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Here are some full scale planes I have had the pleasure of seeing up close, or flying in!

#1. Legend Super Cub

The Legend Cub is a competitor of the Carbon Cub SS, with the advantage of double doors. The Legend I got to ride in had a 150hp. Lycoming and 35" bushwheels, inflated to only 6 psi., to soak up any bounces on landing. It took off in 211 Ft. (we measured afterward)! The legend was named Miss Lu Lu.

#2. Murphy Rebel Elite

The Rebel has a HUGE tail, which makes it somewhat hard to fly. The elevator has so much leverage that there is no blow-back when you release the stick. I got to take the controls once, and it was not easy. The pilot landed within 500 Ft. multiple times, which is really good considering that the Rebel is a fair bit larger and heavier than an LSA.

#3. Zenith STOL CH 701

I didn't get to fly in the Zenith, but I examined it on the ground and saw it fly from the Legend. It is a funny looking plane, but apparently it flies well.

#4. Piper Archer

The Archer was really easy to fly, although not as fun as the bushplanes. We flew over my house at 1200 Ft.

#5. Beechcraft Bonanza

I didn't see the Bonanza fly, I just saw it in the Hangar.

#6. Kitfox
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