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Posted by FLOEY | Mar 15, 2008 @ 02:48 AM | 11,511 Views
Bought an Acrobat or X-Twin Pro, Rolling Fury ... you name it.

As everybody else I found it NO GOOD out of the box so I had to
make the recomended modifications and some more.

0. Added rubber string to keep the landing gear on

1. Opened the TX and removed the throttle leaver spring

2. Cut four 2mm long Plastic tube 5x1 and glued these to the
rubber buttons for the elevator/turning leaver

3. Glued a ball cap extension to the elevator/turning leaver to
make it easier to operate. (my own idea)

4. Grinded off hinges tabs to get more down elevator

5. Added wire connections for external TP-425 LiPo charger
(Own idea: I beleive it's better than the TX built in one)

6. Soldered on a 100pF Capacitor to extend TX range
See http://www.xtwin.de (sorry it's in German)

7. Soldered on a 17cm long thin cu wire to the antenna

8. Replaced the "dirty" and broken nose cone with strong
fiber reinforced tape made for ductwork.

9. Ditched the landing Gear

Flying experience so far:
1. This plane needs a sportsfield for flying not a back yard

2. The ground must be soft the slightest breeze and you
may loose control and crash. The nose cone is a MUST!

3. Frequent counter manouvers needed!

4. The plane stalls in thight turns, down elevator solves this!

5. Plane accelerates awesome but also a good glider

6. Avoid flying near roads because of the drag and turbulense

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