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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 19, 2021 @ 01:26 PM | 12,607 Views
Hello again, Good People!

This Blog Post is about using today's modern Light Spackle products (in this Blog, I used 3M brand) and Touch-Up Paints (Acrylic) on foam models that are those prized members of our fleet and perhaps more than 10+ years old. This applies to hangar rashes and light crashes as well.

In this example, I am using a model that I recently acquired and learned that I am essentially the fourth (4th) owner and it is known as the E-Flite P-51D Dallas Doll Mustang and customized in German Captured Clothing. This is a good example because the model was customized from the very first (1st) owner way back in 2014.

Here's one post that I found from the First (1st) Owner of this model I am using to provide a better appearance due to time, hangar rash and other issues such as using the wrong type of Paint that damages this foam, for example.


Okay, I have broken down at

Inspection & Preparation:

Just take your time and look over the model carefully. I observed that the Left Top side of the Horizontal Stab was damaged due to the Yellow Paint "Type" used on the customization for having it look as the German Captured Trainer unit. Also, the Side and Bottom frontal FUSE area (Below the Engine Exhaust Blisters) had the same type of damage of contact with the wrong type of paint.

I found some voids (Foam cells that had too much separation) and indentations (handling & Hangar Rash)...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 17, 2021 @ 12:02 PM | 21,697 Views
Just an amazing morning in Central Florida for an Amazing RC Model and it is a crying shame this model is discontinued.

After working on it throughout the night, replacing the Stock ESC to the Castle Creations Thunderbird 36-AMP ESC and touching up on the paint after filling in some void areas on the Foam, this morning I was able to maiden the model on my watch!

Performed just what I had expected after watching my buddy who had one a couple of years ago. It performed Cuban-8's, Hammer heads and some inverted flights. Of course this following Video shows the second (2nd) flight as the maiden was great as well it was recorded in just too low of light.

Oh, yes, the only reason that I changed out the Stock ESC was because it came with a Battery Connector that I just didn't have (Converter).

Okay, here is the Video:
E Flite P 51D Dallas Doll in GERMAN Captured Clothing 10-17-2021 (4 min 21 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 15, 2021 @ 09:15 PM | 28,715 Views
Hi guys!

Whats up?

Been a long time coming and I finally got a used one in German Captured Clothing.

Hey, as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosy!
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 15, 2021 @ 02:46 PM | 30,145 Views
Hi guys!

Just came across this model at my RC Club and was able to maiden it with very good results.

It is heavy for sure with 12-Cells behind it. Wow!

Here's the Video:

Super Viper RC EDF Jet over Moon Port Modelers RC Club 10-15-2021 (3 min 7 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 15, 2021 @ 01:41 PM | 28,347 Views

I can tell you that parts for these Park Zone (Horizon) RC Warbird models are getting really hard to get.

I was lucky, however, back in September, I was able to purchase via our Classifieds the landing gear set which included the Strut Covers as my model lost one.


I am so glad that I found this sale and quickly acted on it as now my Spitfire has both Strut Covers again!

If anyone has any parts PLEASE let me know!
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 13, 2021 @ 06:24 PM | 27,314 Views
Took out this large lady of the sky! Had my way with it and flew three (3) wonderful flights!

Leopard RC Motors (LC5065-520Kv) are great as it is powering my large Great Planes RV-4 of 70-inch wing span and tipping the digital scales at 12-lbs. Commutation is done by the Hobby Wing 80-AMP ESC (BEC Disabled) and an external Castle Creations BEC PRO (20-AMP) is used for power to the Receiver (Spektrum AR8000 + SAT). Using just 5-Cells, 5,000mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer by GENS ACE does a great job on this Glow-to-Electric conversion Project.

Great Planes RV 4 70 inch wing span Glow to Electric Conversion 10-13-2021 (4 min 31 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 13, 2021 @ 02:23 PM | 27,202 Views
Our Bill at my RC Club finally had his maiden flight of his Freewing Al37 in the American Airlines scheme (Custom Paint and Calli Graphics).

We had a few assisting him and the model flew without the benefit of any Gyro or assist from the Stock Electronics as we visited all four (4) Youtube Videos while we were at the RC Club field and could NOT get his Gyro to work so, we flew it without and it performed very well.

However, the Instructor Pilot at the third (3rd) flight reported some very unnerving (unexpected) turns from the model (unsolicited) and he quickly landed without any further issues, thankfully.

The plan going forward is Bill will remove all STOCK Electronic Gear from his Jet and place his well known brand.
Freewing AL37 Airliner Twin 70mm EDF 10-13-2021 (4 min 3 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 11, 2021 @ 04:45 AM | 31,882 Views
Hello good people,

The Modifications for going Servo-Less retracts start at:

Sunday morning at the RC Club field allowed two (2) wonderful flights back to back of my World Models P-51D 40 EP Mustang.

