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Posted by fastmax | Nov 03, 2018 @ 09:32 AM | 46,746 Views
The new Tianqu Visuo XS812 GPS drone with HD camera has arrived!

EDIT-11/21/2018 This excellent quadcopter is available here for $78.99 during the early Black Friday sales going on now

This is an excellent value in ready to fly drones with GPS position hold, and return to home. The package includes everything you need to start flying your new quadcopter, and capture HD pictures, and video. Not only is the camera WiFi enabled, so you can use your phone, or tablet to see what the drone sees in real time, but the camera module also has a micro SD card slot allowing you to record your flights in higher quality than if you're just saving to your mobile device.

The GPS function is incredibly accurate, and does a great job of maintaining height, and position while shooting pics, or vid. You also get GPS return to home, so with the quick press of a button the drone will return and land itself within inches of where you took off from. A great feature which helps keep the pilot from losing the drone in the event that you lose orientation, or if you just want to bring it back without having to pilot it yourself.

Just like the other Tianqu Visuo quadcopters that came before it, the XS812 is a folding design making it very easy to travel with and store. When unfolded you still have a decent sized 250mm drone that is easy to fly, and large enough to still see at a distance. The XS812 is an excellent model for beginners just looking to get into the hobby, or for those that are...Continue Reading