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Posted by lee taylor | May 29, 2019 @ 05:18 PM | 1,143 Views
I feel like a beginner. A very old beginner. I am a come-back. I am returning to the hobby. Yes I am old school and old style. Back in the day, we use to kit-build in the winter and fly in the summer. I have no time clock with my hobbies so I am on no ones schedule but my own. I hear people say "glow" is dead. Frankly it does not matter to me that it is perceived as dead. I do what I like. Always have. Always will.


I am getting my field equipment ready to test some engines. (.29 cu.in. / .45 cu.in. / .61 cu. in.)

My direction:

Get my field box ready and my engines running. Join the local club and fly my .40 Sportster with a Spectrum Transmitter. Buy an ARF and fly my OS .60 cu. in. SF Max. Buy a Saito .82 cu. in. four-cycle. Break it in.

I though I would start this thread to share information as time passes. Always happy to hear from others (regardless of age or level).

I always enjoyed R/C and planning for many more good years. I never made it to the "Big Time" in the hobby. WAY too many other things in my life for that. It is what you make it.