There was a slight breeze but, it was steady and no gusty winds.

Was able to record two (2) Flight Videos of the model and the first landing was a complete stall from perhaps 2 feet off the deck and very pleased of these E-Flite 15-25 size retracts being able to take the punishment and of course the low bounce rubber scale tires. If these were the stock mechanical retracts I would be replacing the mechanical servo as it would have stripped by now.
In any case, here's the videos:

World Models P 51D 40 Mustang Flight DEMO Post modifications to servo-less retracts1 10-10-2021 (7 min 15 sec)

World Models P 51D 40 Mustang Flight Post modifications going to servo-less retracts2 10-10-2021 (4 min 41 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 08, 2021 @ 03:02 PM | 12,348 Views
Video Showing Post Modifications Flight and model got new wheels / Tires and had to slightly bend stock strut wire where wheel is inserted to avoid tire from rubbing on the vertical strut wire.

Here's the Video:
World Models P 51D 40 Mustang Flight DEMO Post modifications going to servo less retracts 10 08 2021 (6 min 35 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 07, 2021 @ 04:04 AM | 11,702 Views
Okay guys.....

After some additional tinkering around with the mechanical retracts, I gave up and decided on E-Flite 15-25 size E-Flite Retracts. The E-Flite Retracts were bought from eBay a few years ago and finally took the initiative to change them out on this World Models P-51D 40 Mustang.

A few things to keep in mind and items you will need for this modification:

1. Dust mask and Safety Glasses, no kidding please wear a pair.
2. You will need heavy duty wire cutters.to cut the ends of stock slightly bent wire struts.
3. Dremel tool on the lowest speed setting, in case your Dremel accidently touches the covering.
4. Using Dremel - sand away both sides of stock attaching mechanical retract plywood rails and square off opening of retract cavity.
5. Fit check the E-Flite 15-25 retracts and repeat step 4 as required.
6. Feed in a 6-inch or 12-inch servo extension and connect to E-Flite 15-25 retract.
7. Once the E-Flite 15-25 retract stays flush on the wing opening cavity, check for function and see if retract wire enters the cavity.
8. If not, repeat Step 4 as required.
9. Use a drill with the appropriate size (depending size wood screw) and drill holes for securing E-Flite 15-25 retracts.
10. Repeat Step 7 before screwing in anything yet.
11. Using Dermal tool, Dremel a FLAT Spot on the stock strut wire so, it will not rotate and provide a secure fit when tightening set-screw.
12. Once you are sure all is functioning okay, use appropriate screws and...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 06, 2021 @ 12:19 AM | 12,286 Views
Hello fellow RC Modelers!

Today I came with a model that I have had since late 2008. It still delivers the manners of a terrific and super light P-51D Mustang (Gun Fighter) RC Model. The maker is World Models and the USA distributor is Airborne Models in Livermore, California. Believe it or not this model still is sold by Airborne-models. This November 2021 will mark 13 long years of service of this model with me and every time I take it to the RC Field and it never disappoints. Almost 50-inch wing span with extremely light wing loading the Mustang model can be flown true scale like and landings are majestic. Sharing a super nice video from a nice Tony Speed who was a member of our club a long time ago. Also, sharing today's pictures of the model "at the setup table" and as you can see it is still in very good condition. The other pictures (in-flight are from almost 13 years ago!)

Carlos's World Models P-51 Mustang @ Moonport (4 min 29 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 02, 2021 @ 01:44 AM | 9,398 Views
Hello good people,
This Great Planes Kit has been discontinued for a while now and someone had started it and just left it sitting for a number of years. The owner must have passed and the nephew got it and sold it to me on the cheap!
Since it has been started and partially built, I can't provide any building tips of any kind.
Thursday was a big day full of work and personal errands and at first I promised myself that I was just going to look at it and make sure all parts were there and see the weight of the model and how much TLC (Tender Loving Care) I need to give it. Well, the gentleman (Mark) was super friendly and allowed me to look at it carefully and I took out all parts from the box and made an inventory and verified that all critical parts was present. I knew that he was not the one who partially built it because he didn't know where the Wing Tip sections was all about.
I gave him his asking price at $100 Cash and he helped me load my car with this rather monster of a Prop Jet.
I am not fooling myself as this will be a heavy model, however, I have seen the videos (Youtube) about this model both in Glow & Electric (Prop Jet) and it has one of the best manners you can dream of. Can't wait to finish this and going to setup it with the ALL WHITE with the Rising Sun logo at the Tail with Shark Teeth up front. I may consider the NAVY BLUE Angels. Anyway, It will look terrific and I know it will fly fantastic per the videos. An un-started kit goes for $300+ and I was...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 28, 2021 @ 08:22 PM | 23,384 Views
Just an amazing day and early evening today. Tuesday September 28th was indeed a majestic time with my GWS Beaver.

