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Posted by jimharley909 | Yesterday @ 11:05 PM | 58 Views
Since I was a little kid I've been fascinated with aviation history. My Grandfather attended the Cleveland Air Races in the 30s and 40s and he really got me hooked on the early era of aviation. As I grew up this 'passion' expanded in to WWI and WWII history. Fortunately aviation was well documented through photography. My previous job allowed me to travel...a lot. Each city I visited I tried to find a historic site or famous aviators grave. I love the challenge of finding these places and recreating the photos. Here are a selection from the last few years.

The RB-51 in Idaho at the former Ed Browning Hangar...(machine gun Browning)
rb by jim harley, on Flickr

The Hhdenburg at Lakehurst New Jersey
hindenberg by jim harley, on Flickr

Spruce Goose at Howard Hugh's airport near LAX
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Posted by Kmot | Yesterday @ 10:35 PM | 70 Views
I recently installed a Heli-Max tail rotor gyro in a 2WD Indy car and it made a night and day difference.

So I bought another heli tail rotor gyro, this time it is an Assan brand. And I have installed it in my Raider XL buggy.

The wiring and connectors were a very tight squeeze under the receiver box but I managed to cram them in there!

Posted by Hobby WOW | Yesterday @ 10:32 PM | 68 Views
Ideafly Poseidon 480 Waterproof Brushless GPS Fishing FPV Quadcopter with DJI NAZA-M-V2 Flight Controller and Monitor RTF

Ideafly Poseidon 480 Waterproof Brushless GPS Fishing FPV Quadcopter (2 min 5 sec)

Posted by BlueHavoc | Yesterday @ 07:23 PM | 130 Views
Hi everyone! I hope all of my old pals here are doing well! I got a new v930 from banggood and of course the battery was missing and I couldn't fly it until some separate batteries I ordered arrived. I told banggood about the missing battery but they want me to take pictures of my box and barcodes etc. Which seems ridiculous to me but whatever. Seems like too much of a hassle. Anyway I finally got to fly the thing today and it's been quite a while since I flew a helicopter. Also it was on the unstablized mode and I didn't realize it. Long story short, it flew back at me and cut my arm in a couple of places like I saw happened to a few other guys here, so I guess I joined the club. A tiny bit deeper I would have needed stitches lol. Be careful everybody, even us experienced guys get nailed occasionally! 😊 Besides the injury it seems like a pretty cool heli!
Posted by FeiJi | Yesterday @ 07:03 PM | 133 Views
In making my epp plank wing I had inadvertently made a crushable fuselage - shock absorber when I extended the front of the fuselage by putting a smaller diameter rod inside a larger one. When I crashed nose-on the fuselage collapsed and just wrinkled up the epp foam and the motor just popped off, no real damage. Just hot-glued it all back together again.
Wish I had taken photo of fuselage all crunched up. Hopefully it wont happen again. I had just launched my plank but it was responding to a turn so slowly because the tail was loose and bending back and forth.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 06:45 PM | 149 Views
Ok , I have been ho-humming over the UMX Whipit DLG for quite some time now .
Well , not exactly jumping on the bandwagon ..
When it first came out , they were not available in The Land of Oz .
So if one wanted one , well you had to pay some horrendous shipping to land one .. ( 80 to 120+ USD )
So while it was a great deal for some , it was not such a great deal for others .
Yes , thats what I have waited for , for a long time . For the Whipit to be a $$ deal I can live with .
$99.99 Ozzi Bananas with free shipping , I can live with that !

Most of the things said about the Whipit were true for me .
The decals have serous air bubbles ...
The screws for holding down the wing , overly tight .
Is the elevator supposed to be glued ? Mine wasn't !
Why does the rudder sort of go left - almost like the plastic rudder grip twists a little to the left (?)

Anyways , fixed the overly tight wing hold down screws ..
Epoxied the elevator ..
Not sure I like the way the rudder is set up ( held by tape )

.. The battery ! ..

I thought I had a battery !
Was from my Eachine 12 , but guess what ?
The plug has the polarity reversed .. ( ?? ) I kid you not ..
I thought I had fried the electronics in the Whipit ..

I pulled the battery apart and re soldered the wires ..
The Whipit lives

Just need some decent weather to go out and Whipit !
I think the rudder will probably come lose on the first landing ( Probably )

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Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 05:23 PM | 169 Views
Took the Tundra over at Twilight to see what the lights looked like.
Tundra at twilight (0 min 38 sec)

Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 03:49 PM | 192 Views
Devil's bando lands | fpv freestyle italy | drone racing (2 min 10 sec)

The say these are the lands of the daemons and the devil...Horrible stories are told about this place and about what happens here during the night...we just flew few lipos and ran away as fast as we could...

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I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! .....THANK YOU!!!

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Posted by GroundControlRC | Yesterday @ 02:44 PM | 124 Views
Definitely Worth The Effort

I decide to take an EPP Chuck Glider with a 480mm Wingspan and Make an RC Pusher Glider out of it ;-)
The end result was great!
I set it up with Flaperons so I could slow it down for landings and it has a pretty wide flight envelope and turned out to be fairly acrobatic as well.
It's powered with a 2S 400mah 35C LIPO and I can get approx. 7minutes of flight time with that setup.
It carries a Micro FPV System for FPV flights and has an AUW (All-Up-Weight) of 115.6 grams.
The 1104 motor and 3" prop produce approx. 169 grams of thrust so it has decent power for a glider ;-)
I've produced a Video Tutorial of the RC Conversion and posted those to Youtube and provided Plans, Notes, Decals, etc. for download on our Patreon Site.
Here is the Patreon Site Link:
The files are freely available for download.

