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Posted by xixijoe | Mar 14, 2021 @ 10:12 AM | 9,153 Views
I am new to ardupilot(fixwing). I have been being using Inav for couple of years. and I just started to use ardupilot. here are something that I could not find it in ardu. my plane is Bixler with matek F765wing FC. Twin Motors 2306 KV1350(7042prop 4s battery), Frsky R9slim+, rushtank plus 800mw firefly 8s Cam with 2servos pan&tilt, with Mission Planner1.3.74 and firmware of 4.1 dev. There are something I could not find or figure out in mission planner.

1, I could not find where is smartaudio control that I can adjust the VTX.

2, how can I set servo extand to 500-2500ms with Delay up&down and Slow up&down. (servo channels other than AETR)

3, Is there something like logic switch that can be programed? like VTX power adjust with the home distance, Auto flap with ati and home distance and speed so on.

4, matekF765wing has WS2812 led function available. how can use it on ardupilot?

5, Inav suggest adjusting everything on FC configurator. instead of changing seting on radio. does ardupilot has the same roles?

6, is it OK to use HS-08 and HS-05 bluetooth as wireless setting up to the FC? how to do so?

Thank you reading my questions.
Posted by xixijoe | Mar 23, 2020 @ 10:15 AM | 15,215 Views
I have been flying bixler for around 6 years. as the hardwares and RC controller gets better and it flys further distance more sofiticated system. I am planning to share all the steps of one of my bixler bulid here. I would like to share with whoever is flying same plane and would love to hear some advise if you see anything can be improved from my bulid of the bixler.

some of the bixlers have been crushed to nothing. while some of them I am still flying and some still in the middle of building. for the moment I can fly it for 90minutes with 60km above total distance with 4s 10000ma capacity. The FC control is F405wing and with split cam and servo gimble that can move in two direction. I printed some 3D parts in order to get better construction of adding cam, pitot,etc. I guess it could fly more distance if I can get best of set up on PID and some other stuff that I have been still wondering.

The cabon tubes at the head are for the stength the fuselage and get wires thru from to the AC. The other tube is the pitot. the platform on the top of fuselage can be mounted with AC and other parts etc. The elevate and rod servos mounted at the tail. The plastic bottle is covering the AC and better air streaming. there are several skid on the plane. there are for taking off and landing. I would rather prefer taking off on itself than hand launching. the skid on the fuselage is covered by sofe foam with buffer suspension function and withing a ABS 3D printed board which can skid on the ground for a long time period. the other 2 skid on the wing is supported incase the plane lean on anyside