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Posted by RCG-Tech | Mar 16, 2011 @ 01:51 PM | 15,299 Views
I would like to hear suggestions for changes to the classified section. If you have an issue with the classified system that you would like addressed, but don't have a good idea on how to fix it, feel free to post it and we will take a look at it or maybe another user can suggest a fix for it.

Here is the list of suggestions so far (as of 3/30/2011)
  • Seller must have minimum number of posts or have buyer feedback to sell an item
  • Add state abbreviation of seller's location to the subject line
  • Require pictures in the ad listing
  • Have the pm button in the classifieds automatically put the thread link in the pm
  • Mandatory sold item notification for the ad - When the item is marked as sold, it could also automatically lock the ad.
  • Require actual ownership of the item that is being sold.
  • Ability to sort by ads you have posted or ads that you have replied to
  • Add warbird section
  • Require locations
  • Add the ability to sort by ads with pictures attached.
  • Have a post preview that shows pictures, price/trade, location, shipping
  • Delete old posts or move them to an archive. Archive would be read-only.
  • Feedback - Link directly to the feedback section from the post
  • Add a "Local Pickup Only" thread prefix
  • Require price in subject line
  • Add warning about using the paypal gift option
  • Local Pick-up forum
  • Search by zipcode
  • Add a "Plans For Sale" thread prefix
  • Break up classified forums into more specific categories.
  • Add forums for other countries.
  • User pages that list all of the
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Posted by RCG-Tech | Feb 07, 2011 @ 05:13 PM | 11,342 Views
We have changed the amount of points that are needed to get a permanent ban from RCGroups.com from 40 to 20. Expired points do not count towards this total, so we only look at the currently active point total. We felt that a large gap from the 15 point level to the 40 point level was giving too much leeway for troublemakers and that it was difficult for a user to reach 20 points unless they were intentionally trying to get banned, so this change should not affect most users.

If you have any comments or concerns about this change, feel free to post them in the Site Suggestions / Complaints forum and we can discuss them further.