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Posted by JohneTattoo | Feb 04, 2021 @ 03:20 PM | 10,205 Views
Just maidened the Z-84 in 15-20mph winds today and although quiet fast...It flew great and I was really surprised at how well it handled. I just got back into the hobby and have been flying high wing trainers mostly. This has been the first flying wing I've had a chance to fly in over 15 years. Previously I've had a Parkzone Stryker. You can basically point the Z-84 into the wind and hover it like a kite for what seems like forever or zip around at 60MPH plus. You won't disappointed and it's cheap enough you can buy 3 of them!

2205 2300kv Racestar quad motor
5050 Prop
30a ESC
3s 1300mah lipo