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Posted by Larron | Yesterday @ 11:43 PM | 83 Views
axial scx10 II up a tree (16 min 4 sec)

Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 11:00 PM | 103 Views
Posted by MADRCER | Yesterday @ 10:49 PM | 112 Views
Here is my Volantex RC Vector 80 PRO 798-2 Angry Shark 32" self-righting Mono 100% all stock with gps speed test. I think low 40's is attainable with a good s&b prop and is probably a realistic number for this boat. The hatch leaks like crazy when upside down, so it must be taped. Overall it's a pretty fun boat and seems to be going much faster than it actually is (I guess that's how Volantex comes up with their speed estimates) . It will be a lot better once I get the speed up a bit more. More to come.

Vector 80 Pro "Angry Shark" first gps speed test on YouTube!! (6 min 56 sec)

Updated run 37mph with 3 blade prop

Volantex Vector 80 Pro "Angry Shark" speed test 2 with 3 blade prop (3 min 48 sec)
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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Yesterday @ 06:51 PM | 217 Views
Everytime I go out the Furibee X215 is my last quad standing because it is so tough!

I've made some recent changes to improve the FPV feed including the install of a micro CCD camera (much better light transition and lower latency) plus converted the VTX antenna from RP SMA to the more common SMA.

Both of these changes have improved the FPV experience for me greatly and give me more confidence to run in trick light conditions.

Full article is here:


Posted by fastmax | Yesterday @ 04:29 PM | 281 Views
The new X140 Pro arrived on my door step today. I've been very excited about getting this one since I really like the original FuriBee X140, which this is supposed to be an improvement on. For those that haven't heard yet, it appears as though FuriBee will be changing their brand name to Helifar.

Anyway, this little racer is built on a 145mm stretched X frame with 4mm arms. The quad is equipped with an F4 flight controller, a Blheli-32 25A 4 in 1 2-4s ESC running Dshot 1200, a 25/100/200mw VTX with Pit Mode, a 600TVL CCD FPV camera, and 1408 3800kv motors. The product desciption on the Gearbest page states 3600kv motors, but mine are clearly marked 3800kv (See pics)

You also get a buzzer, a programmable LED, and 8 Racekraft 3041 4 blade props.

Many of you may have already seen Andy RC's review on YouTube, and he didn't like the stock props. He switched them out for some Gemfan Flash 3052 props and the quad performed much better. I will also be trying it with both. The Gemfan 3052 have been my favorite 3 inch prop since their release.

This little racer is available as an Frsky BNF, a Flysky BNF, or as a PNP model ready for your choice of receiver.

Check out the pictures, and stay tuned for more info, and flight video coming soon....Continue Reading
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 01:59 PM | 349 Views
Little Tundra time today.
Posted by rclad | Yesterday @ 12:57 PM | 393 Views
See here for the latest entry in my IMAC log.
Posted by Micubano | Yesterday @ 12:15 PM | 429 Views
Video First. Blog post follows.
MPCNC Drawing Tests - Time Lapse Video (1 min 8 sec)

I love tech. I bought a Champ S+ just to try the safety features for beginners. I don't mind buying beginner planes because you can turn all the safety stuff off and fly like you don't care. With a few exceptions, I've stayed away from balsa and stuck with foam. This all started when I saw a guy with a beautiful little red bipe that turned into toothpicks during the first flight. After that I saw quite a few balsa crashes with some of them going in the garbage can. But just like I swore I'd never fly planes when I was a heli guy, I think it is time to start building and flying my own balsa planes.

This isn't a sudden decision. It's been coming for a while. I've seen what a talented guy with an iron can do with the coverings. I've seen some very nice scratch-built planes. One guy at the club even built a full scale bipe that he flies over the field with a few times a year and puts on a nice show with. Of course, all these guys have decades of experience. I'm about 6 or 7 years in. I have been repairing my own planes and learned as much as I can with them. I've been designing my own parts, 3D printing them, and installing them for a few years now. That has been working great. I was going to start making my own foam planes, but I think I need a bigger step. The problem is getting the time to do things.

