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Posted by motorhead540 | Mar 13, 2021 @ 10:21 PM | 9,642 Views
Spent the day doing yard work and other projects around here today . So as I was getting things ready to close up for the day . I made the decision that before I quit for the day I would dig out and cut and install the Peg Board back walls ...
Didn't get a chance to pickup carriage bolts for holding them in yet but they fit pretty well and the helicopters hold it in place nicely till I get them possibly tomorrow . I also plan to put stops on the rods that hold the helicopters to keep them from being knocked off the end of the rod accidently...

A work in progress !!
Posted by motorhead540 | Mar 12, 2021 @ 10:42 PM | 8,690 Views
Well while at a local thrift store with my wife I picked up this wheeled shelving unit . After thinking about the best way to use it ... I made a couple modifications to it and now it holds 8 Helicopters easily and can be roller around and out of the way easily .
I plan on cutting and installing white pegboard on the back wall on both sides and get some aluminum Diamond plate for the lower shelfs ..
But it is now a functional storage and get the helicopters up off the floor

Hope it gives others ideas ...
Posted by motorhead540 | Dec 08, 2020 @ 10:00 PM | 10,067 Views
Took a few pictures of the Apprentice 15s that i have here to sell
Posted by motorhead540 | Apr 09, 2020 @ 06:18 PM | 9,096 Views
Well today being stuck at home as we all currently are . The weather finally getting nice enough to think about getting a chance to actually go fly I took the time to clean and move thing around in my shop / hanger when I got done . I put the wings on both of my 35 cc gassers the 75 " 3DHS/EF Edge 540 with a DA35 and My 74 " EF Slick 580 with a DLE35RA neither had been started since late last season . So I rolled them out onto the lawn and started and ran about half a tank of fuel thru each prior to putting them back in the shop . Weather , time/virus regs permitting I hope to get at least one of them out to the field this weekend !
Took a few pictures hope you enjoy ...
Posted by motorhead540 | Aug 19, 2018 @ 06:57 AM | 9,677 Views
Went out to the Skynights club field yesterday morning early so I could get in some good stick time for the day .
Made 15 flight total that's a good day for me as I tend to not fly when the skys get crowded with other planes but there was only 4 of us at the field for most of the day and a couple showed flew and then left so even with the field being tight there was plenty of free airtime . Well at the end of the day just after I had put my gas Edge away someone suggested we get a picture of all of our Extreme Flight /3D Hobby Shop planes so I snapped a few pictures of the group of them less my 75 " 3DHS Edge 540 that was already broke down and safely put in the back of the truck for the ride home .

We could have more but my friend mike and I already are usually at max plane hauling when we come out so we end up leaving some of our planes at home someday I will get a chance to assemble all of my planes for a group photo here at the house , but having taken 3 of my EF / 3DHS planes yesterday I still had 4 that did not make the trip to the field ...on this rotation . I had been up to 8 EF /3DHS planes but recently sold one the red/yellow/black 48" Edge 540 in the picture to a fellow club member , I had 2 of the 48" EDGES so I made him a deal on one of mine . Yesterday was his maiden with it and he really likes the plane .
Posted by motorhead540 | Jul 06, 2018 @ 10:15 PM | 9,777 Views
Well I'm loading up aircraft for my trip to the club field for our July club meeting tomorrow morning . I thought I would post a few pictures of the few aircraft that will be making the trip .
I am currently charging batteries now .
Well lets see we have the Aeroworks SU-31 Profile , E-Flite Maule M-7 , Extreme Flight 48" MXS , Trex 500 fb on 6S
should be a good day hope the wind dies down fairly windy this evening .
Posted by motorhead540 | Jun 02, 2018 @ 09:35 AM | 10,209 Views
Pretty cluttered and lots of in process projects still to be completed . Many fliers some to be maidened lots of fun and great times to be had . Took a few pictures while I was out loading up to go flying for the day .
Posted by motorhead540 | Jun 01, 2018 @ 11:31 PM | 10,369 Views
Well tomorrow will be the first outdoor club meeting of the year for one of my RC clubs .... kind of a bummer actually we lost our field that we had been at for some 35 -40 years . It had been inside one of the Oregon state parks was a great place to fly year round any day with very little restrictions . Since that time we have no field access for flying on weekends except durning our monthly meetings ei summer months only June thru Sept . Anyway tomorrow will be the first time to fly with the club this year as I work full time and am unable to do the weekdays we are allowed by the new fields owners I guess at least we still have access to a field . Anyway I am loading for the trip/day thinking the Maule M7 , EF Edge540 , SU31 profile , vortex 250 with goggles and a mix of 3 and 4 cell packs . I'll try to remember the camera in the morning as I load up .....
Posted by motorhead540 | May 25, 2018 @ 08:05 PM | 10,191 Views
I purchased this plane to long ago and have allowed it to sit unused .
Well I have been stuck at the house for the past couple weeks due to a bad Poison Oak encounter
So I have been working on getting caught up on my aircraft projects
Today I finished up my 2nd 48" Extreme flight Edge 540 it is all setup and prepped for a maiden less setting GC .

