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Posted by FLOEY | Aug 16, 2009 @ 02:25 AM | 14,793 Views
Before my summer vacation on a mountain hike I stumbled over
some rubbish on a car park. Picking it up and on my way to a
disposal bin I realized this green flat band could indeed be used
to something useful! It was quit stiff and strong maybe it could
be used as a carbon replacement on my Depron plane designs.

Some time later made my idea reality see PET-strap photo
of my first sort of 'DH-2 plane ... it worked no problem but
it wasn't perfect. A bit heavy and after a crash wings was

Later I found another type of straps called PP-straps infact
I've seen these many times and has disposed them as junk
after unwrapping cargo. PP-straps are much lighter and the fiber
reinforcement make them much more like thin Carbon strips.
Used them on my improved DH-2 see PP-strap photo.
They are not as stiff as carbon used flat like shown.

Recently I've experiemnted more with PP-straps and bent
them int their longtitude in L and U forms then suddenly
it looks like they become just as stiff as Carbon ... have
to make a plane to prove it but I'm pretty sure it will work!

PP-straps may be glued on with a various types of glue. I've used
contact glue UHU por, Hot glue (low temp) and recently
Polyurethan (humid activated). I've not tested foam friendly
CA yet but I doubt that it will be any problems.