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Posted by dz1sfb | Apr 02, 2013 @ 06:20 PM | 89,201 Views
Build Guide for Dz1sfb modified Mermaid Seaplane and Kit details

The object of this blog entry is to capture changes that I made to the Vlesie (Marcel) Mermaid design so that if you want to, you can make one like it. Marcel’s design performs wonderfully like it is, but changes in materials drove me make some design changes and enhancing flight characteristics was also desirable. Also the provided build documentation will support those who desire to assemble parts supplied by Ken’s CAD Models.

Link to Marcel's original design thread.

Changes to Marcel's design include:
Revised aileron servo location and mounting
Redesigned horizontal stabilizer/elevator assembly
Redesigned tail former
Added fuselage deck/battery support
Redesigned wing with KFm2 airfoil and affected wing braces
Changed wing tip floats from a laminated design to a hollow 3 piece interlocking design.
Reinforced motor mount box mounting to fuselage.

Mermaid M6 Specifications
  • 41” Wingspan
  • 35.64” Length
  • 11.17” Height
  • 16-21oz ready to fly
Tools and Supplies for assembly
  • Hobby knife with a fresh sharp blade
  • Painters or masking tape
  • Foam Tac Adhesive
  • Gorilla Glue White Formula
Finishing Supplies and Parts
4 – 9g Servos
1 – 25-35 Amp ESC
1 – 2405 2190 Kv or a 2212-06 2200 Kv brushless outrunner motor
2 – 16” servo extension leads
1 – 6” x 4” APC Propeller and adapter for motor
Clear and colored packing tape for protecting and decorating
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