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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Sep 25, 2007 @ 12:55 PM | 27,791 Views
This is not totally RC related but it is my blog so here I go...
Caddy Story
My Dad bought this 1976 Caddy in 1978. It had 10,000 miles on it. He never let me drive this car. After college I spent about 8 years in LA and didn't see my Dad much. He called me one day and I could tell I needed to hop a plane ASAP and see my Dad. The day I flew in my Dad got up and told my Mom he was going to get the Caddy ready for me to drive while I was in town. That was a big deal. While they were installing a starter in the car my Dad had a heart attack. I raced into town from the airport. I was there to hold his hand when he died that night. I was completely out of my tree. The guys had left the car at the hospital and my Mom told me to drive it home. He had left the top down and I just sat in the car for a while. When I turned the car on I was startled by the Mariachi music my Dad had left on turned up to 10. It sort of snapped me out it. It made me feel good that my Dad had been in the Caddy with the roof down and tunes cranked up.
My Mom had that car sold within the week. As soon as I found out I took the car and drove back to LA. I called her when I got back and told her she could have the car when I was dead.
The car started out as white on white. It was then used in a Dolly Pardon movie and was redone as a blue on blue. It needed some TLC so now I'm turning it into a black on white. It looks the best with this combo I think. I'm not done but I wanted to show her off a little.
How is this even remotely RC related you ask? The trunk is so large I can fit a 46 inch wing span plane and my field box. This was my air field car back in the day.
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Sep 18, 2007 @ 10:57 AM | 27,487 Views
I was working on RCGroups stuff and my wife walked in and announced we were going to have a picnic for lunch. "Where", I asked. "At the RC field", she proclaimed. Pretty cool wife huh? My 4 year old son Truman was home from school so off we went to the field. They are still finishing up the new field so we went to the back parking lot with the other club members. Some of these guys are the people that helped me build my first plane. Truman asked a lot of plane questions and got to see a few fly. It was a nice way to spend an hour for lunch. Thanks to the wife for thinking of it and thanks to cell phone for having a great camera to catch these photos.