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Posted by CharlJ941 | Apr 14, 2020 @ 01:55 AM | 6,428 Views

Welcome to my personal user page. I am an aviation enthusiast, my grandfather had his Private Pilots License (PPL) as well as my father. I look to one day also get my PPL, but for now my father and I fly model aircraft. I fly large scale and I'm starting my first jet build as soon as this COVID-19 national lockdown passes. I have already ordered my jet and turbine, as this is my first jet I decided to buy a sport yet instead of a scale yet for the simple reason that they fly a bit easier and don't need that much skills as a scale jet so it is a little bit easier to accumulate to sports jets. I bought a Dolphin S and will be installing a Kingtech 160, I am in the final stages of building my 103" Pilot RC Laser, I am still awaiting the delivery of my 3W 110i B2 CS that will be installed on the Laser as well as my servos, but both shipments are held up by this national lockdown. I was hoping to receive my shipments and jet shortly after the 16th but unfortunately the national lockdown has been extended to 30 April 2020, I guess my building will have to wait and it is time to focus on my university work.

Cheers for now.