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For those who wish to extract the most performance out of an aircraft EXEMPT from the new international regulations, there are many options using racing quadcopter motors, esc, and batteries.
My fastest model uses a 350 mah EIGHT cell lipo that can sustain 20a+ or burst 40 amps.
At half stick, it launches straight up.
Turns 3.5x5" prop over 50k with over 4:1 thrust..
250 gram RACER 8s (2 min 30 sec)

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Halloa poeple

Soooo! A new FPV quad from GepRC huh.. Have you had / tried GepRC stuff? I have quite a few by now I must admit :$
Okee so this Cygnet is one of the first of a Wave of smaller quads we will see that have an onboard 1080P recorder.. Handy cause the added weight of an action-cam kills the fun in smaller quads

Link to this quad: GepRC CX3 Cygnet - 3-inch FPV quad

In this topic I'll post a couple of video's BUT feel free to ad your own

GepRC Cygnet - 3-inch Full HD Camera Quadro :) - First Impressions! (11 min 29 sec)

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A new love came into my life today. She's fast, stable but squirrelly. Easy to feed and is fun at wee hours of fun in your living room while the rain pours down.

Bought this baby on here.🙃

I think this one is getting🚁 upgrades. 👍👊
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First, let me start off by apologizing. There are actually three flight modes that can be set up with the SxR receivers. These are Quick Mode, Normal with Hover and Knife-Edge, and Delta-Wing V-Tail. For the purpose of this discussion, I’m only going to present my setup for Quick Mode as Normal and Delta V-Tail are a different discussion altogether.

OK, now with the STK Tool showing in Device Manager and showing a Com Port. Go ahead and open up the SXR Config interface software, Picture 1. The Com Port will be listed on the bottom. If that is not the right Com Port, select it from the drop-down. Click on ‘Open’ and the software will read in the current settings of the SxR. Click on the Accelerometer Calibration Tab, Picture 2. There will be four sets of numbers in the X, Y, Z, and the ‘Mod’ boxes. The X,Y,Z are self-explanatory.

At this moment the consensus has indicated the ‘Mod’ value represents, where Mike Blandford writes in the RCG forum, “I’m virtually certain it is the "Modulus" of the X, Y and Z values. These are the accelerations in the three, perpendicular directions. The modulus is the magnitude of the resultant vector when they are combined together, calculated using Pythagoras (square root of X squared +Y squared +Z squared)”. In other words, there is no mention of what “Mod” represents in the manual and no need to focus on that particular value.
Now with ‘Mod’ explained back to focus.

Pick up the S6R and slowly rotate it in...Continue Reading
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Received my BAMF from Armsoar. I weighed all the individual components before any assembly. Attached are photos and a spreadsheet detailing the starting weights. It’ll be interesting to compare to the final weight.
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Something is burning outside ..
A very nice hazy smokey eucalyptus morning ..

I took the 480mm DIY Rc glider out for round 2 .
Since I have had several HOT days to think about what it was doing I have

1) Moved the battery as far forward as possible
2) More down elevator

And it glides in a straight line now
So I walked to the park and tossed it on the hill ( )
The 480 had problems penetrating , for some strange reason that hill seems to push models down towards the ground ( Where is the lift ? )
Might be the trees that line the park ? ( Turbulence ? )
Anyhow , it does glide ..
When I got off the hill , I threw it some more at ground level and it performed rather well
????? Why so bad on the hill ?
At ground level it was really nice , but on the hill it just refused to move forward ..
Oh well ! it does glide ..
But at 480mm , I would call it a waste of time .. Don't think its a worth while project ..
I am trying to track down a 600mm version of these gliders ...
@ 600mm , such a RC conversion might be worth while ..

The 480 still tip stalls , and is very jittery in the turns .. I'd simply call it too small to be practical .

Ripit Rev 2. ?

The wing is done ..
Rudder is done
Servo is done

I actually killed the 4ch FS 2A Rx de soldering it , to re solder the servos ...
So I pulled out another Rx and soldered the pins on ..
This meant soldering plugs / connectors to the sub micro servos ..
This means there is not enough room in the nose cone ..
So I had to cut off some balsa that the Rx and battery attached to .
So now the Rx and battery are floating in the nose ( Not that happy Jan )

Need to install a control rod and then do a canopy stop ( so the canopy does not slide to far rearward )
Install the wing with CG as close as possible ..

Then go play ...
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More work done to kookaburra Queen 2
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First impression: The esc was well packed, in a very nice box. The esc is however bigger and heavier than the average 80A esc, hopefully it makes up for this with extra features.

Connection: Connecting the esc to my phone was fairly simple. The wife from the module does sometimes take a while to show up,, but after you connect to the network, then hit connect in the app, everything works smoothly, and I had no connection issues. I don’t believe that the wifi module is included if you buy the esc, but I won’t complain too much since most manufacturers dont include any progrmming tool.

App: The app is easy to use, and has a variety of settings, such as motor rotation, bec voltage, brake, etc. After connecting to the esc all of these settings are easy to change, and once saving the esc emits a series of beeps letting you know it has been updated. No issues here, everything worked as expected.

Reverse: This esc allows you to switch the motor rotation in the app, or you can do so with a switch, provided yo have an extra channel on your receiver. This is not very common, but is very nice to have, and allows for some very weird but fun maneuvers. It is worth noting that this feature only works if you have the brake enabled.

Glitches: I only had one glitch throughout my entire testing, and it was quite minor. In test 1, the rpm shot up to 522, 160 when the motor started rotating, but it went back down to normal very quickly. This occurred only once and I was not able...Continue Reading
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Variante75 build log & maiden flight (1 min 18 sec)

Wingspan 750mm
Fly weight 55g
Battery dualsky eco 2S 150mAh 30C 9.9g
Motor Eflite 180 2500KV
Propeller GWS EP-3020
Spektrum micro Dsmx receiver with Esc and two servo
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If anyone is looking to upgrade to the V3 (trashcan) frame I can strongly recommend it, even if you do mount it backwards.

It gives the strength I was always looking for in the frame without hurting the weight or flight performance.

This step by step walkthrough was written to help newcomers or those less confident - no soldering, cutting, drilling etc., just bolt on an 5-20minutes.

I'll be puclishing more articles shortly on bang for buck upgrades on the Mobula 7 to improve performance, range, efficiency and battery life as well as durability.

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My new building broad project. I want to build a Sig Kobra, with E-Flight .10 size electric retracts. This is new landing gear wire I bent out of 1/8th stock. 4 loops for the nose and 3 loops for the mains. Notice...I even made a right and left for the mains. Good Start...
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Epidemic in Heavy Rain (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by basslord1124 | Feb 04, 2019 @ 09:31 AM | 2,690 Views
Here is Part 2 of the foamboard snow skimmer build progress. Almost complete and a little demonstration/explanation of differential thrust.

DIY: Foamboard Snow Skimmer: Part 2 (10 min 35 sec)

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More work done to kookaburra Queen 2
Posted by Wingmanrc93 | Feb 04, 2019 @ 01:55 AM | 1,871 Views
Nowhere near done. Just mounted the servos. Trying to figure out the best location for the rx.

Its been 5 years since my last 500 sz heli. It was a HDX 500 Sah. It flew very well. It was a good ol bird.😁

YEP 80 amp esc
Spectrum Digital H5010MG
6s 3300mah Zippy 25c
Futaba 401/ S9254

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Some video from today... my first time using the FIREFLY.

2019 Winter MO TOWN Park Cruise #8 FIREFLY HD 2019 0203 (FIGHT - ROB HALFORD) (6 min 14 sec)

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My latest, esm mig3