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All our lives we are receiving and sending out information. Mix-ups occur frequently - Basic Linguistics for Secondary Schools [Brian N Ball] ..

◄► "Wahr" comes from latin (verus), néerlandais waar (« vrai ») .. like (Wahrheit and bewähren) .. .. Now the question is : Woher kommt The new sense of "bewahren" meaning (guard, retain, preserve, حافَظَ, bewahren, protect, sorgen dafür, veiller sur, surveiller) .. It might have been introduced by Trade? .. This is a highly plausible hypothesis .. Preservation, Bewahrung (الحفاظ or حفظ) of Goods traded between Arabs and German Traders in Medieval Europe .. [etwas so verstehen] = [take sth to mean sth] .. We can imagine that some Medieval merchants have taken (بضاعة , pr. bewahre) to mean (Goods) = Ware .. .. with (ض) correspond to (w) .. (ع) correspond to (r) .. And shortened it afterwards to (Ware) by removing (be / ب) .. pr. / pronounce .. And we can imagine that some other Merchants have taken (بضاعة , pr. bewahre) to mean (preserve sth. حافَظَ) denoting Goods, that are not intended to be sold ..
La mère possédait un gros coffre de chêne, qu'elle ne permettait à personne d'ouvrir. Elle y gardait (حافَظَ), toutes les choses qu'elle avait héritées de sa propre mè...Continue Reading