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Posted by Kmot | Jul 08, 2019 @ 12:30 AM | 5,052 Views
This is a "Rocket Victor .45" from 1945. It was manufactured by the May Motor Company. George May was the proprietor and designer.

It was probably a "budget" motor back in the day as it is made from low cost materials and methods. Such as, a stamped steel connecting rod, three piece stamped steel crankshaft, steel piston with a sheet metal baffle bolted to the top. It has no bushings, let alone bearings. The needle valve is aluminum with what looks like a tapered nail. But, it is cool looking! The exhaust stack is classic! And the points adjusting lever looks like an old fashioned gearshifter.

This engine had a lot of field repairs done to it. Most of the screws are not original. There was a hole drilled into the top of the fuel tank and later plugged and epoxy glue applied. There was some epoxy glue on the backplate too. Two of the cylinder hold down screw holes are stripped and drilled out and larger screws and nuts in place.

I disassembled it and cleaned all the parts. The back plate has a sheet metal rotor staked to a drum and it broke off because the drum was stuck inside the back plate with dried castor oil. I repaired it, It needs a spark plug. In the mean time it has a glow plug installed. It has good compression and pops nicely when flipped over.

I just happened to have a vintage, custom made motor mount that I got years ago. Never knew what it was designed for. Well, it fits the Rocket like it was made for it. Coincidence?

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