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Posted by AeroVideoUS | Jun 11, 2011 @ 04:16 PM | 34,207 Views
The great guys at x468 frames sent me some upgraded crossmembers when I placed my last parts order for my x468 frame. These have aluminum inserts instead of the plastic ones and make installation and removal a LOT easier, not to mention they hold a lot tighter and make the landing gear nice and sturdy. Definitely a great upgrade to the landing gear!

Posted by AeroVideoUS | May 12, 2011 @ 01:40 AM | 33,769 Views
Here is the first video from my Hoverfly Pro mounted on my new x468 frame. The vibration isolation seems to work well. This is with the Hoverfly Pro set at a 50% gain in my Dx8 radio. No tweaks or adjustments yet, right out of the box so to speak : D

Just slapped some unbalanced 12x3.8 APC props on there and took it for a flight this evening:

Hoverfly Pro with x468 Frame (5 min 13 sec)

Posted by AeroVideoUS | May 11, 2011 @ 12:03 PM | 33,080 Views
So I've mounted the motors, escs, rx, power filter and got all the setup finished on the Hoverfly x468 Frame. I haven't yet mounted my GoPro on it but I'm getting close.

I came across a drawback to the x468 design... The tray that I'm supposed to strap my battery to doesn't sit low enough and the length of my battery is limited by the upper cross members in the landing gear, doah! So far that limits me to my 3000mah batteries and my 4000 and 5000 batteries are to long.

This may end up as a non issue as I think I want to put in another center plate below the battery tray suspended by my rubber vibration mounts I've used on my other quads. This allows me to put a battery on the center plate and also attach my GoPro to it. With the extra mass of the battery along with the rubber vibration mounts it gives me a lot better video.

I've not tried video from the supplied GoPro mount yet but the rubber bushings used to isolate the tubes from vibration were REALLY tight and stiff. I fear that a lot of vibration is going to be transferred through them. But I'll do a test flight this evening to see how it goes.

Here's a top down front view:

Straight on front view:

Side view showing a 2200mah battery barely fitting:
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Posted by AeroVideoUS | May 07, 2011 @ 03:50 PM | 34,016 Views
I recently acquired a Hoverfly Pro board from what I'm guessing is their third run as it has a little v3 sticker on the back. I put it on an existing home made frame just to try it out and it was fantastic!!! But I've since decided to give it a permanent home on an x468 frame as it looked to be pretty flexible as far as configurations go and pretty sturdy.

I received the frame in about a week which isn't bad for getting it cut and mailed. After placing the order I didn't get any acknowledgement emails but I sent a follow up and the responded right away.

The frame comes unassembled with all the parts you need, except booms, to get it together. I opted for square 24" aluminum towel bars from Home Depot as they are considerably lighter than the stock aluminum of the same size. Of course this means they aren't nearly as strong but so far my two other towel bar frames have worked out well.

I took a little different tactic on assembling the towel bars this time. Instead of cutting four different arms I just notched out the centers of each bar so they would fit together. I then used some angle pieces to secure them together. I'm hoping this makes the frame a little stiffer.

I assembled the landing gear of the x468 which once complete feels really stable but getting it together was a bit of a trick. The online instructions aren't very clear and my first question was if the top plate with the logo goes on the outside or inside of the legs when you put it together....Continue Reading