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Posted by dsquad | Jun 02, 2019 @ 10:21 PM | 714 Views
I normally upgrade the firmware to my receivers before using it, but this time I was having issues, until I found problems after upgrading my radios to the latest Open TX firmware 2.2.2/2.2.3 that not longer the S.PORT upgrade port at the bottom of the Transmitter is working, still I was able to flash using the pins on the module bay but it's very convenient to have the S.PPORT upgrade port working correctly.

I was not able to find any open issue about it, not other people complaining about, anyways if you have the issue please check this video

OpenTX 2.2.3 Issue with Taranis QX7 and QX7S, S.PORT upgrade port no longer working (8 min 24 sec)