This afternoon I brought the Seagull Yak 54 in the house Got it bound and setup on the radio installed an OptiKill .... may not ever be allowed inside the house again after it gets fueled and flown so I got a few quick pictures of the two planes while I had them in on the dining room table where I do most of my maintenance .
Posted by motorhead540 | Jan 15, 2017 @ 06:30 PM | 11,914 Views
Well Christmas has come and gone and I have been learning about my 2 new radios .
I have been working on getting programs written and setup for my planes and helicopters .
Then slowly moving them off of the JRXP 9503 2.4 radio over and onto the new radios so far I have moved and bound 5 onto the DX9 and as of short time ago I have 4 on the DX18G2 .
I have not made up my mind on the JR12X yet so I so far have not started to move any of those models .
I did put a deal together a sold my DX7 with an INDUCTRIX and a 3D foamy ...... gave them away but hopefully it will help to bring another person into our great hobby as well .

Thought I would post a couple pictures of the plane I programmed and bound up today on the DX18G2 It is an older EXTREME FLIGHT Plane a 58" EXTRA 300 in Royal Blue and Yellow with Silver contrast stripes . Been a great plane that I purchased from another member hot4teach hear locally .
Posted by motorhead540 | Dec 25, 2016 @ 01:05 PM | 12,147 Views
Well today is Christmas 2016 I have done pretty well this year ...
I had thought my older DX7 helicopter version DSM2 was dying so I started looking for a replacement ...
I already had my JRXP9503 2.4 on DSM2 and a JR DSMX12X as my main radios so the DX7 was just a backup and mainly used for my indoor and micro models .
Not wanting to be left behind I started searching for a deal on a DX18G2 so I would be able to use telemetry in the future as I have moved over to mostly electric aircraft with a few gasoline powered larger craft .
One fine day while searching I was at my local hobby shop and was offered a NIB DX9 that someone had purchased but had never even been used got it for $250 .
So I was told by the wife that was to be my Christmas present ,but I continued the search and found a low hour DX18G2 with a case that I made a deal on for $600.00 delivered to me .
So after knowing that I would be ok no mater what happened to the DX7 I opened it up and started checking things out only to determine that the only thing wrong with it seems to be that the battery has failed or has a bad cell as it full charges and works for a few minutes then acts up . I replaced the battery and it now is working great again .
Well I just got done registering both of my new transmitters I still need to make sure I am sure I understand how to go about doing the Airware and sound file updates on the new radios then I will need to start moving models over to the new transmitters .
Guess once I get everything sorted out and moved around I will have a couple transmitters for sale DX7 , and JRXP9503 2.4 just hard to see keeping 5 radios around .

Hope everyone gets what they wanted and has a great New Year and an excellent 2017 flying season !!
Posted by motorhead540 | Nov 09, 2016 @ 09:31 PM | 12,387 Views
one of my recent projects need to work on my building skills so things like this should help .. doing some mods to the plane larger wings and tail surfaces should be fun to fly !!
hope you enjoy the pictures ...
Posted by motorhead540 | Oct 09, 2016 @ 09:47 AM | 12,171 Views
This time of year as we all know in the Pacific NW weather can be a challenge so seeing as how the weather report looked favorable I was up early and to the club field by 8 am .
I have been helping a new member/flyer get his planes and gear together and up to speed so we worked on his stuff and I made few flights .
I took and flew my 2 , 48" extreme flight planes the MXS and the EDGE540 , also got in a couple flights with my Aeroworks su31 profile , the Trex500 , and my DJI450 Mulit which I am finally starting to get a handle on has taken me some time to get orientation figured out . It just presents so flat and square in the sky it is difficult to figure out front ,back and sides where I have no problems with that on my planes or helicopters now .
Weather made for very few people at the field so by noon I was the only one left so I loaded up and returned to the house .
I had answered an add listing from another member who happened to be local for some Vox props so I went and met up with him ,then dropped off a slow stick to another one of our club members house that was given to him by a member who had been at the field who asked me to get it to him .
I then returned to my house charged some batteries flew my Carbon Z Cub ... But at dusk I for the first time Ever tried some low light/night flight with my DJI450 which I have only been flying for a short time now it really shows up well in the dark with the LED lights almost easier to figure out orientation then in the daylight . After that I came in and did my first ever FPV flights with my new INDUCTRIX FPV and my EV800 goggles ...

Today its raining bad !!!
Posted by motorhead540 | Sep 17, 2016 @ 09:18 PM | 12,811 Views
Well today I had gotten up loaded and drove to the field early arrived there by 8:15 am ...

