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Hi to all who are willing to discuss this issue. Recently I received plans and instructions to build a Stearman PT13, the plan dated 1981. In instructions reference is made to epoxy(understood) then still talking adherents they say to "hot stuff" an undercarriage wire in place. Does "hot stuff" equate to using a hot glue gun? I would appreciate any imput to my query.
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I am at it again! Garden work is mostly finished.
Covered one wing and the tailsurfaces and test fitted the tail. I only had to do minor adjustments and glued the stabilizer to the fuselage. Test fitted the tailplanes and tested the swing. All went well.

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Yep Les Amis,
HGLRC/Dave_C, le mix gagnant ! Après avoir été agréablement surpris par le Rekon 5, qui est de nouveau disponible après avoir été victime de son succès, Nous testons aujourd'hui le nouveau REKON 4. Toujours aussi qualitatif et efficace, ce nouvel engin de 170g permet de voler sous les 250g avec une lipo 4S 650mAh avec un temps de vol de plus de 5mn et si vous avez du temps devant vous, installez une Li-Ion 3000mAh et partez pour une excursion de 25 à 30mn dans les airs !!! Excellent pour le cruising et les vols "long time", le Rekon 4 permettra également les figures de Freestyle et sera encore plus à l'aise dans cette discipline une fois équipé de son deuxième jeux d'hélices bipales en 4024. En bref, encore un très bon BNF proposé par l'association de REKONFPV et HGLRC ! ... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

REKON 4 Micro Long Range DAVE_C & HGLRC - Review Test Démo - Kwad "Long Time" ! (40 min 13 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Smooth et agréable !

Coupon pour les Rekon 4 et 5 : BGDaViS
- REKON 4 Analogique :
- REKON 4 Numérique :
- Chargeur 4S conseillé ToolkitRC M4Q XT30/XT60 :
- Chargeur 6S conseillé HTRC T400 Pro :
- Lipo 4S 650mAh :
- Lipo 4S 850mAh :
- Li Ion 4S 3000mAh VTC6 :
- REKON 5 Analogique :
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H16 Flight Control System Car Control Remote Radio System transmission interface drone Remote Controller
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Length: 66.3″ (1685 mm)
Wingspan: 75.8” (1925 mm)
Weight: 10 lb 3 oz. (4660 grams) with 6s 5200mAh
Wing Area: 1120 sq. in (72.3 sq. dm.)
Channels: 6+ (7 if switching night LED’s)
Battery: 4200 5S -to- 6200 6S
Flight Time: 5 to 9 minutes depending on flying style


Florescent orange accents
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SCOUT The best friend I ever had!
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This 1st PETG wheel got some farsteners to keep the tire in place. PLA looked a lot better, even when it was melted. The wheel is still a disaster to glue together. The rings were finally printed as C's to make gluing easier, but they always deform.

Then, there was a PETG motor plate. It was rigid enough to do the job, but it became clear that it was better if the motor plate melted before the motor destroyed itself. The PLA motor plate was a fuse.

There is a vision of bolting an aluminum sheet between the motor plate & motor to try to cool it. There just have to be large holes for the shaft & wires. It might have to stick behind the motor.

Then, there's reducing the tire diameter all the way down to 70mm. RPM would have to increase by 108/70. Wheel diameter is constrained by the size of the motor shroud which is constrained by the size of the motor legs.
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EZIO 800 (6 min 25 sec)

A) Love how it looks - that's where the love ends !
B) The nose should have been longer , so that folks could have a battery choice
C) As designed , almost impossible to make CG without lead in the nose .
D) I had to make a custom battery that barely makes it into the battery compartment . And my CG is still rearward .
E) Still needs more nose weight , brass prop nut ? . steel maybe ? ( ill have to check that ) CG needs to be further forward .

The EZIO hunts up and down because of the CG , is super sensitive on the elevator . The build quality on mine was So So and I needed to do fixes .
Still . looks damned good in the air ! Been over a year since I last flew it . Just could have been better .
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If you own or are looking at owning the new WL Toys 104001 1/10 scale RTR 4wd buggy and want to get better performance out of it before you consider modding, then I've put together a tuning guide for the key areas you should probably address since they are poorly adjusted from the factory:
  • Gear Mesh
  • Diff oil (not grease since they use sealed diffs)
  • Getting shock fluid set to the correct level
  • Tierod adjustment

This has lots of images and steps laid out in a simple way so beginners can follow too. I've also covered off a couple of ways this car cannot be adjusted where the 144001 could but spoiler! It's not a big deal.

