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Here's a reminder to show just how dangerous EDF's and/or props can be. I know this is a bit gross and if the Mods want me to remove it I will, but I think it serves to remind just how dangerous aspects of our hobby can potentially be. I'm usually always very careful when it comes time to spinning things up, I always where safety glasses, this was just a split second loss in concentration, at the wrong time during a 70mm Wemotec Minifan test. Was the very last thing I was doing late on a Sunday night and I guess being tired didn't help even managed to break all 5 blades off the minifan was pretty lucky in the end as there was enough off my finger still attached so they didn't have to cut the end off even managed to break the end of the bone as well don't ever say I do things in halves

Worst part was when the Doc removed half the nail and had the cut and stitch the quick underneath, then put the nail back on, don't really see the point seeing a I'm gonna lose it anyway Once the anesthetic wore off I discovered a level of pain I never knew existed ....instead of surgery, next time might just reach for the foam safe and kicker

Update: Bit of an update, I went and saw the plastic surgeon today and he looked at my finger and apparently it's healing well still looks like mince meat to me but I guess he knows his stuff. Still hurts like hell but atleast am on the road to recovery Spewing I can't really use my hand properly cos I still got the fan/motor sitting on the thrust stand with another 2 more ready for testing

EDIT: actually looking at the pics again I reckon it looks a little shorter than normal, must have missed a piece

EDIT: ok a few months on and am happy to report the finger has healed nicely I have full use again however have lost some feeling on the end, kinda feels like I've got glue on the end of it...you can kinda feel stuff but not properly
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- Nice detail, with good fit and finish
- Plenty of room for large batteries
- Nice flight characteristics
- Ease of assembly
- Looks good

- Retracts need modifying
- More forward rake on gear for grass surfaces to prevent nose overs
- Slow with all ordance installed
- Questionable stock ESC

The American classic that is "The JUG!" is here and it's been done by FMS in the 1400mm series of warbirds . It's available in 2 schemes depending on your tastes and later versions come with a revised motor/prop combo. First impressions were good with a good level of detail and the fit and finish felt to be of above average quality. There was no damage to mine and I seemed to have gotten older stock as it came with the 3648 600kv motor with one piece 3 blade prop. The newer ones I believe come with a 4250 500kv motor and multi-piece 3 and 4 blade prop.

Everything went together well and I decided to fly it with and without the bombs. It definitely flies better without the bombs with more authority and top speed. Luckily they're easily removable so you can decide to leave them on or off. I noticed very little if no difference in speed increase between 70%-100% throttle. The stock power system and 3 blade prop gave me:

700 watts at 48 Amps using 2 x 2200 4S batteries in parallel for around 7mins of mixed flying, leaving around 3.8V per cell.

The flight was pleasant with no surprises , control surfaces responded good so it was just down to setting throws for...Continue Reading
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I bought this model from RC-castle but it can now also be bought from Hobbyking.

Specs are as follows:
Wing Span : 1,100mm ( 43.3in )

Fuselage Length: 1,050mm

Wing Area: 24 sq.dm

Engine Required: 2c 0.25 / 4c 0.30 Or Brushless Motor

Radio Required: 4 Channels , 5 Servo

I was after another Biplane and considering at the time of purchase I only had one other WW1 model I thought this one would make a nice addition to the hangar.

-Nice Size
-Finish is fairly good
-Robust undercarriage suitable for grass fields
-can be setup for fuel or electric
-flies very nice

-Not very scale
-Upper wing is wrong length and shorter width than lower wing
-Poor instructions (atleast with mine) which were next to useless
-Incorrectly had extra roundels applied at factory to top of both wings

Firstly this is not a kit for beginners, I'd steer clear of it until you've built atleast half a dozen models or so. For those that enjoy a bit of a challenge and like WW1 looking Bipe ARF kits at a fairly cheap price, then this might be just what the doctor ordered.
The biggest problem I had with this kit was during the building process, because of lack of instructions, I was building in fear that I may glue/assemble something in incorrect order to then only have to undo and reglue again. Being a wood model it's much more of a pain to undo

With that said I can also say that I never fell into that problem and she came together well in the end With...Continue Reading
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I went to live in England in 2008/2009 and got these pics when I went to the Imperial War Museum in London and also the Farnborough Airshow was a fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone who ever gets the chance to go.
I was annoyed I never got to the Duxford Airshow but I guess I can just do that on my next trip Also want to go to the Smithsonian in the US plus the floating USS Midway Museum ...Continue Reading
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They say there's a hundred ways to skin a cat well there's probably just as many ways to make a working bungee launcher to help all the crazy RC pilots who enjoy tempting fate and appeasing the RC Gods I still say there's nothing quite like the adrenalin you get from loading up the bungee launcher and hitting the release and then.....WHOOSH!!!

