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Posted by ChaoticBrain | Dec 29, 2012 @ 03:33 PM | 5,206 Views
Apparently, the answer is ALL OF THEM.

I purchased and assembled my HobbyKing Slick 360s in May of 2012 and assembled it in June. Late this summer I noticed the motor had just a tiny bit of play in it. I took off the cowl and check everything I could see but nothing seemed wrong so I chalked it up to rough bearings and kept flying with the thought that I'd put a better motor on come winter.

Well today I decided to strip it down to remove my Spektrum telemetry unit and pull off the motor. Boy was I surprised when I learned that ALL 4 tabs on the motor's X mount were broken. At first I thought it was just one tab, then 2, and then I realized all were broken. I've probably had 30+ flights since I first noticed the play in the motor (I have flown 93 batteries through it this summer) The tabs have probably been broken that whole time. Only friction and shape of the screws
were holding the motor on.

I was very lucky that this held without issue. I've been beating on this plane HARD for almost every flight.