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Has anyone seen or have a Alitalia Cap 232 with a 73" wing. All i see is a 80" wing . Looking for the manual for this place. I believe it is a Hangar 9
Posted by Keroburner | Today @ 05:22 AM | 1,989 Views
The wing profile is enough to give you headaches, double curved with drooping leading edge, a bit like the Concorde . There are no two identical ribs from root to tip.
Posted by Calypso6858 | Today @ 02:59 AM | 3,344 Views
Piel Homebuilts: Today Richard VanGrunsven has made homebuilding aircraft a very reachable goal with Vans aircraft. Of course Vans has a single seat version, two seat versions in both side-by-side and tandem variants and a four seat version. While that seems like a neat modern idea, a little french company actually had a very similar lineup a long time before Vans.

Claude Piel’s first particularly successful airplane was the CP.20 Pinocchio. Even being the first airplane in the Piel lineup, it carried the signature design feature. All of the Piel airplanes feature a complex elliptical wing not unlike that of a spitfire. The little single seat Pinocchio had a tiny VW engine up front which made it a nice flier. About 20 CP.20s were built with a handful of engines including one powered by a Salmson AD9 9 cylinder 40hp radial. (I can’t find any pictures but it must have looked awesome)

With the success of his first design egging him one, Piel designed a series of aircraft which may be the most popular french homebuilts. The Pinocchio was the single seat version. Next up was the Emeraude which was an enlarged Pinocchio with two side-by-side seats. Then came the Diamant which was increased in size yet again allowing for four seats. And finally came the Beryl which was the same size as the Emeraude but seated two in tandem. His plans also included nosewheel options in some cases just like RV does today.

It’s impossible to add up how many of Piel’s designs have been built,...Continue Reading
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Speedy Bee water foot test run (1 min 16 sec)

It's look like the motor not enough power to take off from water.
Posted by FeiJi | Yesterday @ 10:16 PM | 5,090 Views
Saw this wonderful Depron plane with free plans (in English too) here:

You want a cool but simple, all-purpose parkfly racer? Build Flinky Turbo. (7 min 9 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Yesterday @ 09:03 PM | 5,629 Views
Although it only has 0702 motors, the 65mm Whoop flies great and finally without failsafe thanks to ExpressLRS, and the VTX is really good at 25mW
Video -
HappyModel Mobula6 ELRS - ExpressLRS mit super Empfang (3 min 45 sec)

This is Mobula6 ELRS with 0702 26000KV motors that is flown with two blade propellers. A great 65mm whoop who can do freestyle well with super good video reception at 25mW. Thanks to the ExpressLRS receiver on the board, the Whoop has a great range without failsafe. Over 400 meters range and that with a 65mm Whoop!

HappyModel Mobula6 ELRS
AE - Code: EOSSAFF13 -
AE -
BG Coupon: DRONES6 -

TBS Ethix Mambo
FPV24 Code: FPV5 -

BetaFPV ELRS Nano TX Module
Amazon -
BG Code: PARTS8 -
BetaFPV -

BetaFPV Micro Nano Module JR Adapter
BG -
BetaFPV -

BG Code: BGAC1911 -

Here my Mobula6 ELRS setting with original PID

# Betaflight / STM32F411 (S411) 4.3.0 May 15 2021 / 10:33:08 (norevision) MSP API: 1.44
# config: manufacturer_id: AIRB, board_name: OMNIBUSF4SD
batch start
defaults nosave
#board_name CRAZYBEEF4SX1280
#manufacturer_id HAMO
...Continue Reading
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Heat sinks went in on

May 20 & worked well for a few months. Then came another case of a screw coming loose, the encoder going out of alignment, & the motor stalling. It quickly overheated & melted the PLA, feeding back into the stall. The heat sink was initially only slightly warm. The good news is the heat sink quickly got hot. It definitely took out some heat. The motor cooled down more quickly than it did without it.

