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I wanted to see if a small balsa square stick could be strengthened by a tiny amount of basswood on the outsides - much like a spar.

I glued thin (think veneer-like) strips to a balsa stick, and then I reduced the thickness of the finished glue-up the next day using my surface sander. I only left about .010" of basswood per side, which you can see along with the dark glue bands in the second photo. (Not the large balsa grain in the middle)

Results - this is much stiffer than plain balsa, but adds little weight. I went ahead and failed it, and predictably it failed in compression. The failure was much more friendly than the twig-like snap! you get from a balsa stick. If forces were coming from one direction, the optimum structure would have one side of basswood twice as thick as the other.

You could make a really strong truss with this material. It would also be good for tail construction, being both stiff and light.
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This my second flight with the Durafly Brewster F2A Buffalo:

Durafly Brewster F2A Buffalo 920mm PNF RC Warbird Second Flight (5 min 1 sec)

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So after about 20 packs a few krashes here is my impressions and some HD footage
#impulseRC MIcro HD Reverb week later impressions and low light, sun light footage (12 min 27 sec)

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Completed another winter build. VQ F6f Hellcat.
Eflite Power 46 motor, Eflite 60amp ESC, VQ retracts, Dynam 13x7 three blade prop, gear strut covers and gear doors. Decals by Callie.
Even though the markings replicate LTJG Alexander Vraciu's #19, I have the "Duke" at the controls. Thought he would be a fitting pilot since he flew Hellcats in the movie "Flying Leathernecks". I will be using a 5 cell 5000 lipo. The weather is finally warming up here in the Chicago area. I just need the field to dry out for a maiden.
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Check out the new EMAX Buzz Freestyle Drone
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wanted transparent yellow micrafilm
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HD Whoop ROUND UP! 👍 (8 min 43 sec)

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