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Posted by Old NEET | Feb 06, 2016 @ 08:04 PM | 9,128 Views
I start blog.
My RC life began 1965 with a single button transistorized Tx. Escapement rudder only Cox 049 planes were my trainers. I built many probably about 20 of them. Then stepped up to 09, 15 and 19 with rudder, elevator/throttle electrical sequential actuators.
Here is the 09 engine plane with a nylon prop. Flight preparation and settings were very different from now since there were no inflight trim or throw control at all. At least 20 times of glide path testing and then throw from the top of hill to make turns but with no power. The throttle positions were two or three which were High-Shut off or High-Medium-Shut off linked with elevator so that it could fly like a motor glider after engine shut off. Well, to be honest, my most of flights were just simple as launch up with engine, shut it off then make turns to land. Spent a lot of time for assembling the kit, break-in engine, starting engine and of course repairing beside a few minutes of flight.
The second picture is my last single button plane I flown in 1969.
During this period of time, I had planes flown by it self (lost control) and gone with wind, completely crashed at maiden flight, lost in lake and even stolen.