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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 23, 2011 @ 02:12 AM | 6,598 Views
Ready for winter? I am and especially ready to test fly my new assembled Horizon Super CUB.

I bought the fuse/cowl/wing and tail set separately and put together my own rendition of Horizon's Cub. I do not like that even though the new version uses a lipo, it is still brushless? I also do not like the receiver set up in their model. So here is what my version offers!

1120KV motor
30A esc
Spektrum AR6110e rx
1800maH LIPO
HS56HB SERVOS even on each added aileron
E-flite micro lights
Horizon Cub Floats

* All for LESS than you can buy the RTF model for in a hobby shop.

The motor is gonna get this thing out of the water/snow and up to altitude fast spinning a APC 9x6 prop. The stock version is 3 channel and since I am a seasoned and very experienced RC Aviator I added ailerons to make it fly more realistic and aerobatic. I used one servo in each wing to allow for flaperons in case I need them later. Since the parts did not have stripes or stickers on it I used the USPS scheme as I use them 99% of the time to ship an item I may sell. It looks nice and is not much heavier than the stock 3 channel RTF version.

The E-flite lights ran about $35 and will allow me to fly at dusk or in the dark. They can be turned on or off and use the retract switch to do so. Very good quality light set for smaller airplanes. Snow will be here within a week and I am ready to get some aerial shots and videos of it in motion.

If you have the stock version it is not hard to round up the parts to make yours stand out from the rest! Thanks for taking a look~
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 09, 2011 @ 11:58 AM | 7,243 Views
These pics are to display some of my favorite airplanes and pictures of them. Just wanted to show off some of them!