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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 23, 2014 @ 09:01 PM | 5,088 Views
Saturday gave us a bad start. Lots of early morning rain. It quickly cleared and gave us a great day. The flying was just so-so, but the weather was as nice as you could get, not too hot with plenty of sun. The weather man had given us a forecast of 10-15mph out of the SW. But we ended up with 7-10mph out of the West.
Most of it was thermal or slermal wind. So the lift was spotty, but at times we had some great "boomers" roar through and made it worth the trip up.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 06, 2014 @ 09:47 PM | 5,433 Views
I was out of town Saturday. Luckily Larry L emailed me a "report".
Thanks Larry.

"Saturday started out with light SE breezes and scattered clouds with temps in the low 80s'. For us flying the SE bowl it was mostly a 'Radian' day. Several good thermals came through with good altitude gains for all players. Including 'new guy' Russell, we often had 4 Radians flying at the same time.
We also noticed a few of the north slope winch launched gliders doing very well in the thermals to our SW.
As the light sea breeze front moved through from the east we started to see the SE wind increase to the point where even an occasional Sunbird and Raven could slope fly for 3-5 minutes.
Later the wind turned more easterly making sustained flights difficult.
We had a good turn out and when the winch launchers joined us about halfway through the period had a fairly big gallery.
All in all a very nice relaxing day on the "Hill" with no major crunches or mid-airs.

Larry L."
Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 01, 2014 @ 08:13 PM | 4,998 Views
We had several of the guys at the thermal duration contest in Christmas, FL. See RC Groups thread at:
Because of that, and threatening clouds, we had a very light crowd, only 6 flyers.
Weather was forecast at about 12-15mph. It was more like 15-25mph out of the South to SE. We were ripping! You will find very few pics in this week's blog. Your intrepid blogger spent most of his times behind the sticks. I flew the crap out of my Triffic sloper and my Spider 2M. Also messed up my beloved Shrike by launching with the wrong model memory (duh!). I can stand losing a plane or two if we could keep the wind like this. I had forgotten what good sloping was like!