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Posted by Vitter | Jul 09, 2011 @ 06:53 PM | 23,394 Views
A group of us got invited to fly at Flaming Geysers field so we all jumped at the opportunity. I just wanted to say thank you to that club and its members for the warm welcome. I had a blast.

Thank you,

Also wanted to say thank you to Steve for the awesome video of us flying.
Flaming Geyser State Park - June 25, 2011 (5 min 31 sec)
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Posted by Vitter | Jul 09, 2011 @ 06:23 PM | 24,035 Views
This is my first 50cc plane.

The airframe:
85" 50cc Yak by KMC Tech
Wing Span: 85"
Wing Area: 1410sq in
Fuselage Length: 81"
Dry weight: 18lbs

My set up:

Motor: Hacker A-60 with a Mad Dog Mount
ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix HV 110A
BEC: Castle Creations BEC Pro powered by a 3-Cell 1320 pack.
Prop: Xoar 24x12E
RX: R617FS
5 x Hitec HS-7954SH Servos
Battery: 2x 6-Cell 5000mAh for 12S flight pack.

Juan took some video of me flying at Flaming Geyser Flyers. Thanks for the vid Juan

Vitter at FGF (4 min 3 sec)

Posted by Vitter | Jun 28, 2011 @ 01:10 AM | 23,411 Views
Zack took some video of me flying my MXS a few days ago. I have been playing around with a motor box and thrust angle. I didn't have it quite tuned in on this video but I have it set now and it made a big difference. Any how heres the video.

Check out my nice landing

Posted by Vitter | Apr 21, 2010 @ 12:11 AM | 25,768 Views
70 AJ Slick
Scorpion 4035-380
CC Phoenix ICE 100
XOAR 19x10 prop
EF Elite 3" aluminum spinner
4 x HS-7985MG Servos
Blue Lipo 25C 6S 5000mah pack
AUW 9.3 lbs

Watts: 2698 (CC ICE logger is not accurate?)
Amps: 123 (CC ICE logger is not accurate? My clamp on meter shows a max of 92amps @ wot)
RPM: 6950 (Hobbico tach)

This thing flew so nice. No trim needed on its first flight! Thank you 3DHS and AJ for one hell of a plane. I flew 7 minutes and put 2629mah back in pack on my first flight. On my second flight I felt so comfortable I put her thru the ringer. She hovered at just under half throttle and she did every thing I asked her to and made it look easy and smooth. I had upped the timer to 8 minutes and put 3562 back in the pack. After that flight the ESC was cool to the touch, the battery and motor were only warm to the touch.

ps Thank you David (DPHOYE) for the help with the flames and to Zach (zdsweet) for his video of me flying my Slick.

3D Hobby Shop 70 Inch AJ Slick Flight Video Promo! (8 min 53 sec)

In the youtube video that was my 4th flight on the Slick. I have gotten a lot more comfortable with it now. Here is an updated video. Thank you FlopGun for the video.

Rainier Rollin' with Vitter and the 70" AJ Slick (5 min 14 sec)
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