So if anyone is interested in converting one of these Gliders all my information is provided.
All the videos are available on Youtube:
We post on Facebook as well:

Happy Flying!
Posted by Robert | Yesterday @ 01:25 PM | 267 Views
I'm selling most all of my RC gear. Check out the classifieds-search for Robert:

Vario Silence For Sale + radio
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 12:53 PM | 299 Views
Maiden on a buddies new Freewing Mirage 2000 Tigermeet!

Freewing Mirage 2000C V2 “Tiger Meet” 80mm EDF Jet MAIDEN FLIGHT (4 min 26 sec)

Posted by Gerry__ | Yesterday @ 12:15 PM | 267 Views
Let me know here if you can't get a PM through.
Posted by Pierre_de’ Loop | Yesterday @ 11:10 AM | 320 Views
It's been rather busy few days, but I managed to fly the Kadet and Brigadier at the MARKS R/C field while visiting my father. He's belonged to the club for years, but it was my first visit to their field. I've also managed a few hours in the workshop to continue covering the Poke.
Posted by aaronredbaron | Yesterday @ 07:56 AM | 433 Views
I've adopted a CG Super Chipmunk, and I'm learning about the late, great Art Scholl. From what I can find Art learned about aviation with models, and got into full sized aviation with a determination to learn aerobatics. His classic Super Chipmunk is really a different aircraft than the DHC-1 Chipmunk it was based on. Art clipped the wings and enlarged and changed the shape of the tail. He shortened the fuse and made it a one place instead of two, with a custom bubble canopy. He eventually changed to a different engine layout and added retractable landing gear. There were so many changes to the aircraft it was essentially a ground-up redesign. Few would argue Art's place in aerobatic aircraft design history. How did he get there? Did he just whip out his changes on a full size Chippy and go for it?

We know he licensed his design to numerous model manufacturers, such as mine from Carl Goldberg. I came across a video from 1966 where Art was using a model of his Chipmunk in his aviation class. Whats interesting is its apparent the model is flyable based on details like control horns on the control surfaces, and this version of his design was a very early iteration before he changed to a flat 6 engine. So, I was imagining if I were Art. If I had extensive hobby experience and I wanted to design an aerobatic airplane I was going to fly, it makes perfect sense to build a model and wring it out first.

Perhaps I'm out in left field, but we know Art had a very early version (likely) flyable model around 1966, and he later sold design rights (and plans?) to multiple hobby companies. I'm thinking about taking on my CG Chippy, but I may take a closer look and see if I can build a replica of this early version model.

F-0079 Aerobatic: Ballet in Blue (10 min 19 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 07:29 AM | 382 Views
Since I'm not going to compete in BBCC 9 (not a conversion contest anymore), I've decided to revise and rebuild my SU-25, taking what I learned from the original build and flight and incorporating that into the new's a pic of the first one
Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 05:54 AM | 417 Views
So this started out as a nice smooth flight with my Walkera Rodeo 110 until that last loop when I got it caught in a tree!
Fortunately after a bit of tree climbing I was able to recover my Rodeo 110 and ready to fly again another day

Walkera Rodeo 110 Park Flight Ends In A Tree! (6 min 9 sec)

Posted by FPV.Model | Yesterday @ 02:21 AM | 470 Views
Betaflight Backpacks for only $159.99 Now! Limited 100 pcs!

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Posted by rcheli168 | Yesterday @ 02:18 AM | 474 Views
72-channel u-blox M8 engine GPS L1C/A, SBAS L1C/A, QZSS L1C/A, QZSS L1 SAIF, GLONASS L1OF, Galileo E1B/C
On-board Ultra low noise 3.3V voltage regulator and RF filter for noise blocking
Features an additional front-end LNA for optimized performance and a front-end SAW filter for increased jamming immunity
Build-in embedded GNSS patch antenna, low power consumption
The 15 x 15 mm patch antenna provides the best compromise between the performance of a Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) antenna and a small size to be integrated in any design.
Magnetic sensor QMC5883L integrated

Product Details
Max navigation update rate
Single GNSS up to 18 Hz
2 Concurrent GNSS(GPS & GLONASS) up to 10 Hz
Horizontal position accuracy(GPS & GLONASS) 2.5 m CEP
Velocity accuracy 0.05m/s
Cold start 26 s
Aided cold starts: 2 s
Hot start 1 s
Tracking & Navigation: –165 dBm
Reacquisition: –158 dBm
Cold start: –146 dBm
Hot start: –155 dBm
Input voltage range: 4~6V
Uart (Tx,Rx) interface for GPS SAM-M8Q
I2C (DA,CL) interface for Compass QMC5883L
Battery for HOT module start
Power LED(Red) & Time pulse LED(Blue)
Dimensions: L20 x W20 x H10 mm
Weight: 7 gram
Supported by INAV/Betaflight/Ardupilot, ect.

GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS are enabled by default
Blue PPS LED blinking(1Hz) means 3D fixed
update rate 1Hz & baudrate 9600 default
Baud 9600~115200 supported by INAV/BF/Ardupilot
update rate 5Hz with INAV UBLOX Protocol
update rate 10Hz with INAV UBLOX7 Protocol
Compass Alignment(Arrow forward):
INAV/BF: CW 270° Flip
Ardupilot/Mission Planner: Rotation None
BF doesn’t support GPS position hold and RTH, GPS Rescue mode is supported by BF3.5 or last.
No need compass for Fixed wings with INAV firmware
The scratches on ceramic antenna are the result of tuning the antenna by ublox.

Item Packing
M8Q-5883 module x 1
SH1.0-6P 20cm silicon wire x 1
Transparent PVC Heat-shrink tube x 1