So what happened???.....well after getting sick of having accidents down the field due to long grass and even having a mate give one of my NEW planes a girlie toss and have it crash and break off a wing and then straight through the fuse I decided I would look at bungee launching. Some would say this could be worse and result in more harm, well to foam anyway but I've seen it work first hand and I thought WHY NOT HAVE CRACK!

I went and hid myself away in jbcWORX for a while and came up with what you see below. It's relatively cheap and easy to build, simple to use and does the job well. You could modify things here and there of course to suit your own application, I just simply tried to come up with a low cost, low fuss solution to what can potentially be a very frustrating thing. Once you get it right and working you should have many adrenalin filled bungee launches in future ENJOY!

### EDIT: 28/6/2011 ### After quite a few PM's/emails regarding ramp/launch angle some have concerns that it looks a little steep and may cause unnecessary stress on the wings. As you can see in the video, the current setup works well...Continue Reading
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- Excellent foam
- Good ducting
- Hidden wiring
- Well designed
- Excellent fit and finish
- Big battery bay
- Easy to fly
- Easy assembly
- Retracts


- Exhaust duct not good shape (note however by running a thrust tube it becomes irrelevant)

I got this model almost by accident as I really wanted an F22 but seeing as I could stick retracts on it and found it at a good price, I settled for it. I even thought I was getting the grey and to my surprise ended up with the Thunderbirds scheme which has since grown on me and I really like now

Whoever designed this model is obviously an RC enthusiast because everything about it just works! The foam is excellent, it fits and went together well. Servo placement and hidden wiring, pre-installed control horns, full moving elevators, large battery bay I could go on and on basically make a list of what you want on an EDF and this thing has it, simple as that!

But wait it can't all be perfect right??? maybe she has weird flying characteristics???........NOPE! this thing flies like a dream seriously nice and even tame enough for a beginner. The HET power system I chose for it was PLENTY fast and with the big battery bay it allows me to use 2 x 2200 30C 4S batteries in parallel to give me nice long 6 minute flights almost unheard of in a high powered 70mm EDF

Power was delivered to this beast courtesy of a HET 2w18 V2 with heatsink and HET 6904 fan and it delivered: 1 KW @ 69Amps

...Continue Reading

FMS Stuka Ju87

Posted by jbc | May 27, 2011 @ 09:12 AM | 1,776,916 Views

Good old FMS have done it again! They've released their version of the classic German dive bomber. the Ju87 Stuka. First impressions are it's a VERY nice plane


- Excellent fit and finish
- Plenty of power
- Easy to fly
- Easy to build
- Looks amazing


- Aileron hinges need work (Apparently new versions have been fixed by FMS)
- Tailwheel is very weak
- ESC questionable

The first thing that strikes you about this plane is how good a job FMS have done in keeping the scale lines, honestly you'll be scratching your head as to how they did such a good job with foam
Next is the ease of which you can build it which is carried through to easy flying once in the air. Stable, predictable and has that unique Stuka shape are the things that stay in your mind after flying her and having those huge cannons sticking out front is a bonus!

It's not all peaches though as mine had the aileron hinges come off straight out the box and they had to be re-glued. Apparently FMS are aware of the issue and are now addressing it. NOTE: be sure to check your aileron hinges for signs of poor adhesion, otherwise you could lose your model like some people already have. Also the other bad point is the weak tailwheel, mine broke on the first flight Others have reported similar so hopefully FMS will find a solution soon.

Power is courtesy of FMS' 3648 600KV motor...Continue Reading
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- Easy build
- EPO foam
- Stock power system is good and can run 3S or 4S
- Excellent flight characteristics
- Good size battery bay
- Fit and finish is good, overall look is good


- Stock props look scale but perform very poorly
- Elevator travel and CG location combination could take quite a few flights to remove pitchiness
- Be sure to check prop nut tightness if you set motors up for counter rotation

The HC Hobby Mossie is a great plane! I got this from HobbyKing and there's very little criticism I can give this model apart from the crappy stock props which I would recommend not even installing as they're weak, flex and pitch all provide for a very lacklustre flight...even on 4S.

