around to connecting the servos to the control surfaces ..
After shrinking the heat shrink tube I got a little liberal with the cyno ...

Anyhow , looks like I am good to go !
Only one thing remains to do and that is glue in the launch peg ..
Oh , and I should check the weight !

I just checked

Oh dear ! ok , it's not under 90 grams ( no no no )

93 grams wet ( flying weight with launch peg )
I guess - Now I have to go and glide it !
Posted by old4570 | Feb 19, 2019 @ 01:52 AM | 906 Views
Some servos were in the letter box today ..

So it was time to move a little further forward with the elf .
I used double sided tape to work out where I could place the servos .
Then I had to try and squeeze in the 4ch FS2A Rx from banggood .

I soldered the servo pins to the Rx and then bound it to my Q x7 .
Then I had to solder up a battery extension ...

CG looks ok .. with the lay out pictured ...
Rx is bound , servos are working , and everything looks to fit under the hood ! ( Canopy in place )

I have not done the control rods as yet ( servo connections ) , I think I have done enough for today ..
On the morrow I should hopefully have the Elf up and running ..
Sharp eyes may pick up the change from metal wing screws to nylon ( Since I had them )

Moving forward !
Posted by old4570 | Feb 17, 2019 @ 07:14 PM | 870 Views
3mm Depron wing ...

Time to start a 1 meter DIY DLG for HLG ....

This will be = Ripit 3 ( A loose dimensional copy of the Raven 990 )
Control inputs will be R/E ( Rudder / Elevator )

I can't fold depron to save my life ! After 3 attempts the results were seriously terrible ..
So I decided to use slightly more traditional methods ...

1) I cut out the wing panels from 3mm Depron
2) Glued a balsa leading edge to the base panel /s
3) Spar is the same size balsa as on the LE
4) Then I glued in the top depron panel to the LE first
5) Then I glued the spar and the panels together on the floor with a lot of books holding things in place and flat / straight ..
6) Once the wing was dry I then glued the tips
7) With the wing glued I then did the sanding
8) Once sanded the wing was laminated with 10Thou laminating film

I still need to glass the centre of the wing ...
Not sure yet how I will do the wing mount , as I have not decided on the boom just yet ..
I have two carbon rods , one is 12 grams and the other is 20 grams ..
The wing as pictured is a hair under 52 grams ( Why do I think its heavy ? )

Anyhow , with this build I was starting with the wing !

( Ripit 3 )
Posted by old4570 | Feb 15, 2019 @ 08:51 PM | 1,436 Views
Ripit R2.8

Video uploading ...
Finally did not Rip the wing ( off the fuse )
I used some foam safe cyno as it soaks into the foam , should distribute load better ( launch load ) .
That thick wing was maybe a mistake ..
The R2.8 does not like to push thru a breeze at all .
In the video you can hear the breeze pick up and the R2.8 simply can not fly forward , but rather side slips !
Makes tuning tricky when the wind pushes the R2.8 around ..
But after the cam battery gave out I put in more of a neutral Elevator setting and the trim looks to be better .


Ripit Revision 2 8 (5 min 38 sec)

Posted by old4570 | Feb 12, 2019 @ 07:30 PM | 1,859 Views
Weather bites hard again ! ( Rain / Wind )
So I guess I should start some projects ...

Ordered some stuff :

The wing will become a DLG / slope ( wing ) ... ( Should be a relatively cheap DLG project )

The J3 , well thats more of a indoor flyer , it will get a V911 board .. ( Be interesting )
Don't think it will handle the great outdoors , but as a hall flyer ? ( might be crazy good fun )
Just need a hall to fly it in (?) , living room might be a little small for it ...

Also I should start on making some 1 meter depron wings for a DIY 1 meter DLG ...
Been doing some experiments .. But the time might be good to be serious .
Posted by old4570 | Feb 10, 2019 @ 06:39 PM | 1,404 Views
Ripit Revision 2.8

Took the R2.8 to the park for peg launching ..
I did mix in some right rudder ( not needed )

CG looks to be too far back ..
On launch the R2.8 tends to go down / forward / level out with no input ..
Then once it slows down it tries to lift the nose . ( Glide ) This be with a slight amount of down elevator ..
So there I was pondering how I would move the CG forward when Murphy interceded in my dilemma .

15 minutes into parking the R2.8 ...
Well I got a little energetic , and I ripped the wing off ..
So there went the R2.8 fuse flying into the air like a arrow from a bow !
Thankfully I had done some mods to distribute crash load more evenly and there was no crash damage , well apart from the relatively cleanly separated wing .