The lion kingdom stopped using PETG because it's heavier than PLA & it requires enormous heat to print. The melted PLA has never permanently killed it. What's really needed is a screwdriver which can tighten the screws in the field. Those screwdrivers are gigantic.
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There are some really ignorant individuals who frequent forums. The fact that they get banned from other forums - doesn't seem to change their attitude or ways.

You try to accommodate - you go the long road to accept their way of doing things - pointing out that their way is theirs and others have their ways .....

Its a wasted effort .... they keep plugging on ruining good threads - oblivious that literally no positive replies to their self-indulgent posts and videos ....

I understand that the larger a forum membership gets - the likelihood of such idiots increases ... but it still destroys good threads and makes for moderators headaches.

Anyone reading this - I am sure know exactly which idiot I am talking about ....
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Howdy people

I have me another FPV drone in.. In fact I have Two similar quads in:
+ BetaFPV X-Knight 35 HD
+ GepRC Smart 35 HD
Almost identical quads really.. Therefor my reviews of the 2 will be a bit different!

First I'll do a "box 2 flight" review of both in which I show you how easy (or hard) it turned out to be to get them to fly (well)..
After that I'll do 1 extra video in which I compare the 2...

Sooooo let's first see how flight ready the BetaFPV one is
Link to it: BetaFPV X-Knight 35 HD

BetaFPV X-Knight 35 - 3.5" Endurance quad? :) - Show & Tell & Test (21 min 2 sec)

type: Endurance Light Weight
wheelbase: 155 mm
base thickness: 3 mm arms
material(s): T700 Carbon Fiber + allu standoffs
dry weight: 151 grams
flight controller: BetaFPV F4 AIO 20A v3
firmware version: BetaFlight 4.2.3 (old!)
ESC's: BetaFPV F4 AIO 20A v3
motors: BetaFPV 1404 3800 kv
propellors: HQ 3520 x3 AND Gemfan 3520 x3
FPV camera: Caddx Polar (DJI Digital)
VTX: Caddx Vista (DJI Digital)
GPS: nope!
Lipo: 750mah 4S (not included)
OSD: yes by DJI
smart Audio: yes by DJI
buzzer: nope
LED's: nope
spare props: yes.. you get Two (different) sets
Build quality: 6 / 10
packaging: 8.5 / 10
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Lumenier's Double AXII FPV antenna is able to effectively more than double the gain of a standard AXII 2 antenna from 2.2 to an incredible 4.7dBiC. The results are close to a patch antenna despite providing omni-directional high gain!
Lumenier Double AXII 2 Long Range FPV Antenna (1 min 22 sec)

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Dogs have been owned and through genetics/breeding you have the 100s of breeds we have today...

The cat? Not so much. Relatively a new comer to indoor living, it's more of an arrangement. You hangout and kill of the rodents and I will give you a place to stay and food. Other than that with the exception of a few breeds they are the mammal version of a shark.

It wasn't all that long ago if you were found the be the keeper of a cat they would build a fire in your honor and roast YOU for being a witch.

A feral cat and I'm talking house cat size could tear you up bad if it had a mind to.

I was in the yard with my morning coffee, my cat likes to sit with me and it hit me, I'm harboring a midget mountain lion...

Top is my cat Goose, the bottom is a picture of Messi, a mountain lion living as a house cat. I hate to say it but Messi is the more domesticated cat.
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🧐Yep Les Amis,
Sérieux concurrent du TBS CrossFire ! ... Comme je vous l'avais promis, voici un petit tuto, ainsi que quelques explications et conseils, sur l'Express LRS de chez BetaFPV. Cela va faire environs 1 mois que j'utilise ce nouveau protocole Open Source et je dois avouer que je ne lui trouve pas beaucoup de défauts pour l'instant. Une latence imperceptible, une portée impressionnante pour un prix beaucoup plus abordable que son concurrent direct, le Crossfire... Bien sur, la plus grosse difficulté pour certains sera d'être obligé de passer par un PC pour la mise en oeuvre mais nous savons maintenant que dans notre hobby, c'est pratiquement indispensable pour beaucoup de paramétrages. En bref, pas cher et efficace, que demander de plus ? ... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Express LRS BETAFPV - TUTO Flash Paramètres - Résultat du concours ! (32 min 59 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : 19/20 L'Avenir du FPV !!!

