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Posted by SoaringDude | Dec 06, 2010 @ 03:21 PM | 12,111 Views
Since the debate is still raging (long RCG thread) regarding whether you need to use a voltage reduction circuit or not when using LiFePO4 2S battery packs, I decided several days ago to call Airtronics and get their official answer to which specific internal components in their servos would be overstressed if you were to use a direct-connected LiFe 2S battery pack. Just got a callback from Jack Albrecht in Airtronics support who reported the following verbally:

"According to the word directly from Sanwa, through Mike Greenshields, ALL Airtronics equipment (receivers and servos) are approved for use when direct connected to all packs from 4-cell AA through A123 / LiFe 2S battery packs."

When I asked for a clarification on how far back (i.e. previous servo purchases) you can go and still have their blessing, he said any servo with a "blue connector." When I also asked about the fact that LiFe packs do put out 7.0v briefly off the charger, he said that surface charge did not last long and was not a concern to them.

So I can't speak for other servo manufacturers (yet) but Airtronics is giving a thumbs up for direct-connected LiFe 2S packs.

Chris B.