There are of course shortcomings on this car but as usual the community will overcome this and make it into a decent bang for back option. It is after all heavily inspired by the Xray XB4 2016 which is a pretty handy car.

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Our club has a Scale/Warbird Fly-In coming up in early June, and I've been trying to decide what to build.......
Finally settled on the Northrop YA-9......I built her a year ago and she died due to a dumb electrical mistake
on my part.....Gonna try again

Build log will be here:
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An alphabetical stroll through the history of aviation. Day 21, U

Udet Flamingo: Surprisingly, U is not a common letter for airplane names to start with. So we take a trip to Germany in the 1920s. History Nerds may have heard the Name Udet before. Ernst Udet was a famous aerobatic pilot in Germany. He did airshows with the Flamingo where he would put on quite a show including using the wingtip to pick up a handkerchief off the grass runways.

The Flamingo was a fairly rudimentary biplane powered by an 80hp Siemens radial. It had a plywood skinned fuselage and fabric cover wood construction wings. The wings were supported by I shaped struts which was very uncharacteristic of the times. That’s probably why it’s so easily confused with a Pitts Special.

Most likely because of it’s wooden construction, the survival rate of the Flamingo has been pretty bad. Like, none are left kind of bad. As far as I know at least. There are however, two replicas. One is still flying powered by a Lycoming. The other was powered by a Siemens but is currently having some repair work done after a minor incident in which it’s left wings were destroyed.
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Support for my car
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A nice DLG day - Raven 990 (11 min 10 sec)

Been a long time since I flew the Raven 990 ..
I did something to it over a year ago to slow it down , just flew too fast .
So needed to be re trimmed .
Now that it flies slower , that CG looks to be a bit of an issue .

Came home and pulled some lead out of the nose . Move the CG further back to the recommended ( manual ) spot .
I have two batteries , on that will hit the recommended CG and a slightly larger heavier battery that will move the CG a little further forward .
Will see how that goes in the future ..

There was a little bit of lift when I started trimming , but by the time I fired up the cam the air was pretty much dead .
Also the wind was in the Sun , that was a pain . Trim is close .. Just need to deal with the CG
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Hello dear all, So that's it, I'm posting the 1st entry on my blog,
I wanted to share with you the link to my YouTube channel, Were you will find videos about my achievements, and some tricks & tips to help you in some steps of your own building:
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Recently I've done a lot of work comparing a high kV 2s brushless setup to a low kv 3s brushless setup using the WL TOys 124018 as a base same as 144001 and 124019.

This is based on the setup in my drop in brushless upgrade for these cars.

Peak RPM for both motors is 40,000 rpm using 2s on the 5400kv motor and 3s on the 3600kv motor.

Both setups were evaluated for efficiency, heat generation and top speed via GPS and then for a laugh I tried 3s on the high kv setup and 2s on the low kv setup.

Full results and findings are here:

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The PLA parts got quite deformed. There was 1 crack. At least this gave some more direction on where to add reinforcement. There's definitely a place where sheet metal could be bolted in, to try to dissipate heat. The wheel hub is definitely holding back a lot of outward force. Not sure how best to farsten it to the wheel. It would need a lot of farsteners.
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Flaps get you down and slow you down. Flaperons and Spoilerons get you down but don’t slow you down. That’s why I cut flaps into the Apprentice wing the same width (chord) as the ailerons. You can drive them with one or two servos. The challenge is the Apprentice receiver. Keep the ON/Off white switches in the Off/Off position. I use B0 and B1 for Beginner Mode but audio alerts are “Self Level”. B2 is “OFF. I make the B switch a FM or transmitter flight mode and switch the Trim to FM so I can trim the B switch. I select the D switch for flaps in the Aircraft Type menu. A y cable for the ailerons and a Y cable for the flap servos. I can trim the elevator for D0 “Flaps UP”, D1 “Take off Flaps”, and “Landing Flaps”. I have aileron to rudder mix butt limit the value so as to prevent rudder reversal which is a bug in the receiver. The AR 636 receivers solved this problem.

First plug any working servo into Aux 2 of the receiver to check servo operation and program verification. Select 1 Ail 1 Flap on Aircraft Type on your DX 8 or 9. If you updated your DX6 to get 7 channels you might have good luck. Bind with a new model making sure your B switch turns SAFE ON and Off. Next follow the pics below: