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Posted by flycarbon1 | Apr 18, 2020 @ 05:12 PM | 2,706 Views
A little over 40 years ago as a small child (that makes me feel old) i remember standing on a ridge top with my grandfather looking up at these magnificent flying machines way above in amazement that the only thing holding them up was the wind! no "engine" no sound just something some people don't even give a second thought to................. the Wind!

My passion for aviation was born!
I have built and flown my whole life from small free flight models up to F3F Rocket ships even the odd MDM-1 Fox
Flying to me is about the sheer pleasure and excitement.

So enough about me and more about my company FlyCarbon.

Fly Carbon is a retail and distribution company in the UK specialising in Magnificat Carbon Flying Machines.
Bringing the UK a range of models from some big names in CFRP models such as Aer-O-Tec and Mibo who are renowned for quality and craftsmanship with models such as the Aer-O-Tec IKURA and the Mibo Swift S-1, Anyone who has heard of these names already knows they are synonymous with quality.
Names that are practically unknown as yet FC is here to put them on the map, i am fortunate enough to be working with some of the best designers and builders of CFRP models on the planet and to be able to showcase their products is a true honour.
One name that you may not of heard mentioned is CarbonBird a polish manufacturer who is designing and building an absolute peach of a F3K model the Albatross!! we are the exclusive importer and distributor...Continue Reading