- ELRS Nano TX Module :
- Adaptateur ELRS Nano TX (TX16S, Nirvana etc ... ) :
- ELRS Nano Récepteur :
- D'autres Modules ELRS et RX :

ExpressLRS Configurator v1.0.8 :


Bientôt en vidéo :
- Flywoo Explorer LR 4 V2 HD (...Continue Reading
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Using my latest scratchbuilt foamy I am learning to fly high alpha. Not much luck yet but is fun learning. Need slofly prop and maybe to move CG back a bit more. Anyway, onward and upward.

Learning to fly 3D Foamy Scratchbuilt High Alpha (8 min 36 sec)

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So I had to try and rid myself of unwanted weight ..
So I tried a print without a top and bottom surface .. For a open frame .

weight = 19.36 grams ... That's just for the PLA
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Grumman Guardian: The Guardian may be one of the most aptly named airplanes in history. Built for anti-submarine patrols, the Guardian was built to be the coastal guardian of the US.

In 1945 Grumman had just completed a new torpedo bomber called the XTB3F-1S. (I know, catchy name right?) The XTB3F-1S had initially been designed to have a big radial up front and a jet engine in the fuselage. But when it became obvious that the jet engines would never be delivered on time, they scrapped the jet portion of the project without ever having used it. The resulting airplane was a two seat, side by side, R-2800 powered torpedo bomber that could carry 4000lbs of explosives.

Just as Grumman completed the testing, the Navy changed its mind and decided they didn’t need a new torpedo bomber, they needed a new anti-submarine aircraft. Since the Guardian couldn’t carry all of the equipment for this task, the “Hunter/Killer” pair was born. In one of the coolest adaptations of a military airplane ever, the Guardian was adapted into two very different airplanes. The AF-2W “Guppy” was the “Hunter” and carried an immense radome underneath it with sub-detecting equipment. And the AF-2S “Scrapper” was the “Killer” which maintained the original bomb bay for carrying anti-sub explosives.

As the “Hunter/Killer” name implies, the two airplanes would operate together in a team. The “Hunter” would fly along with a “Killer” in tow and search for subs. If one was found, the “Killer” would move in...Continue Reading
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Hello to all , started a 1/8th scale fuelled turbine B58 a couple years ago, this is a full composite 10 foot plus model and I’m half way through moulding.
Posted by Flashhobby Motor | Sep 21, 2021 @ 09:57 PM | 10,823 Views
Hi Sir or Madam,

We are happy to share you our New released product-MT series brushless multicopter motor.

Feather of 5215 size motor:
48SH Level Magnet
Precision Balanced Rotor Test
22P 24N High Torque Motor Design
CNC 6061-T6 Aluminum Bell
High RPM Imported (NSK/NMB) Bearing
High temperature Resistant Copper Winding

OEM/ODM are supported for us all the time.

Name: MT Seris.jpg
Views: 1
Size: 334.3 KB
Posted by 1987tc | Sep 21, 2021 @ 10:35 AM | 12,131 Views
Cessna 150T and Timber Evolution.
Timber had about 5 flights and flies excellent. Cessna has not flown yet.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Sep 21, 2021 @ 06:42 AM | 12,635 Views
Here's the link to the build log over on Balsa builders forum
Posted by old4570 | Sep 21, 2021 @ 12:03 AM | 13,446 Views
We are still in perpetual LOCK DOWN ( Thank you Dangerous Dan )

How much longer ? Christmas maybe ( Xmas to some ) ...

So off to Thingiverse I go ...

There be this wing that I been thinking off .. Printing .

So far today , I printed out the centre section @ 20% infill , and it's a brick ..
So I am doing R2 with some design changes to better
A) Accept a 949 flight control board
B) Accept a 8520 brushed motor .

I will back off on the amount of material used , maybe 10% infill .. As the print came out very strong ( overly strong perhaps )
So I will start a new print ASAP

Check out the other posts in this thread .. ( Contain updates )