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Posted by Ian444 | Jan 22, 2018 @ 05:45 AM | 41,575 Views
I've been working on a very simple 2-sided pcb to make it easier to use a silverware FC on a brushless quad. Just posting some build docs and pics for now, will give a few more details when I get time.

Gerbers are in the zip file and named in the OshPark convention, but submit at your own risk. They should work, all care has been taken, but until a board is received, inspected and built, it is a risk. There is an Oshpark page to order the boards now. Some boards are in transit to Yets to be checked out right now Mar 5th 2018. Will update in due course.

Gerber files for Seeedstudio are attached to post #10, and details on how to order are on post #66.

So far, around 10 boards have been built and tested (Mar 5th 2018), no issues so far, except I had to replace the antenna cap with a wire link to make telemetry solid on just one board. YMMV. It was designed to be as easy to build as possible, as I am new to SMD soldering, and I think I succeeded there. The only thing I changed from V1a to the current V1b is the footprint of the main processor, the rows of pads were a bit farther apart than I would like.

The board uses a schematic similar to a stock H8 mini blue board, except it uses a MPU-6050 gyro, and a different pin-out 2S-tolerant ZMR330 regulator. The pcb dimensions are just under 19mm square. The completed board weighs 1.73gm with antenna and esc harness.

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