For those looking at using both 4S and 3S batteries on this plane then I would suggest you order some Master Airscrew 9x7x3 props when you order your model. If you only have plans for using 3S then get the MAS 10x7x3 props. This will still leave your DT 930KV motors and 30 ESC's within their limit and still provide you with good all round performance.

The other thing I noticed is the pitch sensitivity. She seems to need extremely little travel during flight but then you need quite alot for a good flare on landing and this is still with the correct CG setting. All I can say is start with the factory rec CG and then tune it to suit your flying style.

I ended up leaving the nose weight in mine and run it on a 4S 2650 20C battery which gives me around...Continue Reading
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A back to back to back 90mm EDF fan shootout between 3 popular brands, the pros and cons of each to help you pick which one is right for your application

SHOOTOUT: WeMoTec Vs ChangeSun Vs FlyFly 90mm Fan (12 min 39 sec)

Posted by jbc | Feb 18, 2011 @ 11:03 PM | 1,778,240 Views

I purchased this jet from Hobbyking a while ago where I then decided to store away till I got the bug to build her. All I'll say is that I wish the bug had bitten sooner MAAAAAANNNN this is one NIIIIIICE flying plane!
I decided to go with a 5S power system instead of the usual 6S which seemed quite common as I already had quite a few 5S batteries.
Results were:
1583Watts with a 5S 4000mAh 30C battery.

I used a 120Amp ESC, 2075KV 36-75 motor with heatsink coupled with a Wemotec 90mm rotor in the stock FlyFly stator and this gave me 2.7kg of thrust, the AUW comes in at 2.9kg so there's a nice power to weight ratio, gave me more power than I needed and allowed me to perform any style of flying I wanted to
I retrofitted some cheap Hobbyking $7.50 retracts which have more than done the job for the mains and used a spare EPF DSR for the nose steering which I had leftover from another model.
The big sticking point of this model is that the wing needs some major reinforcing with carbon before it can become flyable. WARNING : If you don't do this you'll literally rip off the wings first flight not a good thing for the unsuspecting/novice builder

Once you can get past the wing issue and finally get her built ohhhhh baby baby will she bring you some BIG SMILES! This has to be one of the nicest flying models I have come across, stable and easy to fly are what stick in your mind after your first flight.

Gear needs adjustment in height for...Continue Reading
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This is the comparison review between two very popular Spitfires. One manufactured by Durafly and the other by FMS, are they very similar or very different?
Both are similar size, made from EPO and selling at similar price points. If you own one or own both and you love your Spitfire, watch the video then show your colours and let ya voice be heard

Spitfire SHOOTOUT : FMS/Airfield Vs Durafly/Hobbyking...the winner is??? (15 min 0 sec)

Posted by jbc | Jan 18, 2011 @ 05:56 PM | 1,781,287 Views

The Supermarine Spitfire made famous during the second world war especially while the battle of Britain was taking place high over the skies of England!
FMS have helped re-create this magnificent warbird in tough EPO with and at a very nice size, a 1400mm wingspan The first thing you'll notice is the level of finish and detail, very good for a model at this price range. The version done by FMS is a Mk IX modeled of the Kiwi Ace of Alan Deere during WW2 and is one of the better recreations currently out there.

The actual plane the FMS version was modeled off

Level of detail
Tough EPO
Nice size
Flight characteristics
Easy build

Retracts, they work well but narrow track and not enough forward rake lead to poor ground handling
Needs extra noseweight or big motor to achieve correct CG
Retract mounts are weak plastic

I got this plane as a kit from Aerial Hobby and decided to put in my own power system. Originally I was going with a Turnigy 4250 650kv motor but after not being able to achieve CG without adding dead weight I went with a bigger/heavier 5055 580kv motor and 5S battery. I have an 80A esc, run a separate 3-5A Bec and use a 13x8.5 MAS 2 blade prop.

This setup gives me around 1.2-1.3KW at 60-65Amps with a 5S 4000mAh 30C battery.

