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Posted by InspectorGadget | Jul 30, 2008 @ 06:07 PM | 4,641 Views
I purchased this model from in June, and delivered to the house for $93.00.
I wanted to keep my fleet to a maximum wingspan of 48" and, under 2 lbs. to stay within the park flyer limits and within the limits of the equipment that I have standardized for myself.
The wingspan is a little over my requirements at 52", but the weight fully equiped is just under 2lbs.(1.99)
I completed the asssembly in just a few nights. It is by far the nicest build I have ever assembled as an ARF, with all of the parts going together nicely with little help from any instructions---as there are none. The few parts are marked and the fit is excellent.
I used the same eletronics setup as in my EF Talorcraft--- Grayson hobbies GH2217-09 outrunner, GWS 25amp ESC, Hextronix servos, AR6100 Rcvr, Zippy 3S 2100 20-30C Lipo, APC 10-4.7 prop.
The maiden flight was uneventful and it took very little trimming. I have flown it 1 more time after some minor adjustments (bigger wheels, and a rubberband to keep the landing gear skirts back against the fuse.)
I have always been in love with the cub as a model and I finally found one that is the right size, weight, and has nice flight characteristics.
I recommend this model to anyone looking for a nice easy flyer.
I just happened upon it and I am surprised that no one else has found this jem yet.
Posted by InspectorGadget | May 16, 2007 @ 01:01 PM | 5,681 Views
I have been flying for a little over 2 years now with my Futaba 6EX transmitter.
After attending this years SEFF I finally decided that a 2.4Ghz transmitter was in order.
I recieved my DX7 and some AR6100 recievers and was anxious to set up my new FuntanaX with the 2.4Ghz gear.
After completing the typical binding process I began to adjust the servo throws for the correct direction and deflection.
The ailerons needed to be reversed and while I am used to the Futaba setup with the ailerons on channel 1-----such is not the case with the Spectrum.
Upon reversing channel 1 the motor instantly went to 100% power on. I was sitting on the floor in front of the plane and if it were not for the fact that the brushless motor was running reversed---the APC 10X47 prop would have quickly eaten my fingers.
As I reached for the cut off switch located in front of the port wing the plane lurched backward and the spinning prop caught the palm of my hand before I even knew it. Needless to say it inflicted quite a gash and it started to bleed profusely before I got ahold of it. I managed to get a compress on it and then some ice, but even after 15 minutes the bleeding the wound showed no sign of slowing. I suggessted to the wife that we just super glue it shut, but she would not hear of is and insisted we go to the Hospital Emergency room.
After being triaged by the ER nurse and waiting for the Dr. to examin my wound 2.5 hours later, the Dr. advised that the gash was ragged and if stiches were installed they might just pull out due to the location of the wound, and suggessted DermaBond for closure (Pharmaceutical Super Glue).
So the moral of the story is---make sure you know what channel you are adjusting----OR remove the prop until all adjustments have been made.
Posted by InspectorGadget | May 09, 2006 @ 01:52 PM | 6,486 Views
My wife is always saying that I always have all of the gadgets so I decided to change my screen name. I work at a community college as their Building Official and part of my duties are to do building inspections.
With that in mind as an Inspector with all the gadgets I thought it was only right in changing my screen name from "geigerr" to "InspectorGadget".
Posted by InspectorGadget | Mar 15, 2006 @ 08:07 AM | 6,604 Views
Well it's coming onto a year now that I have been attemping to become an RC pilot. In this past year I have built and flown over 16 planes. Some crashed, and some are still with me. All but 3 are scratch built using scratch built CDR's. My 2 RTF's were a J3 cub which is no longer with us and a Beech Stagerwing which I had to repower iwith a BP-21 n order to get it to fly right.
My only kit plane the GWS Beaver is 1 of my favorites. I have modified it with a CustomCDR double stator motor. I have also installed a nanny cam attached to a servo, which alows me to downlink audio & video and to pan the camera down, or back up to the horizon.
I have built a few of my own designs and have used the designs of others on the RC Groups site to add to my fleet.
I am all electric and I love it.