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Posted by PeterVRC | Aug 06, 2013 @ 05:54 PM | 12,157 Views
This is a pretty complex thing the write up and will need video also really. And even a big task in video! BUT actually using it in practice is not that hard at all - a fairly easy process, but good if you UNDERSTAND what is what and why you are doing things!

You will need a Dynex Vortex balancer unit.
You do NOT need a dual input Mike device at all.
It will USEFUL to make a fan cradle, but not essential - it will allow better results, but even without one they can be very good.
You will also need a jeweller's scale, so you can measure BlueTack in 0.01g increments. This will help a LOT, but you could still do it without it - needing more time and some guesswork. eBay has these for $10 or so, free shipping - the pic below is a great one to have and use! There are a lot of eBay sources for it.

1) Read the Dynex website text about things. Theory of it, operation (whatever it has posted there).
2) Watch the Videos and try to make sure you understand what is done and why.
3) IGNORE that information about the actual process used! LOL.
Because we are going to use the knowledge you learn from doing the above, just as background information so you can learn and understand more about what you need to do, and how.

Next, download and install the SCOPE software program onto a PC. Hopefully one you can do the balancing next to! You won't be running high RPM's so noise of doing it is not excessive at all.
Just explore SCOPE a bit - most people will not understand it much. That is fine for now.
You could at least plug in the Dynex 'Audio' signal lead into the PC Mike input and select that input into SCOPE and see that you have managed to get the signal into the program - if you can 'create' waveforms by moving the Accelerometer around.
If not.... no problem.... I will explain that also anyway.

A lot more to come.....
I will add pics and video along the way, or at later times when I can make those.