With that I have unlimited vertical, plenty of speed and after around 6-7 minutes of flying I put approximately 2200-2400mA back into the battery....so in a nutshell.....it's definitely...Continue Reading
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● Channels: 9channels ● Model type: helicopter, airplane, glider ● RF power: less than 20db ● Modulation: GFSK ● Code type: PPM/PCM ● Sensitivity: 1024 ● Lcd type: 128*64 dot ● Low voltage warning: yes ● DSC port: yes ● Charger port: yes ● Power: 12VDC (1.5AAA*8) ● ANT length: 26mm ● Size: 190*80*240mm ● Color: black/Grey ● Certificate: CE, FCC ● Channel: 2.4GHz 9 channel

Features: ● 8model memory ● EPCM&PPM selectable transmitter ● 9 channels output ● 3 type (glide& airplane& helicopter) ● Multi-data computerized display (128x 64Xlcd) ● Digital control

So here we have the 9X transmitter made by FlySky and also sold under other names like Turnigy, Eurgle, Imax and others. This is probably the best value for money radio currently available on the market at around $60USD and that includes an 8channel receiver and 2.4gHz module but is very and which simply plugs into the back.
Probably the only thing holding this radio back and stopping it from absolutely kicking the living snot out of the the competition in the lower priced bracket is the fact that it only has enough memory for 8 different models. Definitely not a deal breaker but if FlySky were to increase this then it might start to get some of the bigger brands a little worried
After flying this for over a year using a Corona 2.4gHz DSSS V2 module...Continue Reading
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The F5e Tiger II 70mm EDF from Starmax is another jet to keep an eye out for. It does everything you'd expect from a Jet in the 70mm range. It goes together nicely, the build is relatively straightforward and there's good provisions for modifications and upgrades for those that are handy.

- Looks SEXY
- Desert Camo scheme is great for orientation
- Good provisions for retract installation
- Flies very stable and control surfaces are responsive
- Very low stall speed and can slow to a crawl
- Comes in 3 schemes Desert, Grey and Swiss airforce
- Paint work is good

- Foam is soft and crappy Starmax EPS which will damage to even the slightest knock
- Battery bay is a little small for an EDF this size 1312mm long and only just fits upto a 4S 2200
- No covers included to conceal wiring and secure ESC to fuselage
- Short flight times for higher power setups due to limited size battery being able to fit in battery bay

I used this SAPAC/Global Fly motor and fan combo available from HiModel and on bench testing I got 883Watts at 62Amps with a 2200 30C 4S battery. This gave me more than enough power however the small battery bay and battery only allows for short 3-4min flights.

The retracts can be found here at Hobbyking which are also the same as the ones I used here from PW-RC as I wanted the included struts Phillip provides to have as spares. They hold up well and are great for this application.

Overall this is a very nice 70mm...Continue Reading
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FMS have won hearts again with their release of the F4U Corsair! As soon as I heard this was on their list of planes to be released I just knew I had to have one and much I my delight I was NOT disappointed

The not so good : I had a few QC issues however which I feel I should mention. On one of the gear doors I had a little tab break off which in the end, I simply super glued back on. This tab is responsible to help control the opening and closing of the gear doors and without it it simply won't work. I'm not sure if it happened at the factory or via shipping The next problem was that I had to remove the engine cowl but a part of it was glued to the fuselage and it got damaged when I removed it to fit the motor. This was due to glue seeping out of the join and onto the cowl during manufacture. The last thing was that the heat generated inside the canopy is causing the foam to blister slightly, only a cosmetic thing but still one that you should be aware. Tinting the canopy might help avoid this.

Something that's worth mentioning however it's not really a QC issue is that that even though the canopy and battery area is quite large, the access needed to get to the forward battery area is awkward.

