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Posted by CarreraGTSCS | Aug 02, 2010 @ 10:12 PM | 25,196 Views
Took the old Eflite P-38 Lightning out for a flight yesterday evening. Hadn't flown it in at least a year, maybe two. I have a habit of not flying the planes I really like. Silly huh?

I warmed up with my Eflite Sea Fury (I love that little bugger!) and my FSK dH Mosquito (love that one too but it's a little harder to fly well). Time to get the P-38 in the air. Taxied her around a bit to make sure all was working well. Preflight all controls then line up into the wind and ease on 100% throttle. Gained about 3 feet of alt and began a curve to the right that I couldn't correct. Smacked the right wingtip into the grass and she came down hard but slow and broke the booms in the the usual places: at the front of the scoops and in front of the tail group. Broke the upper and lower rudder halves and cracxked the wing tip too. Easy fix with white Gorilla glue but what could the problem be? Certainly not me or my thumbs!

Took out my repaired Lightning and did the same warm up routine with the Mossie and the Sea Fury. Preflighted the P-38 and taxied around a bit. I noticed that the starboard motor spooled up a fraction of a second after the port motor but they came full on together. Lots of power. Lines up into the breeze and released the electrons and she scooted off and up. Too much up as it happened. I suddenly remembered that this one has the annoying habit of wanting to stand on its tail under full power! So there she is going up at about a 60 deg angle and arcing to the...Continue Reading