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Holy cow, just discovered that I have this blog thingy.

Ron -
Posted by Eddiemoth | Apr 25, 2006 @ 12:22 AM | 5,483 Views
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Welcome to my blog!

This is my first and probably only post I'll put in this blog. If you know my website you can just watch it's blog.

Keep flying,
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Folland Gnat by Robbe ...

Kontronic Fun 480-33, Kontronic Smile esc, Schuebeler DS-30 carbon fan and PQ 4S 3100 Lipo. ca. 36 oz and 490 Watts ... about 105 mph level. More details here and here.

Robbe Gnat video :

Early EDFs - Robbe Gnat (2 min 48 sec)

....Continue Reading
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Peter Eagle and I discovered the perfect way to spend a rainey Saturday afternoon. We build a couple of Mugi Evo's using the instructions found at

Both are powered by HiMax 2025 4200kv motors with 25 amp Castle Creations controllers and 7 X 1050 KAN zapped and matched batteries. Most of the above is available from Murdoogs Flying Machine.

Along the way we learn't a couple of interesting lessons in building and more so setting up these little monsters. More information to follow later once I've measured my presets and throws. We also learn't that you shouldn't use a plastic yoke to hold a 6X6 Robbe folder together. Because at +- 130 Watt, it will expire and shed blades.

I think the smiles in the picture say everything, these are a Samoersa lot of fun .

BTW - Anyone interested, we cut some extra kits, so if you speak to Ilma at Murdoog, you could probably offer her a suitable amount of money to part with it.
Posted by ib456 | Apr 23, 2006 @ 07:13 PM | 4,833 Views
At last I finished and flew the funny park, It has had some reviews that are less than flattering with comments about the CG and being to short as well as performing badly.

I ave the 400C version, I also have it balanced without any clay, but I am unsure of the weight, dont have scales that will weight it accuratly.

I did have to change my reciever to a smaller one to stop the aileron linkages hitting it and only working well turning left. Still not the greatest but now I can use it to turn right if needed.

Loops with the 400 and a 10x6 prop doesnt produce much thrust but it can loop with a small dive (also my big lipo cant produce the required amps to go really well, my small one does and can sort of loop from level.) Just ordered a new Tanic 2200ma so that should sort all that trouble out. May also try another prop and my 3 cell lipo like a 9x5, might just give it a bit more kick.

In the end I will put a BP12 and a 10x6 on 2 cells i am thinking, just need to test the amp draw to make sure it doesnt kill it.

The first flight was good, threw it full throttle, and it took off like a rocket, well to me it did, after flying a pico tiger moth anything is fast. Had to trim it up and stop it turning left but once this was done it flew really well on R/E/T only. The elevator is fairly sensitive but no problem once you get used to it..
All trimed and landed in 47 seconds without any breakages. I love the timers on the optic 6..
The ailerons are almost...Continue Reading
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Fantasy is a 2M, full house electric glider from

I consider it a 2mts glider with a good combination of speed and thermal capability. Aditionally, this plane -as all the gliders coming from this builder- is very original as it has this aspect of "wood wing" no other builder has.

Details of my current configuration:

* MEGA 22/30/3 direct drive
* 3s2p4400mah Lipo
* Aeronaut CAM folder 10x6
* Jeti Opto Advanced Plus 70A
* Multiplex 7ch IPD DS Synth receiver
* 4x2/3AA 1200mah IB receiver batteries
* 4xHS81MG servos
* 2xHS85MGBB servos (flaps)
* Reinforced fuselaje with carbon fiber
* Added a Ultra Dean in the fuselaje side to act as a power drive interruptor, otherwise you cannot easily unplug the motor battery before you remove the main wing. I find that dangerous and tedious.
* AUW 1.65kg

I fly it both V-tail and X-tail.

Photos at

Details of flying it (only Spanish)
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Ok, now there should be the following two small videos downloadable:
One toss
And another one

The first powered flight,
one day after the videos have been taken,
was quite a success too.

It handled well and was fast, even with only a 4.5" pitch APC.
Only thing that was not quite as calculated seems to be the pitching moment of the airfoil.
It seems to be more positiv in reality than in the computer.
Maybe we can even decrease the amount of whashout and get even more speed performance.