Hmmmm , thanks Murph ! Now I can correct that CG issue ...
Posted by old4570 | Feb 09, 2019 @ 10:22 PM | 1,297 Views
Ripit Revision 2.8

The Rip is back ..
Back with a new Rudder / vertical fin
Back with a new wing
Back with a new servo

Was / is windy today , really too much for the R 2.8 ..
Sometimes when a big gust rolled in the Rip was like a discarded tissue and I was barely able to maintain control .
I went out today a total of 3 times ..
The first time I broke the Rip , and repairs and mods were needed ..
The balsa board that holds everything needed to be trimmed , this changed the way stress was distributed thru the nose ..
Same problem the 2nd time out , only I broke it worse because of that load distribution ..
More repairs and tweaks and VIOLA , 3rd times the charm ...

Rip glides , turns and behaves relatively well given the windy conditions .

It is tuned as much as I can in the windy conditions , and next up is peg launching ..
I might just do some launch settings for the R 2.8 now , that way if needed tuning the launch settings will be relatively quick ..

So what have I learned ?
I think my tail moment is too long
Dihedral - you need a lot on such a small glider .. ( Think you have too much ? - might not be enough )
The Ripit 2 project has been a learning experience for sure ..
I might have a few more Micro DLG's in me ..
But I would like to DIY a 1 meter DLG next ..
Then maybe a 3ch micro ( Rudder / Elevator / Ailerons )

ANd if you didn'y know , the Ripit is a rip off the Whipit - dimensional'y speaking ( Wing )
FYI Horizon might be doing another production run of the Whipit early 2019 ...
Some local retailers are promising stock April 2019 ..
Posted by old4570 | Feb 05, 2019 @ 10:34 PM | 2,333 Views
The back end is done ...

Taking a closer look the Vertical fin ( rudder ) , it is a little warped .. ( hmmmm )
Maybe two more drops of cyno to hold the vertical fin in place ( remembering how dry the Raven was )

I put the wing on without bolts ..
+ Nose cone ( pod ) the weight is 73.2 grams
Can I bring this in under 90 grams ????????????????

Next some servos , a 4ch Micro Rx ( Probably a FS 2A from banggood ) and a battery to get CG ....
Just got to keep that weight down ..

Update : 7.30pm

I have no servos that fit
Just not small enough by maybe 1mm
So I had to order some ...
Oh well , I guess things were going way too smooth !

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...s-got-here-%29 >...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Feb 05, 2019 @ 09:07 PM | 2,344 Views
Wow !
Been Ho humming over a Elf for a long time ..
HK has brought back the Raven 1500 and I nearly ( Nearly )
But for the same money , I could have the ELF .
There is a local retailer who advertises the ELF , so I shot off a email and he said he had stock .
So some $$ later and a insufferable drive to pick it up ..

( Insufferable Drive )
Oh my G ! Seriously , some Melbournites cant drive for "S" .
Who the heck does 47kmh in a 70kmh zone with no one in front of them ( well #$^%& do - the self inflicted ones )
The roads have simply become car parks and with an over abundance of idiots , the traffic crawls .
Sometimes for reasons I can not comprehend . To say it stresses me out is an understatement .
2019 = I really despise driving a car .. Every year it gets worse and every year I drive less ..
I bought fuel in November 2018 and I still have half a tank ..

( Back to the Elf )
Wow , this thing is trick / tech / flash / and I dare say not for Noobs !
Building instructions are some what lacking .. ( Non existent )
You are pretty much left to your own devices on this one .
Thankfully the ELF is more assembled now compared to when it came out .
Now you simply glue in the tail surfaces ( Simply ??? ) , pop in your servos / receiver and battery ...
Bolt on the wing and go fly ..

Ok , maybe not that easy !

Virtical fin ( tail surface ) Rudder -
There are no markings / guides / bla bla -...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Feb 04, 2019 @ 07:34 PM | 2,266 Views
Something is burning outside ..
A very nice hazy smokey eucalyptus morning ..

