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Posted by Manudepron | Jan 29, 2019 @ 11:25 AM | 2,517 Views
I built last year a Short Skyvan from depron.
I started from a 10 years old plan... 2008 ... made by Mark Denné. Wingspan of this plan was 360 mm and intended to be steered by Silverlit electronics, for those remembering Silverlit...

I enlarged this plan from 360mm ws to 469 mm and modded the structure.

Short Skyvan Micro RC plane (0 min 32 sec)

Sliced depron, some hard wood ...

No servos and I begun with differential steering thanks to a Blade MCPX wel abused board. Result was disapointing. I swapped recently the electronics for a Deltang Rx 31D nothing to compare as results : saved 3 grs, and differential steering is so precise that friends when it flies don't realise there are no servos.
This board has very precise ESC... and powerfull as they are 2A rated !

Next step is to add navigation lights...

Wing span 469 mm
Wing Area 2.58 dm²
Weight with a one cell 200 mah lipo and the Deltang Rx31D : 31.5 grs. Will go to 32 grs I guess with nav lights as I plan to replace heavy wing struts...Continue Reading