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Posted by anj4de | Feb 01, 2012 @ 02:08 AM | 8,367 Views
Hello everybody

I am back from Nürnberg, it was a long day, I am tired any my feet hurt...but it was worth it as it is very year. So here are my impressions of the show. As I said before, I only took pictures of things that really interest me or that I though were off the normal. All in all it was not as full as last year and I also got the impression there were less new releases over all. For me personally it was a good show, I got so see and touch what I wanted to...
So lets start with the company that I think right now it the most innovative...the "Apple" amongst the RC companies. I think this tittle rightfully goes to Horizon Hobby and their various brand names. Here I came to see the new PZ and E-Flite foamies. An I got to see something...
1. The new PZ Albatross
Ohh, what a beauty she is...I could hardly hold myself back from nicking her right there...would I have gotten out, I doubt it The plane is even nicer detailed than the SE5a. The foam has a very smooth surface but seems of a good solid quality. I could not spot any large mold marks. The paint is flat and this time not sticky, so we have an improvement here. The decals on the bird I saw were remarkable, I think they were water slides...or something even more funky. I could not spot any carrier film and the decals appear super thin, like painted on. So a big for this! The prop now seems to have wood grain molded into it from the start, the same grainy prop was also mounted on the SE5a next to the...Continue Reading