I took the 480mm DIY Rc glider out for round 2 .
Since I have had several HOT days to think about what it was doing I have

1) Moved the battery as far forward as possible
2) More down elevator

And it glides in a straight line now
So I walked to the park and tossed it on the hill ( )
The 480 had problems penetrating , for some strange reason that hill seems to push models down towards the ground ( Where is the lift ? )
Might be the trees that line the park ? ( Turbulence ? )
Anyhow , it does glide ..
When I got off the hill , I threw it some more at ground level and it performed rather well
????? Why so bad on the hill ?
At ground level it was really nice , but on the hill it just refused to move forward ..
Oh well ! it does glide ..
But at 480mm , I would call it a waste of time .. Don't think its a worth while project ..
I am trying to track down a 600mm version of these gliders ...
@ 600mm , such a RC conversion might be worth while ..

The 480 still tip stalls , and is very jittery in the turns .. I'd simply call it too small to be practical .

Ripit Rev 2. ?

The wing is done ..
Rudder is done
Servo is done

I actually killed the 4ch FS 2A Rx de soldering it , to re solder the servos ...
So I pulled out another Rx and soldered the pins on ..
This meant soldering plugs / connectors to the sub micro servos ..
This means there is not enough room in the nose cone ..
So I had to cut off some balsa that the Rx and battery attached to .
So now the Rx and battery are floating in the nose ( Not that happy Jan )

Need to install a control rod and then do a canopy stop ( so the canopy does not slide to far rearward )
Install the wing with CG as close as possible ..

Then go play ...
Posted by old4570 | Jan 31, 2019 @ 05:33 PM | 16,112 Views
Yes , it would seem that the Feds want to tighten restrictions on RC in Australia ..
Apparently RC flyers have had too much freedom for to long !

Seems any ( ANY ) RC flying machine over 250 grams will be getting new restrictions ..
These are not DRONE laws , but cover all RC flying machines over 250 grams ..

So a hobby that has been very civil / and friendly towards society is about to come under federal government control .

We are talking about flying restrictions / registration / etc ..

Welcome to reality RC boys , smell the coffee and rejoice in Super Nanny ... ( Forget Big Brother - Ozz has super nanny )

We do how ever have a Federal Election around the corner !

So this is where you have a chance to decide in the sort of Gooberment you want to have ...

My advice is vote independent ...

Break the backs of the major political parties , punish them for stepping out of line or suffer the consequences ..

It was gun control !
Now it's RC control !
Then whats next ?

People get the government they deserve ! Are you really going to vote Butt Hole ?
Posted by old4570 | Jan 30, 2019 @ 08:20 PM | 15,913 Views
Kinetic VS XK A800

Kinetic .....
Weight - 290 grams without battery
Wing span - 810mm
Length - 620mm

XK A800 .....
Weight - 125.4 grams ready to fly ( With battery )
Wing span - 785mm
Length - 520mm

Hmmm , the Kinetic is obviously the portly model . More weight , larger wing area etc , but that weight .

Kinetic does not come with a receiver , so you will need one , a small one if you can to get it where it needs to go over the ESC . I picked a 6ch Rx as I wanted to split the Ailerons between two channels so I could use flaperon . The Kinetic has a rep for tip stalling and does so rather spectacularly , I would explore such with a decent amount of altitude . Also the Kinetic is brushless and a 3s battery is recommended , I will be attempting to use a 2s battery since I have few handy .

XK A800 . is a RTF package that comes with everything you will need to fly pretty much out of the box . Just be sure to do a check out first as my sample did not have enough UP elevator travel , which did allow me to test the durability of the A800 as it tumbled across the park . ( My bad ) . With flight stabilisation the A800 is easy to fly . Unfortunately the ailerons cant be split , the motor is brushed . But at least you 2s in the A800 so there is a fair amount of power at full throttle . I have flown the A800 and I dont really care much for the factory Tx , but it does work and work well enough for the purpose .

I will be binding the Taranis to the A800 and hopefully getting both birds airborne for a direct flight comparison ASAP ...
If only the weather will be accommodating ?
Posted by old4570 | Jan 30, 2019 @ 06:37 AM | 1,732 Views
It's HOT !
And there is more HOT on the way !

How ever !
HK had a 20% off across the board sale ..
ANd I promised myself a Super Kinetic if HK dropped the price .. ( 20% off was good enough )

I am aware of the short comings of the Kinetic ...
1) Tip stalls flying slow , and in slow turns ..
I guess a little flap action could cure this ..
Hence I put in a 6ch Rx , splitting the Ailerons onto different channels . This will allow flaperon !
Really looking forward to directly comparing the Kinetic and XK A800 ..

Ripit Rev 2.? is moving forward ..
I have cut out a new Rudder , and glued in a new servo ..
Just need to clean up the Rx and solder the servo wires in , ( Less heat this time around )
Hopefully the Rudder will work ..
Wing still needs to be finished ..

