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Posted by UpNup | May 17, 2017 @ 12:33 PM | 5,214 Views
The Ford Flivver airplane 1/5 scale seems like an interesting project. I need to plan ahead for budgeting my time and money. I used AeroFred to download a 5 MB plan RCM 1068 and then had it copied on a huge sheet at Staples.

The "RCM 1068" refers to Remote Control Modelers magazine, plan #1068. I was thumbing through old RCM mags that someone in Northern Kentucky gave me. They filled two filing cabinet drawers. On eBay, they sell for $7 to $10 each, so this was a goldmine for me. The June 1990 edition of RCM carried a very thorough description, 3-view photos, and the plans. However, the plans cross over two pages, making it impossible to photocopy.

Two resources were shared with me by Simages, here on RCgroups.com.
1. Article from RCM June 1990 in PDF format:

2. Wood cut outs for the plane from Laser Design Services.

Obtaining the electronics to make this plane could be an expensive and time-consuming challenge. I'm considering purchasing a used Sport Cub S2 and raiding it for the electronics. The planes are close in size. The electronics cost $161 and that doesn't count the control horns, push rods, engine mount, prop/nuts/backplate/spinner, and other clevises. The Parkzone Sport Cub S2 is currently available for $179.99. That might be the way to go. And if I'm careful, I can save the foam cadaver as backup for my own Sport Cub that I'm currently...Continue Reading
Posted by UpNup | May 13, 2017 @ 06:42 PM | 4,782 Views
Both control rods in my Champ S+ chose today to let go. They are designed to be in sections, glued together and held in place by heat shrink tubing. I CA'd them back together.

They caused two minor crashes on takeoff. No elevator doesn't help a plane like this.
Posted by UpNup | May 11, 2017 @ 11:49 AM | 4,487 Views
When looking for a plane for my 13 year-old granddaughter, I found a Firebird Commander 2, which was a ten-year old well-used plane. I negotiated down to $30.00. It sold years ago by Hobby Zone for about $100. It pre-dated the 2.4 GhZ planes and has a long antenna dedicated to a specific FM channel on the included Tx. And it has an early self-leveling wing function.

On a Facebook forum, I posted a question about using old NiCad batteries. However, several on the forum said that I should buy a new one or build my own new plane. Flitetest evidently has parts you can buy to make your own foamboard plane for $40. Sounds affordable until you add up what it really takes to get a new plane in the air, including tools and a radio transmitter. Flitetest used to sell the parts for $190, including a transmitter. Yes, it would be easy to make other planes after you built the first one, but the first one would be the hurdle.

So, should older planes be scrapped, cannibalized for other planes, or updated in some way? The RC airplane hobby has had significant upgrades over the past 30 years. I have read RC magazines from the mid-1980s that have planes, components, and power systems that seem archaic today. The ARFs really have helped.

I've had to make some tweaks to my FC2. The V-tail control horns bumped into each other and I clipped them. One side required epoxy to cement the control surface back to the foam. The landing gear wire had a patina of rust and aged rubber bands that held the wings on had become brittle. However, I can see value in the old stuff. Scroll through my blog and you'll see that I own two new planes. Perhaps the FC2 is more of a toy, but the video clips make it look workable.

The older planes do have their purpose.

Update: The prop must have had a hairline crack. On the second flight it came apart and crashed.