Darn rain well returned home and unloaded the aircraft from the truck and tried to come up with a project for the day well here are the pictures of what it looks like after todays assembly

Was partially disassembled for shipping I received it about 2 months ago and still need to gather a few more items to make it fly then continue to learn how to setup the IKON FBL system. This is going to be my first FBL helicopter other then my BFN 130x and CFX180 all my other large helis have been to this point FB

Will be another welcome and fun addition to my hanger !!
Posted by motorhead540 | Aug 22, 2016 @ 10:13 PM | 12,483 Views
Well not sure if I will get the bug for sure or not but , I got me a DJI 450 with a autopilot board on it with a rc plane and helicopter lot I purchased a couple weeks ago. Just got home with it after having a good friend of mine DoctorAudio look it over and do a setup on it then program it on my radio . I made a quick hover flight at his house before bringing it home thought I would post a couple pictures of it . once I start to get the hang of flying it I might possibly install some FPV gear and start to learn that part of the hobby . Hard to get away from my CCPM helicopters and 3D planes
Posted by motorhead540 | Jul 30, 2016 @ 06:58 PM | 13,233 Views
I got up and loaded some aircraft this morning and headed out to the Funflyer club field at Milo Mciver state park here in Oregon .
I had and great time flew only 2 of the 4 planes I took all day just kept switching between the two of them . The EF MXS and the EF EDGE 540T . I have been flying the MXS for a couple months now , But only recently setup the EDGE to my new radio . so I have 2 48" 4-cell planes on 2 different Jr radios one on my 9503 dsm2 , the other on my Jr 12x .
Well today is maiden/re- maiden for the Edge I had not yet flown it prior to todays outing. Both of the planes fly great makes me want to spend more time flying when I go to the field. Took some pictures this morning leaving and while at the field check them out ... Enjoy merril "motorhead540"
Posted by motorhead540 | Mar 27, 2016 @ 04:42 PM | 13,398 Views
Well this weekend has been extra busy so no flying so far and now the wind and rain has moved back into the area .

Did get a chance to maiden two of my planes last weekend on Saturday morning up at the Funflyer club field . Was kind of pressed for time so only able to get 1 flight on each .

First up was the Aeroworks Su-31 profile that I built since the beginning of the year and showed the progress in my build log my first attempt at building from the box , ARF , kit , or otherwise . the plane turned out Ok for my first build guess I am my own worst critic , but it flew well with little to no trim will take some more flights to get it dialed in but it flies good as is .

Second up was a Extreme flight MXS that I had purchased as a BNF from a local flyer from another club from 40 miles to the north last year sometime . Well as my flying has progressed I finally decieded to give it a chance and take it out to fly . I installed one of the batteries that I received with the plane and checked the CG ... Fellow club members at my club agreed that it looked to be well within a flyable range , so down the runway and off the ground it went . I gained some altitude and backed out of the throttle . This plane on the other hand was a handful I added quite a bit of up/ right trim and cruised around getting a feel of the plane . Then hit the throttle to see how it would do it almost instantly climbed 45 degrees up under throttle . Well I got it down in one piece and home came...Continue Reading
Posted by motorhead540 | Feb 20, 2016 @ 11:53 PM | 14,075 Views
Well not like I really need a new one but, Was offered a good deal on a JR DSMX 12 X transmitter today .... Well I bought it and brought it home well at least my receivers will still be compatible , This is my first DSMX transmitter my other 2 are DSM2 . Well I guess now my JR XP9503 DSM2 will be my backup and my dx7 will be my throw and go radio . Now to figure out which aircraft to move over first ! The reading begins many more available options and functions with this radio even when coming from the 9503 .

ps ... anyone have a printed copy of the manual they would be willing to sell me
Posted by motorhead540 | Feb 03, 2016 @ 09:49 PM | 14,678 Views
Well it took longer then the instructions said it should but it is finally finished .

Have not checked CG or weighed it yet and I
Still want to put it on the watt meter before I take it to the field for maiden, but I plan on taking the plane to our club meeting Friday evening for show-n-tell here are the pictures I took of the finished product!!

Well show and tell went great, but from the demonstration of control surfaces and motor run up. I have decided to forgo the wattmeter test on this airframe lets just say it feels like it has plenty of pull !!

Do not Want to subject the airframe to any unwarranted stress test to see what the motor puts out I will just fly it . lets just say at barely 1/2 throttle the aircraft wanted to fly out of my hand. while being held by the back spine of the fuse .

C.G is right in the correct range exact to be determined after a few flights . Still no scale
Posted by motorhead540 | Jan 10, 2016 @ 01:10 PM | 13,846 Views
This months club meeting was a week late due to the holiday being on the first Friday on the month . So we ended up pushing it back a week to the 8th well, I have been very fortunate in the raffle prize winnings recently, This month I was lucky enough to win this new UMX Pitts S-1S . Which my wife has affectionately named " Peppermint" . I took a few pictures of it and thought I would post them .

now if my raffle luck could carry over to the powerball I would be all set