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Posted by Arthure | Apr 23, 2020 @ 06:45 PM | 6,811 Views

Setting up the mini VBar governor for the first time can be a little confusing. Here are some notes from my setup experience with a flybarless T-Rex 450 electric helicopter.

mini VBar with two phase sensor plugs

mini VBar with with two phase sensor plugs. + and - power plug into RX C. The sensor wire goes to the top pin of RX A.

Helicopter Setup:

Heli: Align T-Rex 450 Pro

ESC: BL35X (Align Stock)

Motor: BL430SP (Align stock)

Phase sensor: Hyperion RDU Phase Tachometer HP-EM2-TACHBL from

Pinion: 13-tooth

Head: Align FBL

VBar Setup:

Gov I tab:

Preset channel from receiver: 1

Output socket on VBar: RX B

Gov II tab:

Max Headspeed: 3000

Gear ratio: 11.538 (150/13)

Sensor configuration: 3 (That is six "poles"--the six magnets around the inside of the motor's "can," not to be confused with the nine stator windings--divided by 2)

(The next two settings are probably very transmitter-dependent and included just for reference.)

Motor off: -92% <-- the level at which the motor *just* starts when you turn off Throttle Hold with the throttle in IU.

Motor on: 81% <-- there's a clearly audible change at 80%. At 81% it's going all out (seems low though...)

Autorotation bailout: I haven't enabled this yet, but I've been experimenting with it. The electric governor setup pages at say that if you set Throttle...Continue Reading
Posted by Arthure | Apr 23, 2020 @ 06:33 PM | 6,569 Views
Not mine author on last line.

From here:

Accessing an extra channel on your heli's mini VBar flybarless controller is actually pretty simple. Just follow these instructions carefully. First off, please note the following:
Remember that unlike the other sockets, RXA is a triple input/output socket, so NEVER CONNECT POWER TO RXA. (The middle wire of the plug, from the ESC, for example, has the BEC voltage of 5 to 6 volts on it. Plugging that into RXA could damage your mini VBar flybarless controller.)
You only get the signal from the bottom pin of RXA. You must get the power (+ and - voltages) from another socket, such as RXB or RXC. (Happily, you connect the phase sensor for the governor to the upper pin of RXA, so you can have both an extra channel and the governor.)
You set which channel appears on the RXA signal wire by specifying the value of register 216 in the .vbr file, which looks like this:
<VALUE Register="216" Value="5"/>

Because computers (and mini VBar flybarless units, apparently) start counting at 0 instead of 1, the values are offset from the channel numbers by 1:

ESC/Throttle channel ---- 1 Register 216 value: 0
Aileron channel ----------- 2 Register 216 value: 1
Elevator channel --------- 3 Register 216 value: 2
Tail channel --------------- 4 Register 216 value: 3
Aux/Gyro channel -------- 5 Register 216 value: 4
Collective channel -------- 6 Register 216 value: 5
Channel ------...Continue Reading
Posted by Arthure | Jan 07, 2012 @ 01:58 AM | 3,835 Views
Time is near for retirement. Leaving Japan and now all the helis are packed. Have a MsrX waiting in California but the batteries are back ordered and no radio in Cali yet. Want to start retirement off right spending more time on my hobby. Looks like it is time now to buy the new DX-7s. Looks like son will be getting the DX6i soon. $299 though ugh. Hopefully the last transmitter though.
Posted by Arthure | Feb 17, 2011 @ 09:13 AM | 3,457 Views
Well since the DX7 is backordered with the mCP I ordered a DX6i with DSM2 and DSMX. I guess I can't go woring since my son is coming up in the hobby he'll get it soon enough. Waiting for them to have the 9503 wit DSM2 and DSMX on the site. hmmmm what's the hold up with preupgraded's a free upgrade if you pay to send it back why haven't they made it standard on new purchases yet?

Come on mCP X!
Posted by Arthure | Feb 05, 2011 @ 11:56 AM | 3,705 Views
This is the beginning of the end...ordered a DX7 and the UM bug is itching. Hope my wife very loves me .

6 helis this month.

Bought her a new Dell Streak 5 tablet phone so I am good until that arrives hehe.