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Posted by SteveT. | May 28, 2011 @ 11:19 PM | 47,966 Views
So....the beginning of my life long love of model aircraft began here..... (as far as models go) I received one of of these Cox TD-3 control line planes for my eighth birthday, unfortunately, I never got to fly it. My dad and I went out to fly it, and he said "you've never flown one of these planes before, so I think I should fly it first". Unfortunately, "he" had also never flown one either, and did not know that you don't just stand there and spin around in a circle. He got dizzy, the plane went in, and that was it for that plane. Since then, there have been many aircraft, consisting of other "u-control", free-flight, sailplanes, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft.

More to follow....