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Posted by Eagle34 | Jul 29, 2012 @ 06:43 AM | 29,079 Views
The best way to learn and practice becoming a better landing pilot. Thanks to Mr. Ben Fisher.

Posted by Eagle34 | Jun 25, 2012 @ 06:02 AM | 30,040 Views
About time I finally added something here. Guess I'll start with whats in the hangar.

34" 3DHS EPP profile Edge 540 ---> Motrolfly 2205-1350, Plush 10A ESC, HS 65MG ailerons, HS 45HB's rudder/elevator

41" 3DHS Edge 540 "Buck Huck" ---> Motrolfly 2610-1100, ZTW 40A ESC, 65MG's rudder/elevator, 45HB's ailerons.

42" AJ Slick ---> Omega 103, Hacker 40A ESC, 65HB's ailerons, 65MG's rudder/elevator.

47" Velox ---> Torque 2814, Airboss 45A ESC, 65HB's all around. Purchased used have to go pick it up when I return from this deployment.

48" 3DHS EPP Extra ---> Omega 130, ZTW 50A ESC, 65HB's ailerons, 65MG's rudder/elevator.

48" 3DHS Edge 540 "Buck 1.5 Huck" ---> Motrolfly 2815-950, ZTW 50A ESC, CC BEC @ 6V, 65MG's ailerons/elevator, Savox 0255 rudder.

51" AJ Slick ---> Motrolfly 3615-750, ZTW 70A ESC, CC BEC @ 6V, Savox 0255's all around. Gonna' pull the Savox out and replace with HS5085MG's all around.

55" 3DHS SHP ---> Torque 4015-T500, Airboss 80 ESC, HS-255MG's all around. Purchased used (thanks Dave) First sip of the Kool-aid.

74" 3DHS Edge 540 ---> Motrolfly 5320-300, ZTW 100A Opto ESC, CC BEC Pro @ 6V, Align DS610's all around. Still in the box, haven't gotten around to building this one yet.

35" Saber ---> GForce E400, Mystery 30A ESC, Corona 939MG's all around.

48" Winners Model EPP Extra 330LX ---> on pre-order most likely will...Continue Reading