The weather is really slowing things down ,
So far been a very hot humid summer - can't wait for summer to end ! ( Been a real PITA )

Posted by old4570 | Jan 27, 2019 @ 09:24 PM | 2,163 Views
480mm FF Glider to RC - Glud Test (2 min 45 sec)

Let me count the ways the 480RE bites ... ( Rudder / Elevator )

1) The elevator is rather ineffective
2) Rudder is relatively ineffective
3) Tip stalls horribly
4) 75 grams ... ( Wet )
5) Needs to fly .. To fast to be a glider ?

Honestly , I think this thing might be just to small and heavy ...
A FF one goes about 47grams , and even that might be on the porky side .
I will persevere and see if there is a CG spot that will allow this glider to glide rather than glud ..
Might buy another just for the wing , and use the wing to build a Micro DLG .. ( With the V911 board for control )

Oh well ! idle hands and all that !
Posted by old4570 | Jan 26, 2019 @ 07:44 PM | 2,241 Views

Time to test the FrSky version of this receiver ..

I am using two Orange ( Cheap ) 9g servos that are going in the 480mm Glider , as the receiver is going in there as well .

First of all let me say the Rx is a little current sensitive compared to the FS 2A version ...
It really did not want to perform under 1A Max current and very much wanted 1.5A Max current to perform well .

Now just a quick reality check here ! 1.5A is nothing for a lipo battery .. Be very low current .. ( FYI )

At 1 amp max current the Rx did brown out bellow 3.5 volts ...
To get the Rx down to 3.2 volt I had to raise the Max current to 1.5A
At 0.5A , well the Rx wanted a full 5 volts ..

Now these measurements are with some rather hungry 9g servos ..
In fact I threw one 9g in the rubbish as it browned out the Rx on its own ( 3.5v - 1A )
Not sure why , but that servo really upset the Rx and the brown outs were huge ..
In fact this Rx with these cheap 9g servos browned out badly , 5 to 10 second brown out with the servos travelling ...
I tell you , this Rx browning out would cause a crash .. ( With these servos ) As the servos move to their max travel position ..
( Full up / full down etc for 5 to 10 seconds )

Anyhow , should not be an issue as long as there is enough current and you don't deplete the battery ..
Posted by old4570 | Jan 26, 2019 @ 01:06 AM | 2,343 Views
Soldering the pins on a 4ch FrSky Rx from Banggood (5 min 53 sec)

Rx is a FrSky 4ch ( 4 pin ) Rx ( D8 ) from Banggood ...
I like these Receivers ..

Anyhow , I thought I might Video the pins being soldered in place
Another too warm to play outside day ..
Posted by old4570 | Jan 24, 2019 @ 10:47 PM | 2,029 Views

Was a little warm today ! ( 42.5c outside my window - or 108.5f )
And yes , I had to go out and water the blue berries ...
It was WARM !

Anyhow .. 480mm Glider
Was toying with it and there is no way the V911 board will CG the glider , it's just too light ..
So I am shelving the V911 board - it will become a V911 DLG

Instead I have already shoe horned in two 9g servos , and with a Rx and battery .. Should CG without ballast .
Rx came the other day ...
Ordered another FrSky 4ch Rx from Banggood , I put the other in a glider and I am happy to leave it there so had to order another for testing .
You know , I had too ....

Hopefully the cool change is rolling in early , ATM it's 32c outside my window , the same temp as @ 7 am this morning ...

I really like these little 4ch Rx , either FS 2A or Frsky protocol ..
Be testing the FrSky one shortly .. ( I am already using it 1s = The one in the glider )
How low will the voltage go ?

Posted by old4570 | Jan 23, 2019 @ 12:55 AM | 2,901 Views
It's Gona Be HOT !

We are talking Bush Fire Hot !
Tire Melting Hot !
My radiator just blew up HOT !

Yes , the next few days are going to be smouldering !
Going back a few days I re-visited my V911 Wing ..
In a Nutshell it bites ..
Just a rubbish design ( DIY ) ..

That means I have a spare V911 board to play with
So with some seriously , seriously warm weather on the way .
I started a 480mm V911 glider .

I figure since I will be trapped behind Air conditioning for a few days , I have some time to kill . Eeeer or maybe time to build another glider !
So I got myself a bit of a head start ...
Got the hollowing out done , as it needed to be done outside over the rubbish bin ..
Everything else can be done inside ...