When I first started flying foam, I took some PVC, guitar string, a 3S battery, and...Continue Reading
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Yesterday @ 10:51 AM | 455 Views
It is the times in life where you meet people who for some reason you cannot understand provide a prescience when you are with them. Adam Nelson did that to me. We lost Adam last night when he succumbed to his battle with Brain cancer. Three years ago was when I had first met Adam. He was known to me as the guy who takes a ton of pictures and post them to Dropbox for all of us to see. I learned more about Adam through Steve George as he mentioned Adam was going to take the role as CD for the Fall Soaring Festival. That is a huge responsibility and one I have seen Phil Hill and Claude Turner fill year after year. Learning that Adam had been a successful Lawyer made it clear to me that he was more than capable of handling these duties as well as dealing with people. Adam had a way of taking the events energy then redeploying it back to the pilots who were in the event. He was also very good at talking to you and making an idea seem like it was yours and you went away with a smile. His passion for the sport was always present wanting to give back to make the sport move forward. In his last role as a CD for the 2018 Bent wing event he created a special event to promote a sailplane design. This year it was the Aquila. You can read my prior post on this experience.

In life we have regrets and mine is not taking the time to walk over and see Adam on the Friday ALES event thinking he would be around the next two days. Adam was not able to make it out the next two day and I regret...Continue Reading
Posted by trucknut10 | Yesterday @ 06:53 AM | 554 Views
Hello builers & flyers, My question is what would be a good first time jet?? Which one & whoes?? Thank You.

Posted by alex111 | Yesterday @ 06:04 AM | 570 Views
My RC tug boat going for a run at the boat club last year
Posted by TinkleWid | Yesterday @ 05:32 AM | 594 Views
Please help!

Which footage looks better?
Which looks smoother?
Which looks more colourful?
Which is more realistic?

🏟️ Bando FPV Freestyle UK Full Run 🎥 Edited SQ12 verus Raw FPV Comparison (5 min 41 sec)

Comparison of Quelima SQ12 and raw FPV footage with Bando Session 5 Full FPV Freestyle run footage

Looking for new lines in the Bando 🏟️ The Graffiti always makes the 🎥 interesting.

The Quelima SQ12 camera was amazing again in the bando handling the light indoors and outdoors. The Graffiti looks so nice and colourful. The ViFly R130 is a tough beast and has survived all the crashes with the help from some more black tape.

All We Do - Oh Wonder

'Love Neas' Graffiti by Neas (the South London Banksy):
Neas came from a strong generation of South London writers including Mood, Anie,Vamp & Ensa. He and his fellow DPM crew members were given jail sentences in 2009 in a very public court case. One of the best train writers in the UK in the last 15 years.

Equipment used:
Vifly R130 (sub 250 gram drone) https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/vi...
Quelima SQ12 HD Camera https://www.gearbest.com/automobiles-...
(the Quelima SQ13 is out now on GearBest but there is not much actual footage
Quelima SQ13 Mini Car Dashboard and Portable Camera DVR - GearBest (1 min 21 sec)
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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 03:55 AM | 629 Views
Pictured is the wing with ESC - Motor - Servos , sorry no Rx ..
Total weight in parts ( Without the Rx and battery ) 71.3 Grams ...

It just might be possible to build a 100 gram RTF wing .. Oh yeah the 6 amp ESC finally got here ( Already tested ok )
Will most likely make a start this week on the wing , they are very simple to build . First I will install the motor / ESC ( already soldered together ) .

https://goo.gl/mik7XT Eachine E32HW > Next Review
Posted by g8dget | Yesterday @ 02:52 AM | 649 Views
Freewing 90mm F15 with Extremerc GRP Jetfan 8s setup. BEC died on my last flight total loss of control after a high speed fly by and a right bank turn.