Posted by gouda | Apr 23, 2006 @ 05:22 PM | 8,680 Views
Now that winter has lost it's grip. here's what I did....Most all finished and ready to fly within a hours or so. The Raven is airframe only since I've been trying to sell it.

Come on..need some green's softer.

Cub - 4120
P47 - E-Flite 400/980
Pitts - 2808
Extra - I forget, Maxx something geared.
MF#1 - 2808
Posted by P-38J-Lightning | Apr 23, 2006 @ 04:23 PM | 13,123 Views
After a couple years of tormenting myself reading about the advancements of lithium and making me want a foamy so bad but then deciding not to becuase of the hazards.....I finally bit the bullet!!! It should be here in a few days! I got a Katana S (Thanks Punkindrublik) and a lithium/brushless system from

I will post photos of it when it comes and hopefully get a video of its maiden! it should be awsome!

Heres to tearing up the sky,
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 23, 2006 @ 03:42 PM | 3,820 Views
Well, no flying this weekend. Nothing but rain all weekend.
The sun came out a little bit ago, but the radar say's more rain is coming.
I figure if I load the plane stuff up, till I get to the place I fly, it will probably start raining again.
Plus, it's wet and muddy, and I really don't feel like hogging up my plane, or getting my electronics wet.
For something to do, I started my Stryker.
I bought a Stryker fuse on Ebay from RCBOYZ, a hatch kit, elevons, and rudder set from my LHS, and I have a ton of ESC's, servos, etc....
I epoxied the nose on, epoxied underneath motor mount, mounted the motor, mounted the rudders, and epoxied under the nose to help keep foam from shredding on landings.
I got a "B" fuse, but "A" elevons, but no big deal, just need to mount them with tape.
I'm going to try to do a landing gear mod so I can ROG. Someone here on the forum has a nice video of theirs, but I want to sit lower.
I'll see what I can come up with.
I will try to get nose steering on there somehow.
Oh well, hope to get out next weekend.
Happy flying everyone.
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67 flights so far

Arrived about 7:30. Five cards on the freq board, but nobody actually flying yet. Somebody pulled off the ch50 card and stuck it on the airplane of the guy who left it there last night (he crawled out of a sleeping bag a bit later, but still hadn't charged his batteries by the time I left).

1 - 10 minutes (WM 7-cell). Found some slope lift on the upwind side of the hilltop. Landed in the grass because I forgot how much farther away the plane is than what it looks like.
2 - 7 minutes (WM 7-cell). Really nice landing. Came in upwind on a crosswind, then turned final right on the runway and smoothly onto the centerline.
3 - 2 minutes (Ty 7-cell). AP on board. Seemed like the battery had no courage. I've had this happen with that battery before, even on the Ty. Kept having to restart the engine, and didn't have a lot of lift. Edit: New pilots should watch this video carefully. At the end it's clear I was landing short. I should have used a couple seconds of half-throttle, but did up-elevator instead. The result was a stall at about 3-foot altitude, so the camera got to look at tall grass while I did the walk of shame instead of landing at my feet.
4 - 8 minutes (WM 7-cell). This battery seems to have a lot of time on it.
5 - 5 minutes (WM 9-cell). Tried out with more voltage to see if performance is worth the penalty to the motor. Probably not. I don't really see any performance...Continue Reading
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I practise the model aircraft on the ground of Vicques in Switzerland.
I am member of the club of "Aéromodélisme Jurassien Delémont" (
Our Track on grass measurement 130m of it length and 30m broad. It is an exceptional place to make fly of the models. Here some photographs of the 20, 21 and 22 April.

Posted by wattsup_kz | Apr 22, 2006 @ 09:14 PM | 7,864 Views
It's time for a new receiver. 2 serious glitches with my Formosa in 3 days, and I am done with the cheapie. I installed a Berg by CC. Smaller, lighter and failsafe enabled. I expect to have no more problems with the plane suddenly diving for the ground, or going into a 1/4 snap roll on its own.
Posted by bumwithalaptop | Apr 22, 2006 @ 05:43 PM | 2,670 Views
I'm Brian. I've been building and flying planes since around 94' with a 2 yr break starting in 00'. came back to it in 02'. I've built and flown several dozen models. I live out in the central coast of cali and am flying with the Santa Barbara RC Modelers and the Tri Valley RC modelers in Santa Maria