This GWS (Grand Wing Servo) Beaver is pushing 18- years old.

Powered by the Mega 16/15/8-turn direct drive In-runner (discontinued), while swinging the APC 10 X 6 Slow Flyer Propeller and using a 2-Cell, 1,000mAH, Lithium Polymer battery.

I was able to carefully juggle my Transmitter held by a lanyard and my Apple I-Phone 6S-Plus while on Video mode and recorded a few seconds of my Beaver in action with perhaps nothing more than 4-MPH breeze at 6:43pm this evening.

GWS Beaver with Mega 16/15/8-turn brushless and APC 10X6 Slow Flyer (0 min 56 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 23, 2021 @ 11:30 AM | 23,101 Views

A few months ago my GWS pico Tiger Moth sustained an ugly Right Wing Crash because I erroneously took out almost all of the wing dihedral and was stupid enough to hand launch it and it slipped into an inverted flying position. Fortunately, I was able to recover it in time and had the model flying right-side UP again but, the landing was not good and Right Wing ripped.

My efforts of gluing it back was amateur like by leaving the wing in a position while glue was curing that caused some sort of wing distortion (Wash-In) instead of Wash-Out, definitely the two wings not matching for sure. I made sure that the wing dihedral was placed back by gluing an Aluminum short Tube at the bottom of bottom wing, however, during in-flight observations, the Tiger Moth was observed to stray (slide) to lean towards the Right (a gentle stall) while mid-flight. Correcting this was no issue by applying a slight down Elevator and of course a tiny amount of Left Rudder.

However, all of this has caused me to re-think things as my Tiger Moth is no longer "Hands-Free" type of flying and you have to watch it carefully. I have taken steps to correct the Wash-In and settled using some home made tools (Large Clamp with heavy magnets) to pull down the rearward bottom Right Wing to at least match the Left wing.

No guarantee of the results but, I just hate breaking up the bottom Right wing again to provide the correct amount of Wash-Out and the glue etc...

Everyone that has seen it fly recently with this wing issue says it still flys majestic but, guess who has to correct at the controls!
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 16, 2021 @ 01:39 AM | 11,563 Views
For Part-2 then, go to:


Work got in the way, as usual and some family obligations so, for two (2) nights I have made some slow progress to finish up that Top Hatch and ways to secure it.

First, I had to make planking frame around the Top Hatch cover itself to provide some rigid strength and so the same with the FUSE side.

Just a lesson learn here that you would want to glue in the End-Cap formers at the FUSE end (both sides) before you proceed in cutting the underlying Ply platform which is right underneath the Top Hatch Cover. Why? Because the factory only provided a thin and weak end-cap plywood formers and when you start sawing these just come unglued but, not to the point of any damage but, still just a heads UP.

At time of this write-up I have finally figured out a way to secure the Top Hatch cover to the FUSE by using some lose magnets from a Park Zone 480 Brushless motor and at the FUSE end a machine bolt with a large metal washer. I have not tried it yet because the glue that will hold the magnets is presently curing.

Okay, I am tired so, here's some pictures of my rather slow progress less the magnets.
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 12, 2021 @ 11:56 PM | 12,813 Views

To flow along from the beginning then, go to:

Okay, cutting away for a Top Hatch.

You know that just because I am an Electric RC Flyer doesn't mean someone that decides to go with a Gasoline Engine would not benefit for having a TOP HATCH because as one of five (5) instructors at my RC Club, I have seen the Tank Valves close by the tank and at times things (tubing) and other items need access and let me tell you, the only way to reach into for anything in there is by removing the Wing Assembly as this model was built in this manner.

Oh, I am NOT the first in making a TOP HATCH on these models! I was guided by others with a smaller size Sparrow Hawk and someone else with the same size. Here are the Discussion Threads in case anyone would like to follow them in their methods.




Very first thing I did was to use a similar size Lithium Polymer Battery and inserting it inside the FUSE to see how much relative space I needed for the 6-Cell Lithium Polymer battery packs. Using a stiff and rather old Tape as a Guide and using Push Pins, allowed me to really finish the cut-away for the Top Hatch in short order! The Push Pins allowed the initial guide for the application for the Tape and this was how I marked up the Top FUSE for a Top Hatch cutting session.

The rather stiff and old Tape that I used to...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 12, 2021 @ 07:37 AM | 12,462 Views
Hello good people!

