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Posted by AndyOne | Dec 31, 2012 @ 11:04 AM | 10,476 Views
There are other good and practical solutions to the problem of making a non-module Futaba Tx DSM2 compatible but it strikes me that there should be one that doesn't need any modification beyond the application of a couple of Velcro pads. I have designed an adaptor plate which a Spektrum DM8 module simply plugs onto and is attached to the Tx in the same way.
You can see it working on a 9C Tx and I will verify it on an 8FG as soon as I can. I will be upgrading directly to the new 14SG when available and I need a method of making it compatible with all my indoor and BnF models.
For convenience I have added an screw-on antenna which isn't part of the module kit but is far more convenient and reliable than the Spektrum offering. The antenna needs to have a reverse polarity (RP) SMA connector and not a standard WiFi one which is standard polarity. The most convenient way to get the correct one is to buy a replacement FRSky Tx antenna.
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