The power system : Once assembled this thing will give you many hours of flying pleasure she really does look amazing in the air with that 'Gull' wing! I chose the stock 600kv motor that comes with the FMS Mustang over the 520kv motor which normally comes with it so I'...Continue Reading
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This is the Mini Bee flying wing. It's available at Windrider from Ming from $55USD plus $20 USD shipping and the price goes up from there depending on which options (servo/motor etc) you order with it. It's made from a very tough and flexible EPP molded foam which can easily be mistaken for a different kind of foam as it really doesn't look anything like your traditional wire cut EPP.
I only bought the kit and put my own electrics but everything I needed was there and I didn't find it lacking in any way. This is the 2nd kit I've purchased from Ming at Windrider and if you ever get one of his kits you can tell alot of thought has gone behind each one of them and that it's not just 'slapped' together like some of the cheaper kits available from some online stores. His service was excellent also for example, he was a few days late sending off my order so he threw in for free a machined aluminium motor mount worth $10 for free, there are many shops who could learn a thing or two from Ming
The Mini Bee assembly was quite straight forward with the recommended CG being spot on. The Power system I chose worked excellent with the 1100kv motor, a 25-30A esc and 8x8 prop providing more than enough power to pull off any series of aerobatics. I used a Rhino 1750 20C 3S battery all the way forward to achieve correct CG and this gave me just over 200 watts at around 18 amps and around 6-8 minutes of mixed flying.
The only negative I can give is that the battery compartment is...Continue Reading
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I picked up this cool little Guanli FW 190 off EBAY here in Australia for what I thought was a pretty cheap price of $75 which included shipping It has a 1m wingspan and is a nice parkflyer size. The foam is a very tough EPS, not brittle like some EPS foams out there but definitely not as bouncy as EPO. The level of detail is ok and overall it looks not too bad....for the price

On the down side I have to say the aileron control system used allows for too much flex and the results are a sluggish feel. I've since now installed servos in each wing to fix the problem and it's worked. If you want a good flying, cheap little parkflyer that you can just toss in the car then this FW 190 would fit the bill nicely The power system I chose for it works very well with good flight times of around 8mins of mixed flying with a 2200 3S and has enough power to go vertical with ease.

Power system is as follows : 262 Watts @ 22Amps on 2250 3S 20C battery and 9x7.5 2 blade EMP prop. Motor is a Moxie 1100kv with 25A ESC.

EDIT June 2011: if you want a power upgrade or just want even more grunt from the start then this 1200kv motor
I have found to be very good, but depending on what prop you use you may have to go up to a 40A esc.
Here's my 'What's in the box and Flight review' video

HOBBYKING Focke wulf FW-190 Box & Flight Review (9 min 55 sec)

Posted by jbc | Sep 08, 2010 @ 09:59 PM | 1,785,083 Views

You can use the following to find the CG of any biplane or even monoplane for that matter. First treat both wings as one: ie if the wings are 6" chord and the top wing is 2" ahead of the bottom, then that's the same as a 8" chord. You then balance at around 30% chord depending on design and use of the plane.
The CG for a biplane is exactly the same as a monoplane. Just work out the 30% position for each wing individually and if the wings are the same size the correct CG position will be half way between the two. If the top wing is bigger which it sometimes is then the correct CG position will be closer to the top wing 30% position in proportion to the difference in areas.
For example say you work out the positions for each wing and 30% on the top wing is 50mm forward of the 30% position on the bottom wing. If the wings are the same size the CG should be in the middle i.e. 25mm from both. However if the top wing was say 60% of the total wing area and the bottom wing 40% you'd put the CG 20mm from the top wing 30% (and 30mm from the bottom wing 30%).
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This is my P-38 Lightning by GWS. I think it's a nice size with a 1200mm wingspan, not to big not to small and it has a very distinctive shape which can't be mistaken for anything else.....I like
I used twin 830kv motors with one counter rotating to help with balancing and ended up using a 4S power system to help keep amps down and power reasonable. I actually ended up with more power than expected but it just means I can ease back on the throttle and do the odd speed burst here and there whenever I want, yes.....she has unlimited vertical
I used twin 20Amp ESC's but probably should have gone 25's as she pulls around 19Amps on each ESC WOT static and that's a little closer than I normal would like. The reason I didn't go bigger was because I had already installed them and ran the wires through the fuselage(and glued). I had to swap out the original motors I had intended on using due to problems with them getting too hot and the replacements were a slightly higher KV hence the amp draw increase. It's still within it's limits, it just means I gotta watch my WOT runs
This GWS model was a bit more fiddely than most foamie builds with more than your average amount of parts, so therefore took a little longer to build. I did a little customizing with the paint to try and make her look a little better and was happy with the overall finished look. I'll post a flight report and video review soon once I maiden her

Power is as follows:

600watts @ 39Amps on a 2650mAh 4S 20C...Continue Reading
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Here's a video I made of crashes, splashes and a bit flying thrown in A great Saturdays fly at our local field we call Area 51. An awesome mix of Prop planes and EDF's from all the guys, there was alot more I could've shown but youtube limits the video to only 10mins, I hope you enjoy it

RC flying at AREA 51 (9 min 59 sec)