Yes, calling this a Glow-To-Electric Project because this model was built and designed for a large 62CC Gasoline Engine (almost 4-lbs. of Engine with muffler), even though it is new from the box and never seen any fuel or Internal combustion Engine hanging from it.

I have had this Model, the Seagull Sparrow Hawk 62CC (85.4-Inch Wing Span) in its super large Box for almost eight (8) years and one week ago today, finally took it out from the box and threw the large box away so, there is NO TURNING BACK!

Here's when I purchased it new-in-the-box:

I am progressively working on it and mainly acquiring the Power System, servos and other components that I have been carefully selecting to make this project Electric Powered.

Okay, for the power system I was lucky to find a used and in great condition HACKER A60-5S (295Kv) and coupled with a Castle Creations ICE 100-AMP ESC over at:

The Power System was bought from a gentleman that is a member of the On-Top-Of-The World RC Club, Ocala, Florida. As a matter of fact they are having a FUN-FLY on October 30th, 2021 (8am-5pm) and their official web site is:
His name is Gary who sold me the power system was very helpful and gave me assurances that this power system will fly my large SEGULL Sparrow Hawk 62CC of 85.4 Inch Wing...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 04, 2021 @ 10:29 AM | 26,748 Views

The selected power system and prop selection was perfect. I did go to GravesRC (Hobby Shop) here in Orlando, Florida and purchased a brand new GENS ACE 5-Cell, 5,000mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer as they were on sale plus two APC Propellers. One propeller was the APC 14 X 10-E and the other APC 14 X 8.5-E of which I selected the APC 14 X 8.5-E and it flew just magnificently and was mostly 1/2 throttle and when I increased to two (2) clicks above 1/2 throttle that motor spooled up and you can hear the propeller cutting through the air.

Very pleased on the Vented Spinner as it is very well balanced and didn't exhibit any vibrations or ugly noise coming from that business end.

At one point, I tried to slam the throttle and kicked in some rudder and up elevator and this RV-4 almost behaved like a 3D with a few snap rolls. I didn't attempt another one of those and glad I was UP 5-mistakes High!

Without any further delay, I will be sharing the Flight (Maiden) Video, thanks to Gerry Rivera who recorded it and along with the Still Pictures during the 2nd Flight.

Great Planes RV4 70 Inch Wing Span Glow To Electric Project Maiden Flight 09 04 2021 (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 01, 2021 @ 12:31 PM | 24,462 Views

Purchased a new digital weight scale and have updated the model's total flight ready weight!

Previously, took some erroneous weight scale measurement from a tired digital weight scale and the digital weight scale with fresh batteries announced...

Model with Power System Battery (5-Cell, 4,000mAH) = 13 lbs.

Correction: 11.2 lbs. total flight ready with Power System Battery!

Due to this detail it is now a better outlook for Watts/lbs. and other parameters.

Changing nothing, the parameters do indeed improve and Stall Speed went down to 25-MPH instead of 28-MPH. Not splitting hairs here but, that amount of weight that is not on the model does matter. As a matter of fact every ounce matters.

So, went back and performed two Prop-Calc "estimations" and yes, later I promise that I will perform Static Actual WATT-Meter measurements. My main goals is to keep the AMP (Current) draw as low as possible so, I can fly the model for at least 5-minutes. Going with anything higher in Pitch such as 14 X 10 increases the AMP to 61-AMPS and reason why I am considering the APC 14 X 8.5-E instead.

Progress Updates:
Great Planes RV4 70 inch wing span Glow to Electric Project progress with FUSE 08 26 2021 (3 min 4 sec)

Additional Progress Updates:
Great Planes RV4 (Glow to Electric) Project - Wing Assy Progress 08-28-2021 (3 min 15 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 29, 2021 @ 04:10 AM | 24,520 Views
Hello fellow RC associates.

Hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.

Just sharing this news cast about people with Jamming devices, though not frequent but, still out there creating an unsafe environment for Public Safety communications, WiFi networks and of course potential and disastrous situations for our RC Hobby.

I am not understanding why-o-why someone would modify or operate any RF transmitting device that would place many in harms way via their actions by operating a device such as this but, they are out there. There are places right here in Orlando, Florida that I would not consider flying any RC models as I am certain people have engaged in this behavior and endangers any RC model with these Jammers and I have personally witnessed myself crash events (at a certain location that many fly their RC models) that had the potential of great bodily harm or property damages (a little larger than a park flyer) due to complete Radio loss.

Here is the news article:

I am now taking careful steps to Range Check all of my models carefully prior to take-off but, the facts are pretty obvious that once in the AIR and a Jamming device is turned ON, the potential of losing a model is high due to the low power of our Radio gear.

Stay safe!