Replacing it with a 12s setup but probably will remove the Gear door servos, aileron servos, rudder servos and maybe the airbrake to save weight. Aiming to fly with tailerons and flaps only. Should work better if I keep the overall weight the same as the 8s setup but with way more power. The problem is where I fly the brakes are a must and they’re really heavy. Would be great if JP hobby made the smallest brake size with larger rubber wheels to increase the diameter but keep the weight low with smaller magnets and metal components. Like 40mm brakes with 55mm tires.

90mm Freewing F15 Crash! (1 min 14 sec)

Posted by VF-Alpha | May 21, 2018 @ 08:57 PM | 791 Views
Anyone remember the Aeronaught Aeromaster ? its being reproduced with room for a 10 inch prop. vs the max of 9 before. Most pushers i have seen are limited to around this prop size and it works but we can do better :P

My latest design heavily based off the aeronaught aerofly and aeromaster, however much larger with room for a 14 inch propeller and a planned 150 inch span. I'm working on the mold design for fiberglass but I also want to test the viability of a foam model. I work at a machine shop and now have the ability to make molds and the parts needed for this model along with having my own cnc machine, mine just isn't big enough to make molds of this size

Originally i was going to make this a built up design, but with all the radius's and curves it would not have been a fun model to build. I would also like it to be more durable so foam reinforced with fiberglass or a fiberglass fuse like it's smaller siblings would be a better option.
Posted by bluem6 | May 21, 2018 @ 07:53 PM | 829 Views
Completed another build. The frame is from HK and it's a Crusader 130mm. The frame is like a polished carbon fiber which is the first for me. It look like it's very well made with no sharp corners compare to something from BG. For now it's a LOS only but it does come with an aluminum top plate for an AIO camera. Got a chance to maiden it at the golf course for full throttle and it has some issue....with full throttle the quad will do like a "death roll" and wham into the grass field it went. So, there is an issue somewhere but not sure what it was/is.....

Full throttle and it does crazy..not sure if it's a "death roll" from a de-syn issue or something else. Tried raising the min throttle, lowering PID, on 3S, all with the same result....time to bring it back home and troubleshoot..

Here are some pics. of the build:

20x20 FC cover plate for the PikoBLX with buzzer and tiny LED..

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Posted by biglombo | May 21, 2018 @ 06:11 PM | 857 Views
Condensed FPV day - multispot long range | FPV freestyle | Foxeer - Dalprop - Airbot -iFlight (2 min 39 sec)

Some days I can spend a whole day flying FPV, traveling outside Rome to look for the most beautiful spots where we can fly and we often stop in 3 or 4 different places during the the day. In this video I have condensed in a few minutes an entire day of flight with my fellow adventurers. In how many spot are you able you fly in one day?

In alcune giornate riesco a dedicare un'intera giornata all'FPV e ci ritroviamo a viaggare intorno a Roma per cercare gli spot più belli in cui volare e spesso ci fermiamo in 3 o 4 punti diversi durante il corso della giornata. In questo video ho condensato in pochi minuti un'intera giornata di volo con i miei compagni di avventura. Voi in quanti spot riuscite a volare in un giorno solo?

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

Check awesome products here:
FOXEER: http://www.foxeer.com/
DALPROP: http://dalprop.com/
AIRBOT: https://store.myairbot.com/
iFLIGHT: http://www.iflight-rc.com/

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

Find me on facebook:

Find me on Arivuz:

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Posted by 1Ironhorse | May 21, 2018 @ 05:56 PM | 863 Views
Greetings!! Printing is going along just fine. 24:00 hours into the print and still 2 days to go.
Posted by rinoki71 | May 21, 2018 @ 04:59 PM | 934 Views
The new Syma X25W is a step in the right direction for Syma. It's not perfect but it's close. Overall a nice drone with a impressive 15 min flight time to go along with optical flow positioning.

SYMA X25W Review...Long Flying Drone w/optical flow positioning (20 min 40 sec)