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This is just a support thread for pictures.
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Is this blade shape alright?
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This will be the new guide to my various ducted fan products.

Price List
Unit Specifications
Bench Test Figures
Under Development

"What does NDF/MDF stand for?"
NDF - Nano Ducted Fan
MDF - Micro or Mini Ducted Fan

"What do all the numbers mean?"
The "numbers" are easy to read once you understand what they represent.
NDF22L/10 G2
- This is the general size indicator.
- This indicates the inner diameter of the housing.
- This tells whether there is an intake lip or not.
- This either indicates the max motor diameter or the motor diameter the housing was designed for.
- This indicates what version the specific model is.
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The title pretty much sums it up. What I want to do is build a full size hovercraft.

Here is the main thread.

The objective is to build a hovercraft with the following requirements:
- must be able to carry me
- compact size with good looks
- easily controlled
- electric
- water and flotation capable


Must be able to carry me:
The thing about this is that I only weigh 125lbs. I would like to be able to carry 175lbs. Am I being unrealistic? (Don't answer that question, because wether you say yes or no, I will reach the 175lb mark and I will strive for 200lbs.)

Compact size with good looks:
This has to be relatively small for the reasons of cost and portability. Size is money, and everyone knows that that is true. I also don't want to have a special trailer. I would like to just turn it on its side (or just slant it), take the fan shroud off, and throw it in the back of a pickup truck. Of course the rear ened would be hanging off, but ropes and padding can handle that just fine.
I don't like sloppy work. I have done basic school projects till my hand bled from the amount of time I was putting pressure on my hand. I have replaced a partner's efforts with my work if it didn't meet my standards. I have even ticked off (in a good way) my friends when washing cars due to the time I spend just cleaning the rims alone.

Easily controllable:
I figured size would play a key role in maneuverability. To add to the small...Continue Reading
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Venturing into the world of 3d printing: EDF22

Here is a list of all the available options and the cost of each unit.
- NDF22/7 G2, 1.03cm^3, $1.55
- 7mm reduced hub,^3, $1.51* N/A at the moment
- NDF22/8.4 G2, 1.02cm^3, $1.53
- 9.4mm, 1.02cm^3, $1.53* N/A at the moment
- NDF22/10 G2, 1.02cm^3, $1.53
- NDF22/2G G2, 1.00cm^3, $1.50
- NDF22 thrust stand, 2.85cm^3, $4.28
- NDF22 S-Intake, 0.27cm^3, $0.41
- NDF22 L-Intake, 0.34cm^3, $0.51
- MDF25/10, 1.15cm^3, $1.73
- MDF25/12, 1.28cm^3, $1.93

NDF22 Stats:
- 22mm ID
- 23.4mm OD
- 15.5mm Height
- Varying Motor Diameter
- 6.5mm Motor Mount Depth, but there is no limiter/stopper
- Friction Motor Mount
- 11.8mm Rotor Hub - Reduced hub is the minimum hub diameter for a given motor diameter.
- Made for cut down GWS edf30 rotor.

MDF25 Stats:
- 25mm ID
- 26.4mm OD
- 16mm Height
- Varying Motor Diameter
- 10mm, 11.8mm Motor Housing OD, GWS 6-Blader
- 12mm, 14mm Motor Housing OD, AEO 8-Blader

The units come pretty smooth from the factory. It is not glass smooth, but still smooth.

What I can not put a definite price tag on:
1) Customs or any other related amount that gets added 'on top' of the initial pricing.

If you order directly from the site:
1) I can not guarantee anything, unless there are special conditions. Anyone outside the U.S. is covered.
2) You will have to pay the $1.50 start up fee for each file. Contact me and I can put it all in one file.
3) The fans will also cost 10% more. (first condition)
4) You will risk wasting time and money. (first condition)
5) You will get free shipping.
6) You will most likely get it sooner.

When and Payment:
- I take PayPal.
- I will not accept payment unless I feel confident about the product.

- All G1 orders received!

If you have any questions, feel free to post or pm.

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Here is my 7" Micro Skipper Airboat.


Here is the video. It is a bit underpowered with the 6mm, but a 7mm should get it going.
I swapped the 6mm for a bigger Air Hogs Jetscream 7mm. I have a little turning issues, but I'm sure it won't be hard to fix it. Also I have another video. As you can see, every time I hit the water jets (near the middle), the boats goes on its bow and spins out, why? I am going to put little ails on the side to help with cornering. What would subsurface fins do? I do not know much about the physics of airboats.



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Original Post Below
8.4mm Parkzone Um-P51 motor
home built flex drive
Kyosho 15mm prop - standard pitch (high pitch after testing)
Spektrum AR6400
custom wedge rudder and control linkages
custom (sealed) balsa outrigger hull with carbon fiber main strut
what ever battery has the proper connector
7.3" length
5.9" width

First Test: The coupling lost grip on the coupling shaft so I'll just add a touch of glue to it to hold it. It plained off after a foot of travel.



Since then it has gone brushless (original post below):
If anything, I would say too heavy. I don't like comparing, but my little rigger ran sweet with an ar6400 brck (3.5g), a 1015 inrunner (5g), parkzone micro batteries from 90 to 120mah (3-5g), xp3a esc (1g), plus the weight of the (lightweight balsa) hull and drive gear. At times it couldn't turn because the sponsons lifted off the water. But that is just my thought....Continue Reading
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Here is the 4 wheel drive I was talking about earlier. This is V2 which is 3/4 the size of the original. Took me 2 days (1.5 thinking about steering, and .5 to build). Meet the Terminator.

The beast that started it all ... T-Rex
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I always wanted to do this. So about a year ago, I started on the T-Rex. Now I lost count on which version I'm on. It's fast and can make a 45 degree climb from a stand still. But the power died months ago. I used the 4 in 1 from Esky and their 800mah 2 cell lipo. This is the model that started it all. Since then I've made 8 inch drifters and now moving onto 4 wheel drive.