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Posted by GRW3 | May 10, 2018 @ 07:19 PM | 4,455 Views
I was getting frustrated. I wanted to read MA on the airplane but when I opened the app, it wasnít there. Then I noticed every time I opened it, I had to download MA again. Hmm, not happy. I knew you used to be able download and hold, why not now? I started poking around the tools but didnít find any specific info about downloading.

I did note, however, I had two 2017 months of MA in a Download column. I wondered, if I delete these will I be able to download and hold the current issue. Well, letís swipe left and give it a shot. I eliminated the two stored issues and reloaded the current issue. After reloading, I stepped back to the introduction screen and it now says READ (see picture) instead of DOWNLOAD. I then checked download page in the tools and the current issue is now there.

So, failing to find any other controls, I assume the iPad app allows you to keep two (2) issues of Model Aviation downloaded at a time.